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Ivette: This game is not chess, this is BB6. (overhears Jam teaching Sa to play chess) NT - SassyPrncess
10:04PM 26/07/2005

Rachel tells Howie that April said they will get rid of her before - mountainmama
10:14PM 26/07/2005

Rachel to Howie: Just so you know, I blamed you (the truth comes out) - SassyPrncess
10:14PM 26/07/2005

H - No one’s dying. Everyone will eventually go back to a horrible life. [Howie is lying on floor in DR, Rachel sitting on floor.] - CougarSpy
10:23PM 26/07/2005

Howie to Jenn: It's going to be a dog fight for HoH. ........ - SassyPrncess
10:25PM 26/07/2005

Beau & Kays smoke huka, Kames & April observe - no game talk - SassyPrncess
10:48PM 26/07/2005

Howie works out with Janelle in gym NT - SassyPrncess
10:49PM 26/07/2005

Howie paws through laundry: Who's panties are these? NT - SassyPrncess
10:55PM 26/07/2005

James (Confirms): You don't get to choose who you come here with. NT - SassyPrncess
11:00PM 26/07/2005

James: We're all major players here, I don't think there are minor players - SassyPrncess
11:03PM 26/07/2005

*Some wise words from April* "MBA that is like a bachelors!!!" NT - Anonymous
11:11PM 26/07/2005

Howie and Janelle talk about kids "losin' it" - mickmws
11:15PM 26/07/2005

Maggie, Ivette & Jenn are in Mags' bed taking. Howie interrupted so that is why we can see that feed right now. NT - SassyPrncess
11:17PM 26/07/2005

Maggie to Jenn: Have you and April sorted through everything?.... - SassyPrncess
11:19PM 26/07/2005

Good conversation over. - starrynite
11:29PM 26/07/2005

James, Janelle and Howie discuss how THEY can use the 6 finger plan - mickmws
11:34PM 26/07/2005
Then Janelle reminded them that there is no guarantee that every POV has a winner. NT - PSister
11:36PM 26/07/2005

H " I hate when my foot falls asleep during the day, it means it will be up all night!" NT - ShannanCGC
11:44PM 26/07/2005

Feed 1/2: Howie, Kaysar and James running laps in BY-- Howie chanting HOH HOH - BHnoah
11:58PM 26/07/2005

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