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Topic #1989097
drummer_inblack - Meanwhile on F3... 1 Replies #1989097 10:46PM 24/07/2005
Rachel/Beau/Howie chat about Denver and John Elway, and not much else... feed switches over to April & Jen in WC
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drummer_inblack - April heads to GR to talk to Ivette/James NT #1989104 10:47PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1989107
Anonymous - I is basicallly trashing Kay and trying to assume its all his fault that James dumped them for the new alliance! NT 0 Replies #1989107 10:47PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1989108
luvthemfish - April goes to GR to see Ivette, listens, then waits, then enters NT 1 Replies #1989108 10:47PM 24/07/2005
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georgiadawn - james said, you can come in, she says, I dont have to! then #1989123 10:49PM 24/07/2005
james askes ivette if april and he can have some time together.. .april says it will be more than a minute!
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Topic #1989142
drummer_inblack - April (to James): "You can play the game, with or without morals, and i'm gonna play the game, with morals." NT 0 Replies #1989142 10:51PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1989194
luvthemfish - Heated April and James Discussion 0 Replies #1989194 10:54PM 24/07/2005
(missed some loading the feed)

James: everyone in this house wanted me to go
April: I told you I was gonna vote for Maggie to stay
James: which is why I had to go to janelle
April.I'm not even
James: I had to make like I was still mad at them, till I chose Janelle for that competition. I might have lost and i'd be going home thursday. You and Jenny, we talked about how you were worried that people would think you and jenny were us. Of course you're gonna go out and say James is an effing AZZ..........
A. I'm on their side (Eric and maggie) from the get go, don't take this personally, you're gonna play it with or without morals. I'm gonna play it my way, with morals. From the get go, I didn't like you. You said you think I'm insecure about the way I look, i'm weak player.......you said you promised you hadn't said anything. The other night I heard you 'now aprils trying to act like she's friends with janelle'
J. you mean you were gonna go and tell Janelle to her face, I don't like you
A. I told her to her face that I was telling Kaysar to put her up, maybe this is just you, I don't know you outside of this.......you always cut me down. I'm only gonna take so much of that. I'm secure enough to put up with that shi* to a point.
James: ok.......if what you're gonna do is make some declaration
A. I didn't even wanna talk to you cuz i know you're gonna demean whatever I say
J. You can say what you want and walk out, i'm not gonna say shi*to you
A. you already have done that. I think in this game, you are playing without any morals. I'm gonna play with morals, if that gets me out quicker, at least I have something, I have a wonderful life outside of this, wonderful.
J. So what? you're not making a point here, you're coming here trying to talk to me saying youre not playing with morals. You guys exageratted about Michael
A. I went straight to his face
J. and you all stabbed me in the back the next week, so don't talk to me about morals
A. you're here to win the money, I'm not. I don't need it.
J. There's the door
A. you think i'm gonna walk out that easy?
J. Hey, if you win HOH next week, I expect to be put up
j. it doesn't matter
both walk out of room
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Topic #1989203
drummer_inblack - April (to James): "You're here to win the money, I don't need it" 0 Replies #1989203 10:55PM 24/07/2005
James and April finish their convo hastily by walking out the GR, A to James: "Expect the unexpected"
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Topic #1989272
Peachy720 - James: April, you're nuts. You're f***in nuts!! NT 0 Replies #1989272 10:59PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1989325
luvthemfish - April and James convo carries to dining area 0 Replies #1989325 11:02PM 24/07/2005
Sarah, Janelle, james there
J. she said i said she's insecure, and i talk bout about her, and i'm playing the game without morals
J. i'm just telling em
A. they can come ask me if they wanna know
J. she said this was the breaking point, the thing in the hallway, and she has such a wonderful family
A. It makes me sad to see people who were talking ***** about people two days ago kissing their ass. I know.......this is a game
J. it works both ways april
A. everyone has a strategy. I'm not gonna fault someone for playing it one way or the other. I can play my way
J. until you are on the line........there's no agreement I have with people
A. things like that happen in the game (beau not playing veto) the week before that, janelle was feeling.....
J. she knew michael was gonna go
A. The deal is, i'm gonna play it differently..........i'm not gonna fault her or you for playing it your way.....
J. If my jokes calling you smokey upset you
A. no no no not that
Sarah: that's just his way
J. to say i'm playing without morals
A. you have done things, that I have thought is immoral.....in my eyes
Sarah, he has done?
A. he has done, some things
S. cuz I don't know, let me know
A. y'all understand, how important, this is a cheesy example.........i know you thought Cappy backstabbed you.......you know how important that hat is to him, and for you to stand there on that chess board, wearing that hat, knowing you're about to stab them, it was immoral to wear that hat
J. April you are effing nuts, you're effing nuts
Sarah says something
J. everyone of you that were cheering me to win the veto to get MIke off, were hoping i'd lose
A . I respect you for winning it
J. the next week, i was winning that veto for not you you you, for myself
A. I'm happy you won it, i'm not....
J. April you're on two sides here.........Beau was gonna be my partner till I learned he was gonna throw it
A. he was not gonna throw it
J. not use it........I had more faith in Janelle as my partner because i new she might use it to get me off........
James calls the hat a 'stupid effing hat' april says don't say that
Sarah, about the hate.......Eric said to me, we won, because of the whole kaysar wanting to get rid of Ivette and Beau. I can't remember exactly. Something about Kaysar upsetting Eric. He pissed me off, I'm gonna take him as far as I can, and then i'm gonna drop him. He thinks he's got my trust..........he broke my trust.

Everyone talks at once
Sarah: this is my thing about the morals
james interrupts
j. you question my morals about the hat thing.....I told Ivette, I knew if I got off she was going up. I told Ivette because of our connection, that I was gonna do everything in my power to keep her off the block. The only way I could do that was to go after the person who stabbed me in the back. If mike was still in the house, whole different scenario...I had no choice. Don't question my morals about that
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Topic #1989341
luvthemfish - April Crying over the split friendships in the house NT 0 Replies #1989341 11:03PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1989349
drummer_inblack - April (breaking down): "We were once all friends, and now it's all breaking down" NT 0 Replies #1989349 11:03PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1989390
luvthemfish - April says Morals is the word she is using 0 Replies #1989390 11:06PM 24/07/2005
but to james.........i'm not saying you're a horrible person
Sarah says Eric told Kaysar, James and Mike, that they were all his boy and they had his back.........but dropped Mike and James.
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Topic #1989405
drummer_inblack - Sarah (regarding Eric): "A leader doesn't call themselves a leader." NT 0 Replies #1989405 11:07PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1989603
luvthemfish - April goes to BY crying NT 0 Replies #1989603 11:20PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1989636
ShannanCGC - B must have asked Jen what was wrong and she said JAMES NT 0 Replies #1989636 11:23PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1989664
CougarSpy - After James and April end discussion, Sarah and Kaysar are left in kitchen. Sarah is looking in fridge and says she canít find her water. 0 Replies #1989664 11:25PM 24/07/2005
Kaysar says he too looses his and says, ďI feel like such a moron, like I have Alzheimerís or something."
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Topic #1989678
BHnoah - Eric: "My word is good as gold, and it has been proven time and again" in BY to Ivette, Beau, April and Maggie NT 0 Replies #1989678 11:26PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1989720
SassyPrncess - Janelle: April is just a wallking MESS! NT 0 Replies #1989720 11:30PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1989766
SassyPrncess - Kaysar: They have the power, they're f-ing a-holes. They don't have the power, they're f-ing a-holes. NT 0 Replies #1989766 11:34PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1989814
Gothicjade - Kaysar is fired up... NT 0 Replies #1989814 11:40PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1989849
luvthemfish - Backyard, Jennifer looked up Howie's shorts 0 Replies #1989849 11:41PM 24/07/2005
Lots of screaming from Jennifer and April
Beau says 'howie's got big balls!'
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Topic #1989882
knifey_spooney - Howie showing Beau and Jennifer his .. (adult) 0 Replies #1989882 11:44PM 24/07/2005
He showed Beau his balls, telling him how big they were because it is built up in there. Beau said they are huge..

Jennifer says oh my god etc.. giggles, Howie says hey Jennifer do you want to see my balls? She says OK, Howie walks up and shows her, Jennifer screams really loud, says they aren't big.

More laughing and talking about balls. Beau and Howie educate Jennifer about manly things such as wet dreams etcetc..
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Topic #1989897
BHnoah - Kaysar: He's being a man (Eric) everytime mike left the room he talked sh-t 0 Replies #1989897 11:45PM 24/07/2005
and even after he's out of the house he's still talking sh-t about him-- That's a man

Kaysar so pissed with the way Eric is acting- not even trying to be polite, trash talking still in the BY

James and Sarah says calm down.Kaysar saying he's just venting
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Topic #1989908
Anonymous - James finally refers to Eric's followers as the LEMMINGS!! 0 Replies #1989908 11:46PM 24/07/2005
Kaysar venting about Eric in HOH room with James, Sarah, and Janelle. James finally makes the analogy of Eric's followers being Lemmings and following Eric off a cliff.
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Topic #1989912
jlplsss - Maggie admits that she's giving and thoughtful NT 0 Replies #1989912 11:46PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1989913
knifey_spooney - April and Rachel chat 0 Replies #1989913 11:46PM 24/07/2005
Rachel is telling April not to take it personal, April says there is some things in this game that she will take personal etc... then FISH
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