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Lockdown is over, everyone heads inside. NT - Disneyisme
8:48PM 31/07/2005

Sink is full of dishes. April tells Maggie shes' not doing dishes. NT - Caribou
8:49PM 31/07/2005

Jennifer - i'm sweating balls, i'm so excited. Rachel, Jenn, Sarah picking out what to wear to movie NT - Caribou
8:50PM 31/07/2005

Ivette and Maggie: Ivette is behind Maggie with her arms wrapped around to the front of Maggie. She is playing with - Lola
8:51PM 31/07/2005

The blue team is in the BR talkig about how excited they are and trying to figure out what to wear. - Disneyisme
8:52PM 31/07/2005

F1 you can see production starting to take down the props NT - imnotpunk
8:52PM 31/07/2005
shortly after we have FISH NT - imnotpunk
8:53PM 31/07/2005

Sounds like pajamas for their movie at least for one of them, Sarah asked - Disneyisme
8:53PM 31/07/2005

still FISH NT - imnotpunk
8:57PM 31/07/2005

HGs getting read to enter the HOH room for movietime NT - imnotpunk
8:59PM 31/07/2005

HGs in HOH, screaming they're so happy...room is set up like a little movie theater NT - imnotpunk
9:00PM 31/07/2005

sarah, rachel, jennifer stocking up on candy, popcorn, soda NT - imnotpunk
9:00PM 31/07/2005
ivette/beau asking BB if they can have just ONE candy NT - imnotpunk
9:01PM 31/07/2005

Pepsi, Dots, Popcorn machine, etc NT - ElBarto
9:01PM 31/07/2005

Howie is the theater usher. They run in and are SCREAMING...there is tons - Disneyisme
9:01PM 31/07/2005

We have FISH - BB is probally having to tell them again, no candy for the red team! NT - Disneyisme
9:02PM 31/07/2005

Howie keeps saying: It's sold out! NT - ElBarto
9:03PM 31/07/2005

other HGs filing out of HOH, blue team getting ready for the movie NT - imnotpunk
9:03PM 31/07/2005

movie is about to start, lights in HOH dim and the girls scream, WE LOVE YOU GUYS!...then FISH NT - imnotpunk
9:06PM 31/07/2005

The girls in the theater were talking about over-hearing Janelle pull for them to win, - Disneyisme
9:06PM 31/07/2005

James, Kaysar, Janelle in GR. James says he dislikes April more than Ivette. They jump on him. - Caribou
9:08PM 31/07/2005
The plan at this point is to put up Ivette/April and let the teams fight against each other. If one wins veto, put Maggie up. NT - RealitySwan
9:16PM 31/07/2005

The feeds came back on showing Howie and Ivette leaving the HOH room. Jennifer is looking for something solid to put h er drink on, then - Suzan
9:09PM 31/07/2005

Aprils head is barely visible in the kitchen near the bar. NT - Suzan
9:09PM 31/07/2005

Kay, Janelle and James are in the GR talking more about the HOH gang. - Disneyisme
9:10PM 31/07/2005

jan: if you guys thought ashlea was ditzy, ivette is straight up DUMB NT - imnotpunk
9:11PM 31/07/2005

Kaysar and janelle laughing about April. Janelle says April looks like Lisa Kudrow on crack. They laugh about April being a spokesmodel for Kmart. - Caribou
9:12PM 31/07/2005

Kays says how stupid 'they' are not to figure out the light bulbs..Kaysar says "they can't figure - Disneyisme
9:13PM 31/07/2005
Kaysar added that they got lucky and they will run out of luck NT - Suzan
9:15PM 31/07/2005

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