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Maggie had all of her dresser drawers open at the same time and it tipped over, spilling coffee all over her stuff. NT - Sunflake
11:24AM 31/07/2005

Apparently Maggie spilled coffee all over the HOH dresser. - joannie
11:25AM 31/07/2005

Maggie whispering to Beau about April's surprise party. NT - joannie
11:27AM 31/07/2005

Jan/Howie and Kaysar are still in bed. NT - joannie
11:32AM 31/07/2005

FISH (wake-up call?) NT - joannie
11:35AM 31/07/2005

Kaysar and James Whisper in the Gym - valentine
11:49AM 31/07/2005

James showing Sarah how to do seated flies on the bowflex. NT - joannie
11:50AM 31/07/2005

Everyone up and walking around. Everyone except Janelle. NT - joannie
11:53AM 31/07/2005

Howie Admires Sarah While She Works Out - valentine
11:53AM 31/07/2005

Janelle lies like a lump in the GR. - joannie
11:55AM 31/07/2005

BB: "Janelle, please change your battery." NT - joannie
11:57AM 31/07/2005

Kaysar Has a Bad Case of Bedhead - valentine
11:57AM 31/07/2005

April Came In the Gold Room in the Middle of the Night - valentine
11:59AM 31/07/2005

Janelle hasn't moved. Now she's lying on her back with her eyes closed. NT - joannie
11:59AM 31/07/2005

April: "It's a month since we've been in this stinkin' f'ing hellhole!" - joannie
12:05PM 31/07/2005

April: I Had a Dream that My Husband Hooked Up With Janelle! - valentine
12:06PM 31/07/2005

April talking with Jen outside about Ivette. Cigs on the wall secret spilled - hoarsewhisperer
12:16PM 31/07/2005
The've been dissing Ivette: "She taking on Erics role" They're grumbling NT - hoarsewhisperer
12:18PM 31/07/2005

Jennifer and April outside: did not get 1st part of conversation: April said something about maggs yelling a them - spidyman
12:19PM 31/07/2005

The HG's have been instructed that there is a LOCK DOWN now NT - hoarsewhisperer
12:19PM 31/07/2005
All meeting outside to wait for LOCK DOWN to end. BB makes 2nd call NT - hoarsewhisperer
12:21PM 31/07/2005

BB Calls an Outdoor Lockdown - valentine
12:20PM 31/07/2005

Janelle is the Last One Outside - valentine
12:24PM 31/07/2005
Now Janelle Goes Alone to Lay Out - valentine
12:26PM 31/07/2005
She's extracted herself from the group, sunning herself, possibly back to sleep. NT - hoarsewhisperer
12:25PM 31/07/2005

Howie singing the infamous "carpet muncher" song, everyone laughing. NT - hoarsewhisperer
12:34PM 31/07/2005

Maggie Walks Across the Yard to Janelle - valentine
12:36PM 31/07/2005
Maggie told Kaysar about April's party being set up NT - Setta77
1:00PM 31/07/2005

FISH. NT - valentine
12:50PM 31/07/2005

Kmart hosting April's bday party - Kaynelle
1:14PM 31/07/2005

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