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Topic #1988528
ferretkiss - kayser bringing out the hookah 0 Replies #1988528 9:46PM 24/07/2005
april: i need one of my nicotine things, because i dont know if i trust the hookah (getting a cigarette for herself)
beau there, april there.
kay showing them how he sets it up.
april: youve got to get howie to smoke it, did he say he would. that is a frigging oversize bong. that is so illegal! can you imagine him on his patio smoking this thing. hookah, spell it for me, h-u-k-a?
kay spells it for her.

by ferretkiss
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Topic #1988544
Caribou - A bit earlier, Eric said he was going to do what Mike did when his name is announced as evicted NT 0 Replies #1988544 9:47PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1988610
SassyPrncess - Howie in BY, doing pushups, wearing Mike's swim trunks. NT 0 Replies #1988610 9:53PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1988612
seezall - Ivette wants to talk to James. He is rehearsing what to say with Sarah before Iv enters the room. NT 0 Replies #1988612 9:53PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1988659
SassyPrncess - Beau on Michael: Hopefully he's rooting for me, too. NT 0 Replies #1988659 9:58PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1988703
DebbieInc - Ivette giving James a Cappy-inspired speech...Absolutely. 0 Replies #1988703 10:03PM 24/07/2005
Telling James that she's hurt that he is hanging w/ Janelle, and that Kaysar and Janelle are laughing at them.
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Topic #1988735
ferretkiss - james and ivette conversation (beginning) 1 Replies #1988735 10:08PM 24/07/2005
iv: did you tell beau yesterday to stop playing the game?
james: yeah
iv: to be honest (tbh) he was not playing the game.
iv: tbh there are things im not willing to do for the 500
j: like what
iv: it hurts me to see you hang around janelle (repeats) whatever happened between you and cappy, i wish it is something that could have been discussed. do i feel betrayed? absolutely. am iwilling to change my friendships? absolutely not.
j: i dont want to change my friendships, but maggie, eric, beau, they were willing to vote against me.
iv: it was told to me that you went around the first week and started spreading stories that....
are you confirmed that...
j: what you are doing is taking the word of people that are going up for eviciton as the true word.
you could not give me your word.
j: i was already told that beau was going to flip the veto competiton that is why i had to go with janelle.
j: you were the one they wanted to go after, this cappy stuff is not what they wanted.
j:ask any other person, he told 14 other people that he wants to go to the final four with then (eric).
iv: as far as that, i dont know how people would have acted. what if sarah was up there.
j: i would have been willing to let her go. i was willing to play this game alone.
j: all kayser wanted to do was to call eric out for the liar he was. (repeats to her that she was the target).
iv: how do you want me to feel. i dont know what they are telling you. i have a brother in jail.
j: is that what (somebody) was shouting to you on the treadmill
iv: explains that it was not bad what people were saying.
iv: my brother in jail, a friend of his screwed him over.
(Rachel interrupts).
iv: he was told he was going to go in a minimum of ten years, and he did not say one word.
(Story continues)
[typed as much as i could but missed some]
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PSister - Jenn is eavesdropping again - has ear pressed up against the GR door. NT #1988770 10:11PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1988752
SassyPrncess - Kaysar, Rachel, April, Sarah use huka, Rachel observes NT 1 Replies #1988752 10:10PM 24/07/2005
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KWren11 - Kaysar said that BB went out of their way to get the hookah for him. They wanted him to bring it. NT #1988774 10:12PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1988813
Anonymous - James (regarding Eric): "You live by the sword, you die by the sword" NT 0 Replies #1988813 10:17PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1988839
drummer_inblack - Ivette tells James she thinks BB threw the Veto comp for him! NT 0 Replies #1988839 10:19PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1988843
SassyPrncess - James to Iv: So you're saying you think BB threw the contest? Iv: Abolsutely! NT 1 Replies #1988843 10:20PM 24/07/2005
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SassyPrncess - James: Was it fair that Beau would've thrown the veto competition? NT #1988854 10:21PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1988849
DebbieInc - Ivette tells James that BB threw that Veto Comp ..then FISH NT 0 Replies #1988849 10:20PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1988850
ShannanCGC - I asks.. 0 Replies #1988850 10:20PM 24/07/2005
I asks James do you think the POV Comp was well deserved. He asked what are you saying BB threw the comp, and she said yes ABSOLUTELY..then FISH
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Topic #1988860
ShannanCGC - Jan now listening to the GR talk, but not ear to the door NT 0 Replies #1988860 10:21PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1988863
SassyPrncess - Janelle eavesdrops on GR convo with James/Ivette :) NT 1 Replies #1988863 10:22PM 24/07/2005
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SassyPrncess - Sarah joins Janelle in eavesdropping NT #1988887 10:26PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1988871
knifey_spooney - James: Eric is a poor sport and a liar!! NT 0 Replies #1988871 10:22PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1988878
luvthemfish - James and Ivette in Gold Room discussion 0 Replies #1988878 10:24PM 24/07/2005
Ivette: I don't know how I would have reacted if i'd been put in Cappy's position and it would be my best friend up
James: that's fine
Ivette: I don't think you're exposing a liar though
J. then why did he rip the hat off, he's a poor sport and a liar
I. (not sure what she said but she's loud)
J. I'm mad that i'm nominated and I could go home (to kaysar) i'm pissed, but I understand
I. why did he put you up
J. they wanted to split us up, but if maggie went home, they still got off a strong player
I. Does Kaysar think he's better because he put up cappy now?
J. Talk to Kaysar
I. Who's the bigger liar?
J. It doesn't matter to me who is the bigger liar. I was going home. I knew I had to win that veto, is the only way I knew I was here for another week. The only person who told me he had my back in this house (eric) told me he wouldn't (play veto) and the person on my team (beau) said he would throw the competition.
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Topic #1988888
ShannanCGC - Now Sarah and Jan ear to door of the GR NT 0 Replies #1988888 10:26PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1988943
luvthemfish - More James and Ivette Discussion in Gold room (not quite verbatim) 0 Replies #1988943 10:31PM 24/07/2005
James: Ivette, I don't care right now what you think, you get nominated tomorrow, you can tell me i'm the biggest liar on the planet. If you don't, you know I kept my word
Ivette: things change in this house in five minutes....I heard you made up the whole thing with Janelle and I the first night. I can understand how you reacted cuz you're ass is on the block and you're on the line.
J. I can understand Eric and Maggie's point
I. Kaysar isn't a better person
J. Nobody is a better person. We're not here to come out a better person

James says it was childish of Eric to take the hat
J. Was I supposed to throw myself to the lions?

J. for him and maggie, trash talking me, that's just childish
I. who is to say there is no trash talking going on about him
J. neither side is right, until you're in that situation, all your friendsl ie to their face, you can't understand
J. ah Ivette, you don't even wanna believe what you know!
I. I believe what I see, what i see
J. you're talking in circles right now
I. you're saying you don't believe anything
J. correct
I. that's not true. Do I believe there was something good, yes. Cappy went on the line to get Mike out, yes. You kept your word to keep us safe. Yes.
J. Ok, cappy puts up mike, everyone goes in there, he makes them promise, you don't put me up, I won't put you up. So now ten people say they won't put him up. How did he put himself on the line?
I. Rachel wasn't wrong for doing the same thing?
j. I didn't make a deal with Rachel
i. you already had everyone thinking beau and i knew each other
J. IF YOU BELIEVE that walk out (gr) right now because that is the most (%#%) thing you've said. Eric said that to get you started. If you don't believe me, get Kaysar in here, and he'll tell you that he told me first.
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Topic #1988964
knifey_spooney - James (about Eric) to Ivette 0 Replies #1988964 10:32PM 24/07/2005
"Don't be mad at me because YOUR plan to stab Me in the back backfired on you!!"

Ivette continues to talk in circles (James words) about Eric, saying he is a good person etc.

James says Eric is a sore loser and a child to behave the way he behaved when Kaysar told him he would be put up. Apparently Eric ran out of the house and grabbed the hat James was wearing and said he wasn't worthy to wear it.

James is very angry, says Ivette doesn't trust anyone anyways, so what is the point of even talking.

They are talking so fast I am missing stuff...sorry, I will synopsis later.
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Topic #1988982
luvthemfish - ........and more James and Ivette in GR 0 Replies #1988982 10:35PM 24/07/2005
James: whose bed is that supposed to be maggies? and she's not in there, becuase she wanted to F me....
Ivette: I don't know what to tell you, like I said....i'm not justifying things. It's gonna sound like I am, but.........if my best friend was here, three and a half years, I don't know what i would have done. If cappy had done that with some other ridiculous person, i'd say you're absolutely right.
James: NEITHER OF US ARE RIGHT if that was my best friend, i'd have done the same thing that he did, but when the person that I screwed over won the veto i wouldn't have taken the hat that I wore for his kids.......acted like a effing child..........
(really hard time keeping up , sorry)
James: I won my game, came back in here. Eric attacked me personally, attacked everyone in here, made up that bullshi* about me exposing you and beau.
Ivette: you don't think that's what Kaysar wanted, to expose everyone?
James: I named everyone in the week
Ivette: I didn't have that strong connection (they had an advantage over her and beau, talks about DR stopping her from talking about the difference in the situation of pairs).
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Topic #1988993
drummer_inblack - James- "Having a partner whom you have an emotional tie with is a disadvantage in the game." NT 0 Replies #1988993 10:35PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1989027
drummer_inblack - James- "I had no problem using Beau for the Veto comp, until i found out he planned on throwing the competition" NT 0 Replies #1989027 10:39PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1989055
georgiadawn - james said, that this is a game 0 Replies #1989055 10:41PM 24/07/2005
and he expected people to act like a good sport and not talk sh* about people.. just play the game and be a good sport
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Topic #1989091
Anonymous - Ivette was speechless. James is doing a good job on her. NT 0 Replies #1989091 10:45PM 24/07/2005
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