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what going on - pooh5983
8:10AM 26/07/2005

Rachel cleaning the kitchen on F1 and 2 NT - lacycatherine
8:18AM 26/07/2005

Eric and Rachel in the kitchen talking NT - lacycatherine
8:22AM 26/07/2005

Rach to Er: "Did something happen between Iv and Jan the first week? Why do they hate each other so much?" - amIsane
8:22AM 26/07/2005

R: if james does something on Thursday night, don't take it personal. NT - listex
8:26AM 26/07/2005

E: what is he planning to do? R: I don't know. (ed note: I never heard him say) NT - listex
8:27AM 26/07/2005

Eric says that Howie and Janelle were - lacycatherine
8:30AM 26/07/2005

Producer calls to Eric (not BB recording) - luvthemfish
8:32AM 26/07/2005

BB: Eric, sorry to interrupt, but could you come to the DR for just a minute? E: sure NT - Skipper
8:32AM 26/07/2005

Er and Rach - amIsane
8:32AM 26/07/2005

Off camera guy asks Eric to go to the DR - lacycatherine
8:33AM 26/07/2005

Janelle is up and Eric is out of the DR. He is now in the SR. NT - lacycatherine
8:40AM 26/07/2005

Rachel outside washing clothes NT - lacycatherine
8:40AM 26/07/2005
Rachel brought a bunch of towels inside from the dryer and is folding them on the kitchen table. NT - lacycatherine
8:42AM 26/07/2005

Janelle climbed back in bed with Howie NT - Skipper
8:45AM 26/07/2005

rachel is folding towels and eric just sits and watches NT - Jewel
8:47AM 26/07/2005

F1: Eric outside in a lawn chair NT - Skipper
9:00AM 26/07/2005

Eric to Rachel: You couldn't experience more Highs and more lows than I have in the past two weeks NT - luvthemfish
9:17AM 26/07/2005

Eric and Rachel outside - dizzy
9:18AM 26/07/2005

E to Rach: You'll find happiness with a guy, just don't force it. NT - dizzy
9:20AM 26/07/2005

Eric: It's so draining being here because you have to think so much LOL. - dizzy
9:26AM 26/07/2005

Eric: people think this is part of the game and that's okay - dizzy
9:28AM 26/07/2005

Eric told Julie that she could have any man she wants and she - dizzy
9:30AM 26/07/2005

Eric: Julie has a fear of death and he's not afraid of death because he's - dizzy
9:32AM 26/07/2005

Jennifer is up. Maggie outside talking to Eric NT - lacycatherine
9:37AM 26/07/2005

Maggie: I woke up this morning, it's okay and then she looked - dizzy
9:39AM 26/07/2005

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