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it appears they are replicating a similar game; Maggie is going to put on warmer clothes and practice all night...she's found her niche. NT - hoarsewhisperer
7:48PM 27/07/2005

Maggie says she saw James looking at ------- in the eyes, while practicing - BHnoah
7:48PM 27/07/2005
They were talking about Ivette. NT - mommamia
7:49PM 27/07/2005
thank you-- i wondered if it was, but just didn't catch the name NT - BHnoah
7:51PM 27/07/2005
NP, and they all seem to realize this won't be the exact game. There will be blocking or - mommamia
7:52PM 27/07/2005

Jenn walks away and is heard on the feeds saying..... - mommamia
8:11PM 27/07/2005
I believe she means throwing the ball, not the game NT - Anonymous
8:12PM 27/07/2005
Earlier in the week Jenn said to April - mommamia
8:15PM 27/07/2005
Now Beau and Iv working out, ^5ing each other saying the same thing in workout room. - mommamia
8:12PM 27/07/2005

Beau and Ivette talk while working out - luvthemfish
8:13PM 27/07/2005

Beau comments to Ivette on Janelle - luvthemfish
8:16PM 27/07/2005

Maggie Continues to Practice for HOH Competition/Eric talks to Jenn - luvthemfish
8:19PM 27/07/2005

Eric: Everybody's annoying me now. He's having a conversation with Jenn telling her - Suzan
8:20PM 27/07/2005

Houseguests trying to figure out the order of the planets... - Anonymous
8:21PM 27/07/2005

Eric to Jenn: Here's my plan, (if she's hoh), put up James and Kaysar and they can't - Suzan
8:22PM 27/07/2005
Second plan is if James or Kaysar win veto and take themselves off put up - Suzan
8:23PM 27/07/2005

E to Jenn: If you do it the way I tell you to do it they will implode, they have no loyalty to each other NT - Suzan
8:26PM 27/07/2005

Eric telling her Rachel and Howie will start hanging around with her (if she's HOH), all the sudden he'll be - Suzan
8:28PM 27/07/2005

He's back trashing Rachel "little miss victim". Jenn saying she's throwing dagger stares towards James - Suzan
8:31PM 27/07/2005

Eric: King kaysar the F***ing piece of shi* thinks he's the F***ing ****** - luvthemfish
8:31PM 27/07/2005

Using their hindsight to wish they'd made better choices - Jenn saying if she had had the - Suzan
8:32PM 27/07/2005

Eric dumps Jennifer off the hammock while helping her remove a bee from her leg NT - luvthemfish
8:33PM 27/07/2005

After shooing a bee off of Jenn's leg Eric has gone over to the practice game NT - Suzan
8:33PM 27/07/2005

Jenn is now in the kitchen where James is making a snack, she's carrying on a normal - Suzan
8:34PM 27/07/2005

Janelle, Kaysar and James agree to meet upstairs in one hour NT - Suzan
8:36PM 27/07/2005

Kaysar, Janie, James, Sarah in Kitchen - luvthemfish
8:39PM 27/07/2005

Bowling teamwork plan by the Sith Lords - Anonymous
9:03PM 27/07/2005

April: I never think of myself, I only think as a team NT - Anonymous
9:06PM 27/07/2005

Ivette: They are sh*tting in their pants thinking about one of us getting HOH NT - Anonymous
9:12PM 27/07/2005

April: I told Rachel that she would be targeted first NT - Anonymous
9:15PM 27/07/2005

April: It's so funny, they look up to Kaysar. Jen: But James is the mastermind. Eric: But Rachel is no f'ing victim either. April: Howie is annoying - Anonymous
9:16PM 27/07/2005

Crappy's major concern now is..... - mommamia
9:22PM 27/07/2005

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