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April tells Kay how Cappy looks at Kaysar about the game. She's telling the truth on this. Kaysar says he knows what he did was bad NT - Caribou
6:19PM 24/07/2005

April telling Kaysar that he may have a "swinger" in his group. trying to instill doubt in Kaysar about his alliance. NT - Red_Planet
6:20PM 24/07/2005

April tells Kaysar that James will do whatever he has to do to stay in the house. Says that Cappy hasn't lied. As much as he wanted Janelle out he - Red_Planet
6:23PM 24/07/2005

April says she saw the look on Kaysar's face when James said he voted for Kaysar to go instead of Ashlea.... NT - Red_Planet
6:25PM 24/07/2005

Kaysar to April as she keeps trashing james and repeating herself. "Obviously you've been watching James for a while" NT - Caribou
6:25PM 24/07/2005

April swears Eric was not in on James' plan to give 2nd vote to Ashlea but he just heard about it afterward (ed.lie) - Caribou
6:29PM 24/07/2005

April says James is gonna know we're talking about him and what are we gonna say? Kaysar asks if he knew she was coming in here. - Caribou
6:31PM 24/07/2005

April: Lemme ask u this? Who has more morals? A firefighter or..who knows what he (James) does? NT - SassyPrncess
6:31PM 24/07/2005

April claiming James dishonest for not saying he voted for Ashlea to stay. - Red_Planet
6:32PM 24/07/2005

BB K please go to the diary room then K to A "See what problems you are causing me" NT - ShannanCGC
6:33PM 24/07/2005

I once again talking about how she is a lesbian, and her girlfriend - ShannanCGC
6:48PM 24/07/2005

I "if god gives me the power.." - ShannanCGC
6:52PM 24/07/2005

Ivette explaining the bible twins from BB5 to April - knifey_spooney
6:53PM 24/07/2005

BY crew questioning if K is in DR for POV NT - ShannanCGC
6:55PM 24/07/2005

The new "outcasts" are in the backyard talking about playing the game with integrity, yada, yada. Now talking about what they have eaten today. - Red_Planet
6:57PM 24/07/2005

Eric says he thinks April had her breaking point today. NT - Red_Planet
6:58PM 24/07/2005

Even birds know what looks like potty... - Anonymous
6:59PM 24/07/2005

E says flies are the mexican national bird, and Jen from the mid of the yard - ShannanCGC
7:01PM 24/07/2005

Ivette tells April that she's been acting shady all day - DebbieInc
7:02PM 24/07/2005

K out of DR, and E tells BY they ask why he was there, and E says - ShannanCGC
7:02PM 24/07/2005

Talking about James wearing Cappys hat during POV yesterday - ShannanCGC
7:10PM 24/07/2005

I said he wore the hat backwards during the game (for E's kids) and then she said - ShannanCGC
7:12PM 24/07/2005

E I am an emotional person, and M said yeah your emotions didn't make you a bad person (guess they forgot about what he did to Mike) NT - ShannanCGC
7:13PM 24/07/2005

Cappy's crew in BY, still reeling over what has happened - DebbieInc
7:13PM 24/07/2005

Jennifer and Howie sitting alone together in BY away from Cappy's crew, but within ear shot - DebbieInc
7:17PM 24/07/2005

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