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More Janelle and Howie (and then Beau) - knifey_spooney
2:02AM 27/07/2005

Beau: "What is that?" Janelle hands him her tube of stuff. Beau studies it and says, "Why does this sound familiar?" - Anonymous
2:03AM 27/07/2005
Dr. Brandt skincare line. I think the other was Dr. Murad that Janelle preferred. NT - jettheadpb
2:08AM 27/07/2005
Yes. Those names are correct, I think. I wasn't sure how to spell them. NT - Anonymous
2:11AM 27/07/2005

Kasar's now visiting with Howie, Beau and Janelle in the bath room. NT - Anonymous
2:06AM 27/07/2005
Kasar leaves, and half a minute later, Howie gives "Beau Beau", as he calls him, a kiss--but just out of view of F1. NT - Anonymous
2:12AM 27/07/2005

Howie keeps talking about being so tired, but he has been chatting for a few minutes with Beau in the kitchen. NT - Anonymous
2:13AM 27/07/2005

Beau just told Howie something about cameras in the sequester house. "How do you know?" Howie asked. "A little birdie told me," Beau replied. NT - Anonymous
2:14AM 27/07/2005

Jan What am I going to be portrayed as? K My sidekick. [laughter] NT - CougarSpy
2:15AM 27/07/2005
Jan: I am going to be portrayed as the princess b!tc# and Ivette is going to be the ghetto b!tc#. NT - Anonymous
2:16AM 27/07/2005

Kaysar and Janie in BY K: sometimes i think i'm crowding you - Anonymous
2:16AM 27/07/2005

Feed switches to Kasar and Janelle sitting outside on round lounger. - Anonymous
2:17AM 27/07/2005

Janelle & Kaysar sitting in the BY - Anonymous
2:19AM 27/07/2005

Janelle: "What about April? She's the married chick that freaks out about everything." NT - Anonymous
2:19AM 27/07/2005

Convo in backyard b/w Kaysar & Janelle - Anonymous
2:21AM 27/07/2005

Howie and Beau in Bath - Anonymous
2:22AM 27/07/2005

Howie, Kaysar and Beau, Kaysar and Janelle (long) - knifey_spooney
2:25AM 27/07/2005
Earlier, while Janelle and Howie were both taking showers at the same time (standing in each others' dirty shower water), she - Anonymous
2:35AM 27/07/2005

Cont. of convo b/w Kaysar & Janelle - Anonymous
2:27AM 27/07/2005
Cont. convo Kaysar & Janelle - Anonymous
2:29AM 27/07/2005

Kay and Jan in B/Y - Anonymous
2:30AM 27/07/2005

Howie just went to bed in the GR NT - Ric_LaGuardia
2:32AM 27/07/2005

Convo Kaysar telling Janelle: "We should have a groupd meeting." - Anonymous
2:36AM 27/07/2005

After listening to Janelle talk about what she would be doing right now if she was outside the house (looking at Internet, waiting for food to be - Anonymous
2:37AM 27/07/2005

Kaysar just said that he and Mike live in "la siento", or something like that. Then he cringed and looked at the camera and sheepishly said, "I just - Anonymous
2:40AM 27/07/2005

Janelle and Kaysar BY (long) - knifey_spooney
2:40AM 27/07/2005

Janelle on her life in LA - knifey_spooney
2:44AM 27/07/2005

Janelle: "Damn!" [Hits herself on the head] "I just thought of something. The guy who I was dating in New York... I left a fur coat at his house. Now - Anonymous
2:55AM 27/07/2005

Janelle: "I'm not even that messy. I'm just not that clean." NT - Anonymous
2:57AM 27/07/2005

Kaysar: "You dated a guy that tried to look prettier than you." Janelle: "That was in high school." NT - Anonymous
2:59AM 27/07/2005

Janelle says that her LA boyfriend would go to work, and she'd sleep till noon, eat cereal all day, and leave the bowls lying around. - Anonymous
3:01AM 27/07/2005

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