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April says she doesn't even know where she stands NT - bratty
5:40PM 31/07/2005

Kay says he is ready to walk out that door. Thinks he has been honest with April. She is going to see - bratty
5:43PM 31/07/2005

April: "I'm really interested in seeing who else is going to be put up. - joannie
5:45PM 31/07/2005

Kay says he is not the leader. He just lays out the framework and they do what they want to do NT - bratty
5:45PM 31/07/2005

April says that *Group Maggie* is sticking together because they know - bratty
5:49PM 31/07/2005

April says they don't sit around and strategize all day NT - bratty
5:50PM 31/07/2005

April saying they don't stratagize all day or bash people all day. NT - candyapple
5:50PM 31/07/2005

Iv and James in storage room... - ElBarto
5:53PM 31/07/2005

April ask Kay how he feels and he says fine. Nothing you can do about it. NT - bratty
5:53PM 31/07/2005

James in shower, tells Iv: We'll talk later. NT - ElBarto
5:57PM 31/07/2005

Kay says no regrets. He had to do what he had to do. Knew he was taking a risk. NT - bratty
5:59PM 31/07/2005
This was in response to April asking if he would do things different as HOH if he knew what was going to happen. NT - callmejenn
6:01PM 31/07/2005

Kay says he wasn't targeting anyone. NT - bratty
6:00PM 31/07/2005

April telling Kay his group is already selling each other out. NT - bratty
6:04PM 31/07/2005

April complaining about Ivette to Maggie - sockruhtese
6:12PM 31/07/2005

Finally, they found out there's a leak in their group NT - pittsburgh24
6:21PM 31/07/2005
"they" ?? NT - autumngyrl
6:22PM 31/07/2005
The S6 -- Howie NT - Zazny
6:24PM 31/07/2005

Maggie wants to put up Kaysar and Kaysar NT - Anonymous
6:21PM 31/07/2005

Feeds jump between HOH pow-wow and Barracks pow-wow - Caribou
6:31PM 31/07/2005

Ivette - I asked Howie, do you think i'm a weak player? - Caribou
6:32PM 31/07/2005

Maggie was joking. Jennifer wants a double eviction "kaysar and kaysar" because she's pissed that he told someone Jenn and April are backstabbers NT - Caribou
6:33PM 31/07/2005

Maggie and her group are irritated that Kaysar inferred they are stupid (except for Maggie) and that he dared to propose he put up one of them. - Caribou
6:35PM 31/07/2005

Maggie wants to force Kaysar to point out his "six" - Zazny
6:37PM 31/07/2005
And to reveal his proposal to Mag NT - ElBarto
6:39PM 31/07/2005

Howie confronts James in barracks - is he the leak? James says no it's April and she told Maggie. James playing off the fact that - Caribou
6:38PM 31/07/2005

Maggie asks Beau if what's she's wearing to the movie is "okay." He says it's cute NT - Zazny
6:38PM 31/07/2005

Outing Rachael? - Awesome_Possum
6:40PM 31/07/2005
Maggie then nixes her idea. Says it's not necessary because they already know anyway. NT - Caribou
6:42PM 31/07/2005

Maggie called to DR. But before that, she finally clues into what Kaysar was telling her - she is a target. - Caribou
6:41PM 31/07/2005

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