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Ahhh, now the talk turns to big college football games/rivalries - sportsgrrl
12:06AM 26/07/2005

All 4 cams fish NT - sportsgrrl
12:11AM 26/07/2005

Janelle is exercising in BY and Howie talking with her. Fish keep coming - Panda4
12:12AM 26/07/2005

April's talking about her internship with the 'network' (CBS I believe) and she keeps getting interrupted by fish. NT - drummer_inblack
12:16AM 26/07/2005

Feeds finally back. . . - sportsgrrl
12:26AM 26/07/2005

Talk about how black athletes are athletically superior to white athletes. .. didn't Jimmy the Greek get fired for this? - sportsgrrl
12:29AM 26/07/2005
Ivette has to "give it to the Romanians for gymnastics. hands down, they are" the best "and the chinese" NT - Caribou
12:33AM 26/07/2005
April said that african americans are in better shape because they come from different monkeys. Beau says "***** you April" NT - Caribou
12:35AM 26/07/2005

The Midget/Evilette/April/Beau convo ( a few minutes ago) - JnA
12:55AM 26/07/2005

April/Beau/ Ivette ***(adult content)*** - JnA
1:12AM 26/07/2005
UNBELEIVABLE: April/Ivette were going to *pretend* to sleep while Beau jerks Howie off - Anonymous
1:35AM 26/07/2005
Transcript - LazyMom
4:00AM 26/07/2005

Janelle has been reading the laxative bottle in the kitchen. (she has taken some). NT - Panda4
1:26AM 26/07/2005

Howie is taking a shower and Jennifer just up to use the bathroom. NT - Panda4
1:26AM 26/07/2005

Earlier: (before Howie's shower/after Janelle's shower.. - Panda4
1:31AM 26/07/2005

Howie studying the house NT - Anonymous
1:40AM 26/07/2005

Everyone sleeping NT - Anonymous
1:46AM 26/07/2005

Howie finally crawls in bed w/Janelle, he says something to make her laugh. NT - Panda4
1:50AM 26/07/2005
she laughs because he has on cologne... she says it smells like he used a whole bottle NT - tntaangela
1:56AM 26/07/2005

Feed 2 shows Kaysar asleep in HoH with the lights on brightly! NT - Panda4
1:51AM 26/07/2005
He is clothed, with his HOH robe on, and sleeping on top of the covers. The spyscreen remote is next to him. NT - James00
1:53AM 26/07/2005

Kaysar is awake in his bathroom now and preparing to pray in the HoH room, earlier - Panda4
2:28AM 26/07/2005

Kaysar back in his HoH bed asleep. NT - Panda4
2:40AM 26/07/2005

Kayser lay in bed awake holding his head up on one elbow, occationaly looking up toward the camera - straightdave
3:48AM 26/07/2005

Kaysar is up and walking around. He just went back into the HOH NT - lacycatherine
4:18AM 26/07/2005
After much grooming in the bathroom - lacycatherine
4:38AM 26/07/2005

Kaysar makes up the HOH bed NT - lacycatherine
5:04AM 26/07/2005
Kaysar is back in the bathroom doing more grooming. - lacycatherine
5:10AM 26/07/2005

Eric is up in the bathroom NT - lacycatherine
5:18AM 26/07/2005
Eric washes his hands and goes back to bed NT - lacycatherine
5:20AM 26/07/2005

Kaysar praying outside NT - Anonymous
5:27AM 26/07/2005

Kaysar collects his mat and goes inside and up to the HOH room NT - lacycatherine
5:51AM 26/07/2005
He lays sideways (up on his shoulders) on the bed still reading his Koran NT - lacycatherine
5:52AM 26/07/2005
He is done reading and his now laying above the covers with the lights on NT - lacycatherine
6:02AM 26/07/2005

Rachel is up and in the bathroom NT - lacycatherine
7:12AM 26/07/2005
Rachel gets her workout clothes on. - lacycatherine
7:24AM 26/07/2005

Rachel done with the treadmill and now in the kitchen NT - lacycatherine
7:43AM 26/07/2005
Rachel outside eating her breakfast NT - lacycatherine
7:56AM 26/07/2005

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