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Topic #2050453
Caribou - HOH thinks James is one of BB producers' kids and that's why he can't say what he does. NT 0 Replies #2050453 1:15AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2050474
Caribou - April and Beau tell them all to be on their best behaviour with Kays' group so they can all go together next week 0 Replies #2050474 1:20AM 01/08/2005
to get James out, until everyone sees who wins HOH. Ivette asks if that's a hint to her? Beau says yes.

Maggie says Rachel does NOT like her anymore because she called Rachel out in the kitchen about Kaysar being her leader. Jennifer says Rachel snapped the other day too about a comment made about them being a "dirty group".

HOH group nervous about this but will go along as long as it seems to be working. But they are nervous that James will come up with something to sell Kay's group on keeping him.

April says when Kaysar tells Howie and Janelle and Rachel about this... she doesn't finish. She says Kaysar didn't like James, he just had to play his cards. Beau backs April up on this.

The only one appearing sullen during all of this is Ivette. Maggie is glad they talked to Kaysar. April told Maggie that kaysar really respects her and her decisions and it's not personal and no hard feelings. Maggie says he did tell me that the other day.

Ivette brings up that she spilled stuff to james today. April tells her just let it go because they won't believe anything from James at this point.

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Topic #2050481
TheAntiHamster - Maggie admits that it feels horrible to hear someone say "You walked right into my plan." 0 Replies #2050481 1:22AM 01/08/2005
To hear someone tell you that you've been manipulated by them. How horrible that feels.

Seemingly referring Maggie felt when she realized she had walked into Kaysar's plan.
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Topic #2050482
Caribou - FISH everywhere NT 0 Replies #2050482 1:22AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2050518
Anonymous - K talks with J and H about James, they plan to talk later when they can be more secretive NT 0 Replies #2050518 1:29AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2050547
Anonymous - Howie: If me or you(Janelle) get HoH we need to strike a Deal with Maggie and put Ivette and April up. NT 1 Replies #2050547 1:32AM 01/08/2005
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Caribou - With the plan being, then all play for veto EXCEPT James, whoever wins takes one of them off and puts up James. Then they all vote hiim out. NT #2050585 1:36AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2050553
Caribou - Howie and Janelle talking about the plan to oust James. They agree to it as well, just as HOH does, even though the two sides 0 Replies #2050553 1:33AM 01/08/2005
haven't talked about it together yet. Janelle worries he'll still backstab them (James will). Howie says James is still our strongest ally, he likes us better than them, for now we go along and still act the way we always do.
They talk of getting James out then Sarah right after.

Janelle asks if James is trying to get rid of Kaysar. Howie says no he's just trying to win.
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Topic #2050568
Caribou - Janelle tells Howie she doesnt' believe Maggie et al will go after Sarah once James is gone. Janelle seems scared. They'll talk about it when the time 0 Replies #2050568 1:35AM 01/08/2005
comes. Kaysar is in the shower during this convo while Janelle and Howie whisper in bathroom. Seems the whole house is now onto James and Sarah.
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Topic #2050618
Caribou - Kaysar out of shower and now he tells Howie and janelle more details 0 Replies #2050618 1:41AM 01/08/2005
He tells of James suggesting Howie and Rachel go up. He tells that Maggie IS an E.R. nurse and that James was just winding them up.

Howie tells Kaysar of his plan, as he just told Janelle. Kaysar says ok. They agree to use the other groups people as nominees to ensure Kays group stays safe at all times. It's the only way to get james out.

(ed.note. that will be the fly in the ointment, which team goes up on block, because HOH crowd said same thing - get Kays group to use their own people as noms)
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Topic #2050624
Caribou - FISH again on all feeds NT 0 Replies #2050624 1:42AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2050653
Caribou - Kaysar says Rachel is freaking out, said she's not sure who she can trust. Howie says Rachel wasn't for James from the get go. 0 Replies #2050653 1:48AM 01/08/2005
Kaysar going to talk to Rachel to calm her down. Kaysar says he knew it about James because James was always paranoid, he should have seen this. Janelle says he'd do anything to win too, he wants it so bad. Basically they're saying the same things about james that HOH said.

Earlier, before Howie jumped in when Kaysar got out of shower, Kaysar had said not to waste an HOH on getting James out but get Maggie out first. Then Howie jumped in. Now Kaysar and Howie and Janelle agree they will try to get James out but if it doesn't work, other team loses a player so too bad. Then they just keep trying to get him out.

Janelle and Howie sad about this news of James. Janelle hates players like this. Howie believes this will work out. He thinks it's his or Janelle's week. Janelle says if worse comes to worse, James wins HOH and he gets one of them off then we get him the week after.

Kaysar says play as a team so this doesn't blow up.
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Topic #2050683
Caribou - Kaysar tells them about James going up to HOH and putting his hand on the bible and swearing he'll help turn against Kays' group. Says HOH laughed at 0 Replies #2050683 1:54AM 01/08/2005
him. Now Kaysar tells them why they worked so hard during POV to get James out because they wanted him out not Kaysar this week.

Kaysar tells them we are all in secret alliance to work together to get James out. Also tells them that April said she tried to tell Howie but he laughed at her. Kaysar upset that he put Janelle and Howie in danger. He's on his way out so what but if James gets them out Kay won't be able to live with himself.

Kaysar says dont' go for the Queen right away, put yourselves in position and get James. Play normal, don't tip James or Sarah off that both sides are working on this. All seems to agree.

Kaysar - either way (whoever gets HOH) he's gone but you guys have to get HOH because if he gets veto one of you might be gone.

They all agree.
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Topic #2050705
Caribou - Kaysar tells them he put all his trust in them and then tried to do the same for james and james still screwed him. 0 Replies #2050705 2:00AM 01/08/2005
Now Kaysar tells them about Sarah running to them with their plan and that's how they used their own tactic against them. Howie calls Sarah a piece of *****.

Howie and Kaysar agree get James then Sarah and then all can play clean ball. Kaysar wishes he would still be here.

Kaysar says he told BB he didn't want anyone smarter than him in the game. But James keeps looking at him and now Kay nows James wanted to get Kay out clean so he could then run through the rest of them.

Kaysar tells Howie and Janelle they are excellent actors, they can play this. Howie and Janelle are going to keep focusing on James and getting him out.

Now they talk about whether james has a clue to this.
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Topic #2050713
Lawyerman - Kaysar to Howie/Janelle, "Play the game normal, but know that you have an enemy on your side." NT 0 Replies #2050713 2:02AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2050714
BB6Fan06 - Kaysar: "This is the worst mistake he has made" Howie: Who? Kaysar: Him(James} NT 0 Replies #2050714 2:02AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2050723
Caribou - Now Kay, Howie and Jan figure James knows by the long convo with April that Kay had, because he asked Kay about it and said it seemed 0 Replies #2050723 2:04AM 01/08/2005
April was talking a lot but Kay said it wasn't about anything really. Sarah kept filing her nails and that's why, because she's nervous. They all agree he likely knows.

Kaysar says just play but know you have an enemy on your side now and he knows we see him that way probably. Now HOwie says if they get HOH (him or janelle) they take Maggie out THEN go after James. They know if James gets HOH that he will go after Maggie too so it's ok. They all have to be friends with everybody same as they have been.

Before Kaysar leaves he's giving a speech to their group, including james and sarah, so they think all is ok, about playing and winning.
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Topic #2050761
Caribou - Kaysar worried that Rachel is upset with him. Relaying convo they had. 0 Replies #2050761 2:11AM 01/08/2005
Howie - we agreed to playing on an even playing field and he broke that rule so he's going, he's gotta go.

Kaysar says James is basing his game play on power. Howie agrees. Every week james goes to HOH to promise somebody else, to help get them out. Howie doesn't like this dishonesty, the way James is playing. Ivette and April are playing a straight game and that's good but James isn't. Kaysar says they just get on his nerves but if someone deceives him that's it. Howie and Janelle agree.
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Topic #2050783
Caribou - HOH crowd all asleep, half in bed and half on floor. Kaysar apologizes to Howie and janelle and they say its not necessary, not his fault. 0 Replies #2050783 2:18AM 01/08/2005
Kaysar told Howie he has to talk to Rachel, to calm her down, because when she gets upset it shows. Howie was going to go wake up Rachel right now to talk to her because she will wake up early and be up 4 hours walking around upset and who knows what might happen.

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Topic #2050810
Caribou - Howie tried to wake Rachel, didn't work. He goes to kitchen NT 0 Replies #2050810 2:24AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2050816
Caribou - Kay and Jan still in bathroom, sad talking about it. Howie arrives and reports he can't get Rachel to wake up. Kaysar says leave her. They're both 0 Replies #2050816 2:26AM 01/08/2005
going to try to wake up early to catch her first thing.
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Topic #2050857
Caribou - Howie feels more comfortable in this game now he says. Janelle and Kay agree. Kays' been uneasy for a couple days. 0 Replies #2050857 2:34AM 01/08/2005
Now Kay knows why Maggie laughed in his face when he went with deal to her. Because somebody had already made a deal with them (James).

Howie is pissed at James' deception but he feels better now with him, Rachel and Janelle only.

Kaysar saying James screwed everything up for him, he could have come up with a better plan to try to sway votes before Thursday if he had known what James had done. Kaysar says James should have known to play the game straight. Hes' responsible for james still being here.

Janelle glad Eric gone but Howie and Kay say at least they knew where Eric stood, with James they didn't know.

(ed.note. oh for god's sake that's the worst i've heard from them yet!)
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Topic #2050879
Caribou - Howie heads to bed in GR. Sarah and james are asleep. Kay and Jan stay in bathroom 0 Replies #2050879 2:39AM 01/08/2005
Jan doing her nails
Kay twirling his hair

Kay - have maggie do the dirty work and make it look like we had nothing to do with it

They both say James obviously not that smart.
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Topic #2050893
Caribou - Kaysar says if he hadn't shown respect with people, instead of putting fear into them, he wouldn't know this now. They came to him because they knew 0 Replies #2050893 2:42AM 01/08/2005
they could talk to him. It just goes to show you, Kaysar says.
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Topic #2050916
Caribou - Janelle - alright Kaysar i'm going to bed i can't deal with this anymore. Kaysar - me too. They hug. NT 0 Replies #2050916 2:48AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2050919
Caribou - Janelle - i'm sorry james f**** you over. Kaysar tries to reason it out that he didn't really...but then discovers "yea i guess he did ***** me over" 0 Replies #2050919 2:49AM 01/08/2005
Janelle - yep he totally ***** you over. Good night kaysar. see you in the morning. And she totally had that little girl smile, tilt of her head, and little girl voice going on when she said it, as kaysar twirled his hair. Then she bounced off to bed.

(ed. so bad but that just cracked me up LOL)
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