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Caribou Maggie and Eric discussed Janelle briefly. Maggie laughs about beau saying janelle is a whore. Eric says women like Janelle are a dime a dozen in 0 6:02PM 27/07/2005
Caribou After several burps and farts from Eric, Rachel pops up from couch. Eric sees her and yells "what the heck are you doing over there?" 0 6:06PM 27/07/2005
Caribou Kaysar and Rachel discuss doing the HOH blog post. Rachel spent an hour and had tons to say. But then she was told it timed out at 30 mins. so she had 0 6:08PM 27/07/2005
Caribou Howie, Rach, Kay all fired up about winning HOH tomorrow. Same talk as usual NT 1 6:17PM 27/07/2005
Anonymous Maggie and Eric the bodybuilder discussing the evils of vanity; they are much better than others, they could look better but are higher than that NT 1 6:17PM 27/07/2005
JHo BB: Kaysar, Please move your microphone Higher... 0 6:22PM 27/07/2005
Caribou Eric and Maggie talking each other up while tearing Kaysar and others down (as usual). Eric expects to be on The View or other shows NT 0 6:24PM 27/07/2005
JHo Jennifer finally wakes up from her nap NT 0 6:24PM 27/07/2005
JHo Howie and Kaysar Playing Coasters... 0 6:31PM 27/07/2005
Caribou Rachel pinches Howie's butt a couple times when he's picking up coasters. Kaysar says he thinks they want each other. NT 0 6:31PM 27/07/2005
JHo BB: Beau please go to the diary room... (Beau's Asleep) 0 6:34PM 27/07/2005
Caribou Earlier, Rachel was telling Kaysar about someone hating others and saying they would never speak to them again. Rachel said she was sad about that. 2 6:38PM 27/07/2005
JHo BB: Ivette Please go to the DR... 0 6:40PM 27/07/2005
JHo Eric to Beau: E:You know, they said something while you were sleeping, you know what it was? B: no What? E: (farts) Eew! NT 0 6:43PM 27/07/2005
JHo BB: Howie, Please go to DR NT 1 6:52PM 27/07/2005
Caribou HGs are in lockdown inside. Kaysar, Rachel, April watching fish in the tank. April "jonesin' for cigarette" NT 0 6:57PM 27/07/2005
Caribou FISH on all feeds NT 0 7:04PM 27/07/2005
straightdave practice for HOH 1 7:14PM 27/07/2005
BHnoah Feed 1/2/3/4 all BY with the HG praticing the HOH game. 2 7:23PM 27/07/2005
Caribou Seems object of game is NOT to let ball go in the hole. Ivette appears to have natural gift for this game so far NT 0 7:33PM 27/07/2005
BHnoah Maggie just standing and watching-- only practiced two throws. Everyone else keeps rotating turns NT 1 7:36PM 27/07/2005
BHnoah Ivette up to practice-- And Eric says "you got it now" NT 0 7:39PM 27/07/2005
Caribou Howie keeps saying "so far next HOH is April" as she's doing well in this game. BUT Ivette, every try, does the best. Only Crappy's crew and Howie 1 7:39PM 27/07/2005
BHnoah James went to GR to get shirt w/ Sarah Feed 1 Sarah @ Fish tank now walking to BR-- Now all feeds BY 0 7:41PM 27/07/2005
Caribou Eric/Maggie on hammock while others practice the game in BY NT 1 7:43PM 27/07/2005
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