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Topic #2029150
Mareenie - Get the sound of Mags going pee then feeds switch to BY crew. NT 0 Replies #2029150 3:33PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2029171
CruiseCritic - Ivette just kind of wakes up and Maggie says 0 Replies #2029171 3:36PM 29/07/2005
when they talk in their specific voice, it is for you. Maggie is going to go pee, then we have to go downstairs and then we will see. Then says, do you guys want to stay in my room. they all stay. Beau, Jen and Ivette.
Now Howie and Rachele shot on F3 and F4 at table with James next to them in lounger. James asking if nomination thing takes long. howie says it hasnt even been 24 hours yet, they have to give you time to think. howie has to go take a dump (he says). Rachele just told howie to take bottle to recylcing. Howie has on Kays hat. april jusy came outside and howie says "the birthday girl" then says "maggie may" Rachele talking about salad and meat for dinner. she just had triscuits with tomatoe and mozz cheese melted on them. april want to gain weight
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Topic #2029178
CruiseCritic - April says she will now get up earlier since she has something to look forward to---FOOD NT 0 Replies #2029178 3:36PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2029181
Mareenie - BB: Kaysar, please go to the diary room. No sign of him. 0 Replies #2029181 3:37PM 29/07/2005
Then April comes out and Howie says it's the birthday girl, how old are you? Twenty three or twenty four? April says twenty-three. (in her dreams!)

Rachel talking about what they can have for dinner for Aprils birthday. She said there is nothing to do for her birthday.

Now Rachel and April talking about eating non stop this week so they can gain some weight for when they are on PBJ again.

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Topic #2029187
Kaynelle - food talk in by 0 Replies #2029187 3:38PM 29/07/2005
James: What are you doing for your birthday? Movie? Put on your pearls?

APril: Yeah, I wish.

Rachel talks about what they could make tonight for her meal. They decide a salad for sure. April's gonna eat her ass off.

R: Breakfast burritos tomorrow!

James: I miss breakfast

R: I don't want pancakes! Too doughy. Anything with eggs.

Ap: I have to pee like a racehorse
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Topic #2029188
CruiseCritic - OUtside talk in BY with Rachele, April, Jen and James... 0 Replies #2029188 3:38PM 29/07/2005
pretty much talking about eggs, bacon, potatoes, burritos, breakfast burritos......
still empty LR and kitchen on F1 and F2, boring
(where is my cappy?)
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Topic #2029219
CruiseCritic - April talkign about t=when she got her key for BB and had to lock 0 Replies #2029219 3:42PM 29/07/2005
Pepperoni (her dog) in the closet BC he would have jumped all over everyone. Her and Matt were watching BB on TV when she got the ket. Jen talkign about how she got her key now. James and Rachele listening and not talking...
empty LR and kitche too..OOOPS Ivette just walked thru kitchen...
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Topic #2029234
CruiseCritic - can see movement in kitchen but shot is far away...someone taking out trash..someone else in fridge NT 0 Replies #2029234 3:44PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2029272
CruiseCritic - Plane is flying over and Jen says "the ones with the orange and blue bottoms are not him" 0 Replies #2029272 3:48PM 29/07/2005
talking now about when they ate and who has been in DR. They think Howie was in twice. talking about noms being around 4 or 5. April and Rachele just got up and April asked about towels and Jen says she put them in dryer. now just James and Jen in BY. He just said he shaved his body and it is probably his last shave...sicne he was in the shower. he would never use the face shave razor on body. talkign now about april getting her birthday song. maggies BFs bday is tomorrwo Jen said and will celebrate his birthday. james then asked "Who is dave" and Jen told him it was mags BF and he says OHH
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Topic #2029295
CruiseCritic - Talk about fast food with Jen and James 0 Replies #2029295 3:51PM 29/07/2005
and James says with no fast food burger king would just kill ya
Sarah called to Dr and James yells Dumb-ass.
Now tells Jen to take care of Sarah when he goes and she says they will. now he says he knows he will be gone. Ivette just joined them at table
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Topic #2029313
Suzan - James to Ivette & Jennifer: If I go next week will you take care of Sarah?, Jennifer: Yes we already told her we would. James: Oh great now I know 0 Replies #2029313 3:52PM 29/07/2005
for sure I'm going.

Jennifer is quiet a moment and then tries to back track that it was something she said to Sarah a few weeks ago.

Ivette: You're not going to lose our trust again. You and I still have a connection.

James and her discuss when she will have to put one of them up to win the game. Ivette saying you do what you have to do, but lets work it out that you know what, James interupts her and starts talking if this then that kind of talk.
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Topic #2029315
valentine - Pre-Show BB Filming 1 Replies #2029315 3:52PM 29/07/2005
April, Jenn, Rachel and James sit on the patio and chat. April and Jen are talking about what they were doing in their show promo shoot. April's dog was barking like crazy so they had to lock her in the closet. April had to pretend she was gossiping on the phone and then turned to the camera and say "I'm the LAST person you want to tell your secrets to!"

April: I guess I talk a lot and that is what they wanted to show me as.

They also made her go outside and garden and say something about chopping the competition while she lopped off the top of a hibuscus plant. It was really hot outside, so Jenn stayed inside while they did that.

BB wanted to shoot them in bikinis poolside, but neither of them had a pool. BB asked them if they knew anybody with a pool, and Jenn said her brother had one.

April: I was like, damn Jenn.

BB tricked April into saying goodbye to her husband Matt before she actually needed to. They told her they wanted to catch her when she was "on" or else she might not have cried. Jenn's boyfriend Dan called and BB filmed her crying and saying goodbye to him. She tried to turn around and hide it from the cameras, but the phone flew off the table.

BB came to get her while she was at a dance studio with a pregnant girlfriend. Her friend told her she needed some lip gloss, so she knew something was up.

Rachel was cleaning a horse and found her BB key in a bucket.
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valentine - At Work, April's Boss Told Her She Could Come Back #2029367 3:57PM 29/07/2005
if she didn't act inappropriately. Some items that would qualify on the list included:

Cheating on her husband
Kissing another girl
Saying something derogatory about someone's race
(A few specific words that I can't remember)

April was laughing about it and said it was a new job for her and her manager was the only one that knew her.
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Topic #2029321
CruiseCritic - Ivette and James In BY 0 Replies #2029321 3:53PM 29/07/2005
I wish I could sit here and say you know what, i wish i could trust you. she says she promsied those people she would not hurt them..he says you may have to nominate one of them. Ivette eating and telling james to do what you have to do - - the
Best scenario he says is for Kaysar and Janelle to go up. he is trying to keep himself in game with her....
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Topic #2029334
CruiseCritic - NOW James says he would put up Rachele and Howie because they are playing both sides..HMM? NT 0 Replies #2029334 3:55PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2029347
CruiseCritic - Ivette talking about him talking to Maggie..she is going to go see if Mags will see him NT 0 Replies #2029347 3:56PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2029357
CruiseCritic - Just heard Maggie say "SURE" to Ivette in kitchen and then FISH NT 0 Replies #2029357 3:56PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2029358
Suzan - Jame's working it telling them if they put him up with Kaysar, Janelle plays veto and wins she'll take off Kaysar and then when he's voted off 0 Replies #2029358 3:56PM 29/07/2005
they'll still have the two of them in the house.

James saying Sarah will never win HOH. James suggesting they put up Rachel and Howie. Telling them they both threw the HOH contest yesterday because they didn't want to have to make choices they wanted to stay on the dl.

I:You'd really not get rid of Janelle first? J:I don't think she's that dangerous.
I: So why didn't you propose that
J: I didn't think Maggie doesn't want to hear what I have to say
Ivettes saying you still don't think we trust you. James asking if he should go tell her. He's sending Ivette up to see if it's okay for James to come up there and talk to her now.
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Topic #2029369
Anonymous - James just gave us a sly grin after I went inside to ask Mag for a meeting with her and James. NT 0 Replies #2029369 3:57PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2029380
Suzan - Fish NT 0 Replies #2029380 3:58PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2029425
CruiseCritic - 5 minutes of FISH... and feeds back... 0 Replies #2029425 4:03PM 29/07/2005
empty LR still on F1 and the rest are on Jen in kitchen ..she just snakced on something and looks like she has a yogurt or icecream? smoothie? in a cup, Now no HGs on any feeds.
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Topic #2029451
Kaynelle - Iv and Sarah in WC 0 Replies #2029451 4:06PM 29/07/2005
Iv and Sarah: Don't think I'm not fighting for you guys, but I have to go with the group....youunderstandwhatI'msaying? I can't show that I'm publicly with you guys a lot. I can tell them what I'm feeling, and they respect it.
I think there are bigger fish to fry than James.
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Topic #2029453
Suzan - Ivette and Sarah whispering in the bathroom. Ivette explaining to Sarah her teams commitment to each other and that they 0 Replies #2029453 4:07PM 29/07/2005
don't have one leader it's all a group effort. That she is free to voice her opinions. She also tells Sarah that she doesn't think James will be the one to go this week.
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Topic #2029471
Suzan - Maggies having a one on one with Janelle in the bathroom. Maggie wanted to know why she stopped talking to 1 Replies #2029471 4:10PM 29/07/2005
her and Janelle said it wasn't her it was Eric. That Eric hated her.
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Suzan - Janelle saying she felt like Maggie had stopped talking to her too. That her and Ivette started acting #2029490 4:13PM 29/07/2005
differently towards her. Maggie saying she was told by people that Janelle was the mastermind behind Eric leaving but she didn't hear that info first hand, so don't give up on me unless you come to me. Nothing in this is true unless you see it with your own eyes.
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Topic #2029477
Kaynelle - Ivette and James youunderstandwhatI'msaying? 0 Replies #2029477 4:12PM 29/07/2005
Ive: I trust you, and know you have to play both sides

James: I've always kept my promises to you.
I've looked out for you from day one.

Iv: Even when you think I didn't- I did.
You can't get cocky in this game.
Things change every week. youunderstandwhatI'msaying.
She doesn't care if she goes home next week.

Iv" If I get HOH I know I won't be hoh for 2 weeks.

Ja: I'll put up rach and howie

Iv You are only as strong as your company

Ja: You lay with dogs you get fleas, and I'm itching.

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Topic #2029496
Suzan - M: I'm not going to lie I see what you are saying, but you also need to see that with Michael and Kaysars past actions I 1 Replies #2029496 4:15PM 29/07/2005
didn't stop talking to them. (missed some) Until I see you do something that is 100% against what I believe in, we're good.

J: so we're still friends?
M: Jannnnneeeeellll
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Panda4 - this is from maggie talking to Janelle. NT #2029560 4:25PM 29/07/2005
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