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Disneyisme Ivette Jenn and Eric have gone into the bathroom and shut the door. Ivette is whispering 1 10:43PM 27/07/2005
Geoff1075 F1 & F2-Maggie practicing bowling game with Beau. F3 & F4-Jen cutting Eric's nose hair NT 0 10:45PM 27/07/2005
Anonymous Jen laying on Kaysar; he looks uncomfortable. NT 2 10:48PM 27/07/2005
Geoff1075 F3 & F4- Howie & James playing coasters again 0 10:51PM 27/07/2005
Anonymous Maggie to Bo: We need to tell Eric to come out here (AND GUARD THE BY SO SOV6 CANT PRACTICE) NT 0 10:59PM 27/07/2005
Disneyisme Maggie, Beau and Eric are in the kitchen whispering. Maggie asks Eric if 'thay' were talking 1 11:00PM 27/07/2005
Geoff1075 F4 showing Janelle practicing the bowling game but 1 11:04PM 27/07/2005
Disneyisme Scary, Eric is just sitting on the big lounge, hands cupped watching Janelle practice outside. BB: Lights out in 1 hour. NT 1 11:07PM 27/07/2005
Anonymous LOL (ed: cute!) Kaysar did a quick furtive armpit sniff after Jen got up_ NT 0 11:08PM 27/07/2005
Geoff1075 Janelle coming very close to the hole almost every roll NT 0 11:09PM 27/07/2005
Disneyisme Outside Maggie is clarifying to Eric that when the lights go out it includes the outside lights. Eric said "okay." NT 0 11:10PM 27/07/2005
Disneyisme They called Janelle in to change her microphone. Maggie then says to Eric "will you 0 11:12PM 27/07/2005
Disneyisme Janelle has come back out, and Eric walks away back to his position to watch them. NT 0 11:14PM 27/07/2005
smileycute Maggie is getting good on her practice NT 0 11:14PM 27/07/2005
SassyPrncess Eric to Iv while practicing: I want you RIGHT HERE on that mark. NT 1 11:21PM 27/07/2005
Geoff1075 James still concerned about Rachel 0 11:23PM 27/07/2005
SassyPrncess Note: Ivette is wearing one of Eric's LVFD shirts. NT 0 11:26PM 27/07/2005
Anonymous Janelle somewhat behind Eric, disinterested in Ivette's good shot or Ivette's departure. Not apparently scared by Eric, who just 1 11:28PM 27/07/2005
Caribou Maggie practicing the ball game with eric throwing out cliches and coaching her. Maggie cannot be consistent in her throws and isn't very good. Kaysar 0 11:33PM 27/07/2005
Caribou James and Sarah talking in GR about getting HOH; BY has Janelle practicing ball game with Kaysar while Beau and April watch NT 0 11:33PM 27/07/2005
Anonymous April: it's all about ca-ressing the ball. Beau: Exact-ly. I got like nine before. April: Yer good at that rim thing. B: Yeah, I dunno why? NT 0 11:37PM 27/07/2005
Caribou Sharing practice - Janelle, April, Beau with Kaysar sending balls back. 1 11:42PM 27/07/2005
Anonymous Kaysar watches raptly while Janelle bowls, discusses Jawbreakers. April: you have to finesse the ball, feel its inner strength, heat 0 11:46PM 27/07/2005
BHnoah Feed 1/2 GR: James and Sarah asleep Feed 3 BY: april havin' smoke talking to Eric about Janelle, & Howie practicing 0 11:48PM 27/07/2005
Anonymous Eric: Janelle does not accept's Kay's S****. I'm not a fan of hers, but she does not accept his <murmur> NT 0 11:48PM 27/07/2005
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