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Sarah Rachel Kaysar - luvthemfish
12:39PM 27/07/2005

Eric, please go to the diary room (bb) NT - luvthemfish
12:39PM 27/07/2005
Eric is out of DR now NT - SassyPrncess
12:42PM 27/07/2005

Sarah: I wanna lay on the raft but I'm afraid it'll be taken away from me (Eric's raft) - imnotpunk
12:42PM 27/07/2005

BB. this is a warning, it is against the rules of the big brother competition to discuss your votes NT - luvthemfish
12:43PM 27/07/2005

BB: this is a warning, it is against the rules to discuss the votes - imnotpunk
12:43PM 27/07/2005

BB: This is a warning - knifey_spooney
12:45PM 27/07/2005

James/Sarah/Howie outside...J/H doing laundry, S in the pool NT - imnotpunk
12:46PM 27/07/2005

April complaining (as usual) to Jan HOH room NT - imnotpunk
12:48PM 27/07/2005

April with a cig now, gossiping with E...E rehashing his confrontation with Kay NT - imnotpunk
12:49PM 27/07/2005
That would be the 3rd time in 10min that Eric has retold that confrontation...told Maggie in Exer. rm NT - CalicoSkiesNC
12:50PM 27/07/2005

April: Everyone's voted now, right? Jen+Eric: yeah, everyone's voted. NT - imnotpunk
12:51PM 27/07/2005

Backyard Conversation - luvthemfish
12:51PM 27/07/2005

BB: Maggie, please go to DR NT - imnotpunk
12:51PM 27/07/2005

F1 &2 now in the HoH room with K and Janelle NT - Qcoatl
12:54PM 27/07/2005

Kaysar Explains getting rid of Eric to Janelle - luvthemfish
12:59PM 27/07/2005

Kay+Jan in HOH room, talking strategy - imnotpunk
1:00PM 27/07/2005

Kaysar on Ivette: She's like a ghetto gang member. NT - SassyPrncess
1:04PM 27/07/2005

Kaysar on April: She doesn't belong with them and she doesn't belong with us. She knows that. NT - SassyPrncess
1:05PM 27/07/2005
Kaysar: It's game on (tomorrow) (to Jani) NT - SassyPrncess
1:06PM 27/07/2005

Jen, Rachel, Ivette, Maggie & Eric at BY Table... - Anonymous
1:11PM 27/07/2005

Jennifer just said that they were sheep...and she even made the noise NT - Anonymous
1:15PM 27/07/2005

Jennifer telling Ivette that she (Ivette) will have a website when she gets out of the house...with a president of her fan club and - AlexaRae
1:16PM 27/07/2005

James: His name is Eric, NOT Cappy. He's not my Captain and I won't refer to him in that way. NT - imnotpunk
1:26PM 27/07/2005

r/h in LR folding h's clothes NT - imnotpunk
1:42PM 27/07/2005
Howie: Thanks Rachel, you'd make a good wife...and you have a hot ass too! - imnotpunk
1:43PM 27/07/2005

Jenn at kitchen table giving Ivette a pedicure. NT - joannie
1:45PM 27/07/2005

Howie - If I win a - lacycatherine
1:50PM 27/07/2005

Howie wants to know when Jenn can give him a pedicure. Eric and Mag are also at the table. - joannie
1:53PM 27/07/2005

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