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April: "God I hope we win tomorrow" (repeats this several times) NT - Anonymous
9:25PM 27/07/2005

April wearing a fur stole/jacket(?) Keeps trying to give advice on the follow through or lack thereof in the hand; - Anonymous
9:31PM 27/07/2005

Maggie:I want to get up at 7 and start banging pots and pans. April:I would love to have HOH for my b-day. A tries to use 'butter' instead of money NT - Anonymous
9:34PM 27/07/2005

James: "We f**k up as one, we win as one" NT - drummer_inblack
9:36PM 27/07/2005

James coming up with a plan to protect each other in HOH comp - PinkPanther
9:37PM 27/07/2005

Eric is at end of practice game, coaching each person, giving pep talks. NT - SassyPrncess
9:41PM 27/07/2005

Ivette: saying to maggie maybe we should not trust Jen (she just left to use face mask with April) - Anonymous
9:43PM 27/07/2005

Eric on HoH and Kaysar & James - SassyPrncess
9:43PM 27/07/2005

The SIX in HOH a bit ago - zezzie420
9:46PM 27/07/2005

Ivette: So, when Howie looked at my legs, Janelle looked at her own legs (jealously), and I was like MOOO. **crickets** NT - Anonymous
9:57PM 27/07/2005

Janelle, Sarah join bowling group. Awkward silence. NT - Anonymous
10:01PM 27/07/2005

James "im concerned about rachel" - ihateeric
10:02PM 27/07/2005

maggie "kaysar irritates the f!$% out of me" NT - curtiskin
10:03PM 27/07/2005

James tells Kaysar privately in HOH - erniebert
10:04PM 27/07/2005

Beau, Eric, April, Maggie are in the kitchen making some sandwiches, Eric heads outside, and Maggie says - Disneyisme
10:11PM 27/07/2005
Eric did say something offensive to Kay - I didnt catch it??? NT - Anonymous
10:12PM 27/07/2005
Howie told him "You can't be out here!" And Eric said that he could, plopped down right next to the S6..Kay said something like "agression will - Peachy720
10:18PM 27/07/2005
Something to the effect that he was prepared to stay up and watch them all night - he was going to sit right there and annoy them... NT - Curlingbaby
10:18PM 27/07/2005
And now Ivette has trampled into the kitchen from the outside, yelling "$550K, is it worth it for KISSING A***??" NT - Disneyisme
10:12PM 27/07/2005

Maggie "maybe i'll get sympathy money like that ratty homeless guy on Survivor NT - ihateeric
10:11PM 27/07/2005
Rupert was the most liked person on Survivor. Mags doesn't even come close. Who would vote for her? NT - tame
10:28PM 27/07/2005

Ivette shouts: "I wont kiss anyone's ass for $500,000. I dont care who hears me" NT - ihateeric
10:12PM 27/07/2005

M, I, B, Jen, all in the kitchen talking with their mouths full. - erniebert
10:13PM 27/07/2005

Ivette whispers to Jenn in the kitchen, "as soon as Howie came out side he was whispering (to Kaysar)." NT - Disneyisme
10:14PM 27/07/2005

Beau declares: I am going to go outside & watch and give them the demon face! NT - SassyPrncess
10:24PM 27/07/2005
Beau plants himself at the direct end of the game, trying to be intimidating. NT - SassyPrncess
10:29PM 27/07/2005

Inside the house are Jenn rubbing Ivettes feet, while Ivette talks about her exes and James is in there brushing his teeth. NT - Disneyisme
10:31PM 27/07/2005

We have FISH on all 4. NT - Disneyisme
10:32PM 27/07/2005

Eric is telling Beau and Maggie that he is gonna follow them outside every time 'they' go - Disneyisme
10:36PM 27/07/2005

Now Mag and Beau are practicing and Eric is whispering to April and Ivette in the bathroom. NT - Disneyisme
10:39PM 27/07/2005

F3- Eric talking about what he observed while watching the SOV 6 NT - Geoff1075
10:39PM 27/07/2005
Eric keeps saying he heard Kaysar tell Howie "come on your done." Then Howie would say "am I done?" Eric makes a panting noise. NT - Disneyisme
10:41PM 27/07/2005
He made a "whipping" noise NT - Anonymous
10:45PM 27/07/2005

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