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Topic #1984375
Anonymous - Jenn coyly holding up her straps on bikini with big ribbon in hair NT 0 Replies #1984375 3:07PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1984382
Disneyisme - Sarah and Janelle are in the gym talking about when Maggie asked 0 Replies #1984382 3:10PM 24/07/2005
Janelle if she could have Janelle's robe when she leaves. Janelle says she told her no that it was expensive, and a the time Maggie said "it shows what kind of person you are." Janelle says "what kind of person is she to go around asking for stuff."
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Topic #1984386
Anonymous - April reporting to Beau and group what James said to her. I hate him! Hello, at least admit what you did 1 Replies #1984386 3:11PM 24/07/2005
Maggie: Would it make you feel better if he did? Whn I was nominated I felt the burden of having to tell everyone.

Maggie <on Sarah> Are you kidding? She's F*ing weak. Why wouldn't James pick someone he could totally control?

April: <hard to hear>

Maggie: I asked Rachel to keep Cappy...something...R could pull a tie, that's a lot better than going with majority
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Anonymous - Ed: that was what April said, about James or approxiamtely. Not this poster! NT #1984388 3:12PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1984398
Disneyisme - Pool side, April, Mag, Beau, Jenn are talking about votes - again. 1 Replies #1984398 3:13PM 24/07/2005
Maggie says that if Rachel votes on their side then it will be a tie. Maggie says she much rather a 5-4 vote, to see that people stood up for her. Beau says he will go balls out to win HOH - 200%.
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Disneyisme - They finally realized that 9 people are voting and that it can't be a tie. NT #1984401 3:13PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1984431
Anonymous - Maggie: I think James would sell his mom. I don't play games with people like that. NT 0 Replies #1984431 3:18PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1984442
Anonymous - April: I'm going to leave this with some morals and values. And I'm not saying you don't. (to M?) I want people to say I came out of this right NT 1 Replies #1984442 3:19PM 24/07/2005
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DebbieInc - April was talking to Jennifer saying Jennifer is too quiet around everyone. NT #1984498 3:28PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1984444
Disneyisme - I am in HOH now with Kaysar, Howie, James and Sarah. Howie says "God, 0 Replies #1984444 3:19PM 24/07/2005
your birthday boobies are beautiful! I love birthday boobies."

Howie says "we need to clear them, we gotta clear the path." James says "we need HOH, bad, really bad."

Kay says here I am trying to work on Arpil and Jenn and you (James) are like "hey, you ugly b****!" James said "well I didn't wall her a bitch, but just short of that. Their allegiance swings based on who gets HOH.
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Topic #1984453
Disneyisme - Kaysar explains to James that he is trying to make nice with Jenn and April, so 0 Replies #1984453 3:21PM 24/07/2005
that if they are in power next week, they hope they will be safe.
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Topic #1984471
Disneyisme - Rachel has joined the HOH crew. James asks her if Arpil 0 Replies #1984471 3:23PM 24/07/2005
b'chd about him outside. Rachel said no. Kaysar says that April is locked in right now, she won't talk s*** about him (to James). Kay tells him that he basically told April they would be good for the next few weeks. James said he would apologize to her.
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Topic #1984483
Disneyisme - Kaysar says when he went to the storage room, he saw Eric and Ivette, 0 Replies #1984483 3:25PM 24/07/2005
"and the life is completely out of them, they are sleeping right now - in the middle of the day." James says "but when you are on the block and you feel your days are numbered here..."
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Topic #1984491
Disneyisme - James is saying that when he played chess earlier in the game with Kaysar, that Kaysar 0 Replies #1984491 3:27PM 24/07/2005
asked James flat out if he could be trusted and James said "in my mind I was on Eric's side so I said no." And felt it would be a no until Mike was gone.
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Topic #1984494
Anonymous - April: James is a son of a bitch. Beau: He's an *****. A: I am going to tell him off so bad <plane> NT 0 Replies #1984494 3:28PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1984506
Disneyisme - James saying how dissapointed he is in himself that he didn't try to align himself with 0 Replies #1984506 3:29PM 24/07/2005
better players. He says he knew Kay was smart and Janelle was a bad a** player.
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Topic #1984519
Disneyisme - Kaysar is counting on April or Jenn putting up Beau and/or Ivette if they should win the power. 1 Replies #1984519 3:32PM 24/07/2005
Kaysar says that April is the type of player that questions everything, o over and over. He says he is careful not to let her doubt anything he tells her and makes sure she feels 'safe'. James says "that's why I have to apologize to her."
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Disneyisme - James says "there are certain characteristics in people that annoy me. And when #1984534 3:35PM 24/07/2005
someone talks forever...I just need to separate myself from her."

Kaysar said he told Eric that he was playing the game based on "who's the most annoying or who didn't clean up the dishes, let'e evict them." He says he told Eric "big mistake Bro."

Kay says that April was in HOH for like an hour this morning and she didn't get one point across. They are laughing that she needs to wear Kay's shirt that says "department of redundancy department."
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Topic #1984542
DebbieInc - Ivette wakes from nap ...goes to BY 0 Replies #1984542 3:36PM 24/07/2005
She tells Beau and April that she thinks she knows why the Carmex (lip balm) is missing. "Because there's a whole lotta ass-kissin' going on."
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Topic #1984561
Disneyisme - Kaysar says that Eric gives speeches about every little thing. That Eric kept telling Kay 0 Replies #1984561 3:39PM 24/07/2005
when he put Mike up, "I had to do what I had to do, it had to be done." Kay was like 'get over yourself'. James is talking about how Eric took the credit for James winning the veto comp. by telling him how to play it.
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Topic #1984586
Disneyisme - James says when he puts 'them' up he just wants to say "I'm nominating you because I don't like you." 1 Replies #1984586 3:42PM 24/07/2005
Kaysar says "can't you fluff it up a little?"
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RealitySwan - He was referrring to putting Maggie on the block NT #1984641 3:49PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1984591
DebbieInc - April on raft in pool starts to cry 0 Replies #1984591 3:43PM 24/07/2005
Jennifer comes from behind and caresses her face..."Don't cry April.Do you wanna go home?"
A: "I'm too good of a person to be doing this *****. Do I really want to be in the house w/ Kaysar, Janelle, James and Sarah? ***** no. If they paid me 500K, I still wouldn't do it."
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Topic #1984608
Anonymous - April: Onw day GOD will judge us one how we were in this house; James has nothing to go back to, how embarrasing for him NT 0 Replies #1984608 3:44PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1984609
DebbieInc - April: " As much as this is a game..God is gonna judge us"..(in tears) NT 0 Replies #1984609 3:44PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1984619
Disneyisme - Outside now, April crying that the game has enhanced how James is. She says "anyone 1 Replies #1984619 3:45PM 24/07/2005
that sells themselves out for money means nothing to me. Anyone who says they have nothing to go back to? How embarrassing is that? He is telling me he has no f'ing life." Jenn says "he won't say where he works or he won't have a job to go back to."
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SuzyHomemaker - She mocks how James has nothing but an Assoc. Degree...before realizing that Beau might not have a higher education either. NT #1984637 3:48PM 24/07/2005
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Topic #1984631
Disneyisme - April (still crying) says she is p'd off that they think she is weak. She says 1 Replies #1984631 3:47PM 24/07/2005
the game messes with your head. Jenn says "nothing you could do would change their mind about what they think about you." Beau says he could care less what they think of him.
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Disneyisme - Jenn says to April "so if you had to this over again would you?" #1984651 3:50PM 24/07/2005
April says no...Jenn: "I'm sorry I brought you into it." April says "it's an experience for both of us, I didn't just do it for you, I did it for me too." Jenn says "well, we don't know that much about each other so why would you do it for me?"
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Topic #1984663
Disneyisme - April saying she will be so upset if she loses her job while she is gone. Jenn says 0 Replies #1984663 3:52PM 24/07/2005
"I thought they gave you 90 days." April says "well they did, but if I do anything in here that they view as detrimental, they can use that as a reason to let me go."
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Topic #1984676
Disneyisme - Jenn saying "I don't really want to go home after this. If Dan still wants to be with me, when 0 Replies #1984676 3:54PM 24/07/2005
I leave here, I will just go to Santa Clarita and go home when I am ready, which may be never."
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Topic #1984679
Disneyisme - April is sure that Eric will be gone, so she cries and says "if one of y'all 0 Replies #1984679 3:55PM 24/07/2005
wins that money, I will be so happy." Beau: "I would be so happy if it got down to the 4 or 5 of us, I wouldn't care who won. My goal is to get the bad people out."
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