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Caribou Rachel says she feels bad. Howie asks if she's gonna vote out Maggie? Rachel - NO! She's still voting out Eric. 0 11:18AM 27/07/2005
Caribou Kaysar fills in Rach/Howie on Jenn's decision to support April now and vote for Eric to stay. Rach ok with it. Howie says "bitch". 0 11:23AM 27/07/2005
thatgirI Jan: Howie is like a little dog (re: him peeing on the floor) NT 0 11:29AM 27/07/2005
Caribou F3: Kay, Janelle, James, Howie, Rachel in LR; F1/F2: BY Patio Sarah, Ivette, Maggie, Beau. 0 11:31AM 27/07/2005
Caribou F1/F3: Jennifer and Beau and Howie in Kitchen, minor chitchat NT 0 11:36AM 27/07/2005
Anonymous Ivette telling Sarah why she is very angry about the nominations NT 1 11:41AM 27/07/2005
Anonymous Ivette is comparing changing sides (James) to ratting someone out to save prison time.....clueless NT 0 11:46AM 27/07/2005
Anonymous S being very specific, asking about animosity against her. Ivette going off about prisons, trying to incite anger against James NT 1 11:46AM 27/07/2005
Anonymous Ivette whinning to Sarah F1 NT 0 11:46AM 27/07/2005
SassyPrncess Ivette to Sarah: I don't talk sh*t about someone then hang out with them. NT 0 11:51AM 27/07/2005
Anonymous Ivette telling james and Sarah everything that pisses her off NT 0 12:01PM 27/07/2005
Anonymous James just said that Eric went to producers at 2 am to keep Michael form revealing the twist!!? NT 0 12:04PM 27/07/2005
Anonymous James: We didnt get a script before the show saying who's with who, we had to figure it out. if they didnt figure it out tough ***** NT 0 12:06PM 27/07/2005
Anonymous Ivette says James' info made her not like Janelle, then 2 minutes later says no one's opinion influences her.....wow. NT 0 12:10PM 27/07/2005
knifey_spooney Ivette ranting to James and Sarah 0 12:13PM 27/07/2005
Anonymous April joins in with Ivette. They talk about how sara h tried to save James NT 0 12:14PM 27/07/2005
Anonymous Sarah says again that she would like to end the conversation. Ivette starts some new point about James and Kaysar NT 0 12:16PM 27/07/2005
CeiggeP Ivette goes to SR for battery. Kayser walks outside, hears April saying something loudly to Sarah and asks her to leave Sarah alone. NT 0 12:27PM 27/07/2005
Anonymous Kaysar: that is the very reason i flipped this mother f*cking house upside down 0 12:33PM 27/07/2005
Anonymous Kayser has flipped telling April and sarah that they never talk bad about 1 12:35PM 27/07/2005
Qcoatl Kaysar says that the game has turned childish again 0 12:36PM 27/07/2005
luvthemfish Eric and Kaysar face to face-april walked away 0 12:37PM 27/07/2005
Qcoatl Eric went outside and sat with Kaysar for about 1 second 0 12:38PM 27/07/2005
CeiggeP Eric comes outside...April goes inside.....Eric gets up and leaves.....Kay asks why his is upset....Eric says 0 12:38PM 27/07/2005
knifey_spooney BY discussion w/Sarah/Kaysar and April.. then Eric 0 12:39PM 27/07/2005
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