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Topic #2019135
luvthemfish - Kaysar, Janelle, Howie at the counter 0 Replies #2019135 6:19PM 28/07/2005
Kaysar: I've told several of you guys I became a stronger player when Michael was gone
someone says 'yup'

Kaysar to Janelle: We had one week of peace and quiet
Janelle to Howie: It feels so good with him (eric) gone
K. We'll see what happens, whatever happens.......if it's out of your hands, don't worry about it. Next week we'll get another try.
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Topic #2019187
Rdhedtxn - Kay wondering about what other secrets are in store and Jan says she hopes they bring Michael back NT 0 Replies #2019187 6:21PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2019388
luvthemfish - Maggie and Ivette discuss nominations in storage 0 Replies #2019388 6:32PM 28/07/2005
Ivette and Maggie Hug
I. I'm not kissing anyones ass, i'm gonna be mean as i'm gonna be, I don't care to leave
M. Justice was served.....you can't leave next week, cuz i'm HOH (DANCES)
They are thanking God, Ivette made promises to God for HOH
I. I don't care if it gets me out of this house, I'm not playing strategically, i'm playing me
M. my heart got me in this game, my heart gets me out
M. I'm not splitting the pairs so I don't see someone get the money
I. If we get it great, if we don't we don't. All those tests that were put in front of them were to see what kind of person they were.
I'd tell them there is no room for discussion.
I. Are you going to carry out the.....James and Kaysar?
m. I'm gonna do exactly what Cappy wants
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Topic #2019433
SassyPrncess - Iv to Maggie: I want you to go play chess. I'll give you my brown skirt! NT 0 Replies #2019433 6:35PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2019441
SassyPrncess - Beau to Naggie: In the name of Caps! M: Yah! NT 0 Replies #2019441 6:35PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2019466
Zazny - Maggie tells Beau that Cappy really loved him, Beau feels he will win the next HOH NT 0 Replies #2019466 6:37PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2019549
SassyPrncess - Jen: Rome wasn't built in a day. NT 1 Replies #2019549 6:43PM 28/07/2005
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Zazny - This was a fortune cookie that Jen had before entering the house #2019568 6:44PM 28/07/2005
Ivette and Beau act like it is the most profound thing they ever heard.
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Topic #2019577
Zazny - I: I wanted Maggie to win. It wasn't my week...it's not my "business" NT 0 Replies #2019577 6:44PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2019610
SassyPrncess - Ivette: We're not shady and I don't care. NT 0 Replies #2019610 6:47PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2019754
Suzan - Ivette to Beau - Who do you want to get rid of first. Beaus says 0 Replies #2019754 6:57PM 28/07/2005
first or more? First would be James, more would be Kaysar
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Topic #2019792
Zazny - Food restriction changed Kaysar's diet too 0 Replies #2019792 7:01PM 28/07/2005
While K had his meat, he was not able to have anything on it like cheese. Said he ate sandwiches with just meat and toast.

K: [I ate about a fifth of it] had ground beef, a drumstick
B: A drumstick?
K: One drumstick. I ate the ground beef.
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Topic #2019808
Zazny - Cappy's Crew head to the BY 0 Replies #2019808 7:03PM 28/07/2005
I screams: ERIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A: Maggie, mother of God
I singing: we did it for you!
A: I almost got it ! It was right there and went in the hole!
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Topic #2019840
Zazny - M: It really does do something to your nerves being on the block 0 Replies #2019840 7:06PM 28/07/2005
A: You don't take it personally that I voted for Cappy?
M: Nope

?: I'm glad it was 5-4.

M: I wanted Cappy to go home to his kids. He was eaten alive in this place. He wasn't himself. He was when it was just us and we were not talking game.
Jen: When he was farting or burping
M: That was definitely Cappy

I: Don't leave your clothes out like Janelle, because they get faded
B: Disgusting

I: I can leave next week and I'll be perfect.
A: My heart was going ba-boom ba-boom ba-boom
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Topic #2019890
Zazny - K, Howie, James, and Sarah whispering in living room 0 Replies #2019890 7:10PM 28/07/2005
H: If I get evicted this week or next, I'll be cheering you guys on to get rid of them. Go get 'em, their time will come again. They don't realize it now.

BB: Ivette, please go to the diary room

K: I can't listen to that girl any more. She's driving me crazy.

Ivette comes by

H: They said I can't turn you back to men

I: I could've told you that, Howie.

Ivette gone

J: Because "the hat's" here, I know I'm going up.

S: Eric told her if he was gone.

H: Julie Chen showed this thing about the couples making money, so it's going to put the target on us four [S/J and H/R].

J: Maggie is truly out for revenge. She would rather disrupt us and go home next week and go back to her boyfriend than stay here till the end.

S: I know she will try to break up couples. James is who she wants gone, so she'll put me and her up.

H: How many HOH's am I gonna lose?

J: How many HOH's is Janelle going to be second on?

H: If I get evicted, I do not want to see one of those ***** win this

J: I was right, Maggie is their best player.

K: Would you guys rather have Eric here?

J: No way. Could you imagine if he won HOH and we'd have to hear his voice right now?
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Topic #2019933
Zazny - James: It's either me and Janelle or me and Kaysar NT 0 Replies #2019933 7:14PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2019964
Anonymous - Janelle: They can only get rid of one of us. they still have to deal with 5 of us NT 0 Replies #2019964 7:16PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2019969
Suzan - James: If I'm going BB needs to give me a night alone with no cameras, looks at howie, Not foryou Howie. NT 0 Replies #2019969 7:16PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2019986
Zazny - Janelle: We'll can only lose one of us; James joking BB voice: "Double eviction this week!" 0 Replies #2019986 7:18PM 28/07/2005
J: If I'm going this week, Big Brother needs to give me a night of privacy without cameras. Not for you Howie.
H: Cover yourselves with blankets. Make a tent.
J: It's kinda hard when you're 6'2" and 5'11"

James jokes he'll take a chess piece if he leaves (ruining the chess set for everyone else)
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Topic #2020018
Zazny - James: I don't want to hear the cheer of 'Cappy's Crew' from anyone in this group 0 Replies #2020018 7:20PM 28/07/2005
J: He's like the pied piper.

Kay trashes Ivette and bits

K: She wants to tell a story about ___ (missed it), doesn't she know anything else?

They discuss sleeping spots for this week

K: I got all the crappy sheets
J: Dude, you'll have a bed.
Jan: You can't sleep with me?
H: Cuz of your religion?
K: Cuz I might grab her while I'm sleeping
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Topic #2020063
Chunga - A shout out from James to the web bloggers 0 Replies #2020063 7:23PM 28/07/2005
"They'll pick out what we're all really about."
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Topic #2020087
Zazny - James says the truth is on the web (and maybe not on tv) 0 Replies #2020087 7:25PM 28/07/2005
K jokes he will walk around giving evil stares if he gets nominated.
K: Just kidding, idiots.
J: Those people if I give them evil looks, they'll run. You guys were nervous.
H: When you were staring me down?
J: You wouldn't look at me.
H: I was wondering why you were staring at me and not the HOH

Jan says Ivette dresses like a man
James: We can talk about them all we want...
Jan: I don't listen to any of their stories...
James: They'll portray us the way they want to portray us. It's the webbloggers who will be able to take us apart and show how it really is.

Dramatic Pause
James: Sarah....
BB: Sarah, please come to the diary room

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Topic #2020092
luvthemfish - Janelle: Butch Lesbians never like me NT 0 Replies #2020092 7:25PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2020109
Peachy720 - Typical Janelle statement: They asked me what aggravates/scares me worse. I answered 'butch lesbians.' NT 0 Replies #2020109 7:26PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2020127
SassyPrncess - James: If I get nominated & don't get the veto, can I terrorize them, please? NT 0 Replies #2020127 7:27PM 28/07/2005
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Topic #2020128
Zazny - James asks for permission to terrorize "certain people" if he loses the veto and can't be saved NT 0 Replies #2020128 7:27PM 28/07/2005
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