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R - No one tell Howie. It will be a priceless moment for him. [talking with James and Sarah about Ivette coming out of the closet]. NT - CougarSpy
11:29AM 24/07/2005
Janelle and Howie haven't heard Ivette told others she is a lesbian. Those two suspected that over a week ago. Yet, Ivette hasn't told Kaysar, - CougarSpy
11:35AM 24/07/2005

M to Eric: I am not going to lie to you, I want you to stay. 100% NT - SassyPrncess
11:38AM 24/07/2005
Eric cries, hugs Maggie: I don't know if I can do this without you. NT - SassyPrncess
11:39AM 24/07/2005

HG's discuss clues received yesterday. Just rehashing. NT - SassyPrncess
11:44AM 24/07/2005

Kaysar up, Howie still asleep in HoH bed. NT - SassyPrncess
11:45AM 24/07/2005

Kay up and shaving his neck, guess he plans on letting the beard grow NT - straightdave
11:45AM 24/07/2005

On the feeds.... - emptynest
11:45AM 24/07/2005

Kaysar is Shaving Today - valentine
11:47AM 24/07/2005
When Beau Went to See The Lion King - valentine
11:48AM 24/07/2005

Kaysar is in the HOH Shower - valentine
11:51AM 24/07/2005

April as a lemon - Kaynelle
11:53AM 24/07/2005

James to Jani: Now the house is scared. NT - SassyPrncess
11:53AM 24/07/2005
James: I realized that Eric was a strong player, but I didn't realize he was so full of sh*t. NT - SassyPrncess
11:54AM 24/07/2005
James on Eric: A leader leads by example, but you don't tell everyone about it. NT - SassyPrncess
11:54AM 24/07/2005
James: What kind of leader wants to go down & take everyone with them? NT - SassyPrncess
11:55AM 24/07/2005

Sarah joins the back yard - Kaynelle
11:55AM 24/07/2005

Sarah is All Dolled Up - valentine
11:56AM 24/07/2005

Janelle on Eric: Maybe he took some type of actor's course. He cries on cue. NT - SassyPrncess
11:58AM 24/07/2005
James: It's like if I can't play, I am taking my ball home. (on Eric) NT - SassyPrncess
11:58AM 24/07/2005

on Eric crying - Kaynelle
11:58AM 24/07/2005

J- Itís an open wound. They are slightly bleeding to death. [James comment to Janelle/Sarah] NT - CougarSpy
12:04PM 24/07/2005

Sarah to Janelle - I don't trust April or Jen at all NT - tomarivitu
12:06PM 24/07/2005

Rachel downplays connection with Howie..... - SassyPrncess
12:07PM 24/07/2005

jan and Sarah strat. talk - Kaynelle
12:08PM 24/07/2005

Janelle Loves Sarah's Outfit, Especially the Shrug - valentine
12:08PM 24/07/2005

Maggie to Rachel: Don't tell me you were innocent in this. I watched it. NT - SassyPrncess
12:10PM 24/07/2005

Meanwhile, Rachel Plays Both Sides - valentine
12:10PM 24/07/2005

Janelle Wants BB To Give Them a Cake Mix - valentine
12:12PM 24/07/2005

S says that A looks like Jan Brady....Marsha, Marsha, Marsha NT - las0127
12:13PM 24/07/2005

Sarah.Janie.James Dissing Maggie... - ihateeric
12:13PM 24/07/2005

S tells Jan she knew she was a strong player from day one because she would stare people down like she was analyzing.... - las0127
12:17PM 24/07/2005

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