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Feeds 1 & 2 of BY impossible to hear because of FISH audio. NT - joannie
7:38PM 26/07/2005
Fish audio on all 4 cams NT - PinkPanther
7:42PM 26/07/2005

Maggie/Ivette discuss votes, "probably going to be 5-4" - SassyPrncess
7:38PM 26/07/2005

Eric & Maggie discuss game - SassyPrncess
7:45PM 26/07/2005

Sound is finally back.. NT - Anonymous
7:48PM 26/07/2005
Just in time to hear Eric being flatulant. "That's f'in Rude" says Maggie and she appears serious. LOL NT - hoarsewhisperer
7:51PM 26/07/2005

yay audio back ...E and M in back yard - tttmt
7:49PM 26/07/2005

Maggie and Eric in BY talking 'strategy' - luvthemfish
7:50PM 26/07/2005

Eric and Maggie - tttmt
7:53PM 26/07/2005

Ivette and Beau in workout room, Iv. walking on treadmill bare feet NT - PinkPanther
7:58PM 26/07/2005

Maggie and Eric on strategy - (shows how clueless they really are)- Transcript - SassyPrncess
8:00PM 26/07/2005

Hot tub group(Eric, Maggie, April, Jennifer, Rachel) - luvthemfish
8:13PM 26/07/2005

Hottub group just said Kaysar is sleeping in the hammock. April didn't even know he was out there. Eric said you watch, he'll be up at 10pm and be up - Caribou
8:21PM 26/07/2005

F2: Howie, James, Sarah in LR. Guys playing coasters. Kaysar awake now and joined them for a bit NT - Caribou
8:23PM 26/07/2005

Kaysar - "i sleep on the hammock and i've got glitter on me. What the hell's going on?!" and he laughs NT - Caribou
8:30PM 26/07/2005

sarah watching james and howie play coasters - TheBigSista
8:33PM 26/07/2005

Camera briefly flashed on pool where Ivette and Maggie are in together and whispering. The hottub crowd remains - Rachel, Eric, Beau, April, Jenn NT - Caribou
8:34PM 26/07/2005

Kaysar, james, Sarah in LR. Kaysar plans to clean the house tomorrow because he has nothing else to do he says. James reminded him that - Caribou
8:45PM 26/07/2005

Jam - S - K - ShannanCGC
8:47PM 26/07/2005

F3/F4: Hottub crowd moved to patio table, except Beau and Rachel who are non-game chitchatting in hottub NT - Caribou
8:48PM 26/07/2005

Kaysar said maybe he left the meat out himself.. - ihateeric
8:49PM 26/07/2005

K I guess I will go eat my ecoli (sp) burgers, and H or Jam asks if they got back to him about that... - ShannanCGC
8:49PM 26/07/2005

James/Sarah/Kaysar... We should stage a breakup - ihateeric
8:50PM 26/07/2005

April asks howie what his degree is in - luvthemfish
9:22PM 26/07/2005

H says he has an Ass. in ??? and A says well then I know for a fact you a lying and don't work in Pharm. sales, b/c you need a 4 year degree, NT - ShannanCGC
9:26PM 26/07/2005
Seriously think he said in Arts........ NT - luvthemfish
9:28PM 26/07/2005
Yes, it's either Associate degree in Arts or Associate degree in Sciece. NT - Cheesechick
11:50PM 26/07/2005

BB: "HG you are not allowed to talk about your DR talks to other HG" NT - ShannanCGC
9:42PM 26/07/2005

About 10 minutes ago, Maggie and Eric where scheming about the game on F/F2. Rachel comes in and talk quickly shifts to general chit chat. - CougarSpy
9:54PM 26/07/2005

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