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Meanwhile on F3... - drummer_inblack
10:46PM 24/07/2005
April heads to GR to talk to Ivette/James NT - drummer_inblack
10:47PM 24/07/2005

I is basicallly trashing Kay and trying to assume its all his fault that James dumped them for the new alliance! NT - Anonymous
10:47PM 24/07/2005

April goes to GR to see Ivette, listens, then waits, then enters NT - luvthemfish
10:47PM 24/07/2005
james said, you can come in, she says, I dont have to! then - georgiadawn
10:49PM 24/07/2005

April (to James): "You can play the game, with or without morals, and i'm gonna play the game, with morals." NT - drummer_inblack
10:51PM 24/07/2005

Heated April and James Discussion - luvthemfish
10:54PM 24/07/2005

April (to James): "You're here to win the money, I don't need it" - drummer_inblack
10:55PM 24/07/2005

James: April, you're nuts. You're f***in nuts!! NT - Peachy720
10:59PM 24/07/2005

April and James convo carries to dining area - luvthemfish
11:02PM 24/07/2005

April Crying over the split friendships in the house NT - luvthemfish
11:03PM 24/07/2005

April (breaking down): "We were once all friends, and now it's all breaking down" NT - drummer_inblack
11:03PM 24/07/2005

April says Morals is the word she is using - luvthemfish
11:06PM 24/07/2005

Sarah (regarding Eric): "A leader doesn't call themselves a leader." NT - drummer_inblack
11:07PM 24/07/2005

April goes to BY crying NT - luvthemfish
11:20PM 24/07/2005

B must have asked Jen what was wrong and she said JAMES NT - ShannanCGC
11:23PM 24/07/2005

After James and April end discussion, Sarah and Kaysar are left in kitchen. Sarah is looking in fridge and says she canít find her water. - CougarSpy
11:25PM 24/07/2005

Eric: "My word is good as gold, and it has been proven time and again" in BY to Ivette, Beau, April and Maggie NT - BHnoah
11:26PM 24/07/2005

Janelle: April is just a wallking MESS! NT - SassyPrncess
11:30PM 24/07/2005

Kaysar: They have the power, they're f-ing a-holes. They don't have the power, they're f-ing a-holes. NT - SassyPrncess
11:34PM 24/07/2005

Kaysar is fired up... NT - Gothicjade
11:40PM 24/07/2005

Backyard, Jennifer looked up Howie's shorts - luvthemfish
11:41PM 24/07/2005

Howie showing Beau and Jennifer his .. (adult) - knifey_spooney
11:44PM 24/07/2005

Kaysar: He's being a man (Eric) everytime mike left the room he talked sh-t - BHnoah
11:45PM 24/07/2005

James finally refers to Eric's followers as the LEMMINGS!! - Anonymous
11:46PM 24/07/2005

Maggie admits that she's giving and thoughtful NT - jlplsss
11:46PM 24/07/2005

April and Rachel chat - knifey_spooney
11:46PM 24/07/2005

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