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lacycatherine Sarah, James and April rehashing the spelling B AGAIN! Sarah saying 0 1:54PM 27/07/2005
joannie Ivette's sparkling conversation. 0 1:55PM 27/07/2005
joannie More firehouse stories from Eric to the pedicure group I/Jen/R NT 0 2:14PM 27/07/2005
lacycatherine Eric to Ivette - You guys aren't going to do a strip thing for me tonight? 0 2:18PM 27/07/2005
lacycatherine Ivette - I want the America's Choice. Ivette goes to the mall for a day!! NT 0 2:20PM 27/07/2005
lacycatherine April to James and Sarah - Didn't you see the sign that said 0 2:23PM 27/07/2005
joannie Feeds 1 & 2 switch to the HOH room 0 2:23PM 27/07/2005
luvthemfish Big Brother says this is a lockdown, please go outside 1 2:35PM 27/07/2005
CeiggeP James telling Howie that Maggie and Jenn go up next. James "Scare the hell out of her" NT 0 2:35PM 27/07/2005
joannie Eric and Maggie in the hammock 0 2:43PM 27/07/2005
joannie What a sport Kaysar is! He takes a picture of Eric and Maggie on the hammock 1 2:49PM 27/07/2005
luvthemfish Still Lockdown, Maggie begging bb over mic to let her go potty NT 0 2:49PM 27/07/2005
Disneyisme Outside on lockdown, Beau, April and Jenn are posing as Charlies Angels 0 2:50PM 27/07/2005
joannie Kaysar takes a picture of Howie bench-pressing Rachel. NT 0 2:51PM 27/07/2005
joannie Rachel takes a picture of Kay and Eric on the hammock. 0 2:52PM 27/07/2005
Disneyisme Eric asked Kay to see a pisture displayed on the camera, Kaysar went over and OMG 0 2:52PM 27/07/2005
joannie FISH tank cleaning session. NT 0 2:53PM 27/07/2005
Mikkie FISH -- And Tank cleaning time NT 0 2:54PM 27/07/2005
Disneyisme We're back and Maggie is still standing and desparate to go in to the bathroom, more like she is doubled over. NT 0 2:55PM 27/07/2005
luvthemfish BB let maggie in to go wee wee NT 1 2:56PM 27/07/2005
Disneyisme BB is letting Maggie (only) in to use the bathroom..they raised the shade that covers the door. NT 0 2:56PM 27/07/2005
Disneyisme Kaysar wants a group shot, Rachel says to wait until they go in, it's too hot outside. NT 0 2:59PM 27/07/2005
Disneyisme Howie is outside saying "look at my TV girlfriend, how hot she is. Too bad 0 3:01PM 27/07/2005
Disneyisme Maggie is back..everyone says "yayyyy". Howie yells, "thanks BB, while you're in there 0 3:03PM 27/07/2005
edinboro Lock down is over NT 0 3:04PM 27/07/2005
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