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A promises K she will be on K/Jan/How/Rach/Sarah's sides, but not James's NT - Zazny
5:34PM 24/07/2005
A says she would rather go home to her husband than be sequestered with that mother ***er (james) NT - ciaobella76
5:41PM 24/07/2005

A *crying*: I'd rather go home and be with by husband than be stuck in sequester with that SOB! - Zazny
5:43PM 24/07/2005

April ripping James apart to Kaysar. She says the outing of pairs started with James, not Cappy. April says James would have done exactly the same - Caribou
5:43PM 24/07/2005

Kaysar to April re: Eric/James - DraftKing
5:50PM 24/07/2005

April tells Kaysar that it would have been more honourable for Kay to partner with Cappy instead of James. - Caribou
5:50PM 24/07/2005

April to Kaysar lets out the real reason she's upset - "you told jennifer and i we are the weakest in all this" NT - Caribou
5:51PM 24/07/2005

April tells Kaysar the group of people outside are truly honest people but James is (dirt basically) NT - Caribou
5:51PM 24/07/2005

April - "i know y'all are gonna F*** me over and it will kill me if James stays longer than me" NT - Caribou
5:52PM 24/07/2005

Ivette/Beau/Jennifer/Maggie hottub (synopsis) - knifey_spooney
5:54PM 24/07/2005

A: If they offered James $6000 to break up with Sarah and move on, he would do it. I know he would. NT - Zazny
5:54PM 24/07/2005

April thinks it's a problem that kaysar is playing with morals and values (meanwhile she's espousing that this is better yet slams kay for it) - Caribou
5:54PM 24/07/2005

April - do they see this? howie, rachel, do any of these people see what james really is about? Kaysar says no and that james has an overbearing - Caribou
5:56PM 24/07/2005

Kaysar asks if Beau, Maggie, Ivette have anything personal against him. April swears no! NT - Caribou
5:57PM 24/07/2005

April swears on her life she would never have a strategy (like what happened to Mike) Kaysar believes her NT - Caribou
5:58PM 24/07/2005
she does say that if she gets HOH that she's putting J up NT - ciaobella76
5:59PM 24/07/2005

Kaysar thanks April for coming to him with this. Sounds like April succeeded in trashing James the way she did Mike. NT - Caribou
6:00PM 24/07/2005

April swears on her life she hasn't let on about Kay approaching her and Jennifer to stay safe NT - Caribou
6:01PM 24/07/2005

BB: E put on your microphone NT - ciaobella76
6:04PM 24/07/2005

A to K: I really love those people (I, B, M). You wouldn't betray your friends. NT - thatgirI
6:06PM 24/07/2005
A to K: I am not trying to screw up your plans - Anonymous
6:08PM 24/07/2005

Kaysar - if you want to take him, i suggest you wait 3 weeks. Kay explains why. - Caribou
6:07PM 24/07/2005

April really crying now saying she can't betray the cappy crowd and won't do it NT - Caribou
6:08PM 24/07/2005

FISH!! NT - ciaobella76
6:11PM 24/07/2005

April/Kay on F1/F2 still same convo. F3/F4 Eric and Jenn in bathroom. Eric admits he more emotional that most guys - Caribou
6:17PM 24/07/2005

A to K: Every1 more upset with J because he was more willing to sell his soul. NT - thatgirI
6:18PM 24/07/2005

Eric says everybody has to figure out what's best for their game. He infers that Kays' game is immoral and rude but hey, that's his game NT - Caribou
6:18PM 24/07/2005

April saying to Kaysar that there has been turmoil and she has been honest.... - Red_Planet
6:18PM 24/07/2005

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