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Topic #2053231
Anonymous - April wants to work with Kaysar to get James out NT 0 Replies #2053231 12:27PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2053238
CruiseCritic - April and Kaysar still chatting outside and now FISH NT 0 Replies #2053238 12:28PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2053254
nojobny - Now it's kay / Apr / Jen outside. Maggie went in to get coffee for her and April. NT 0 Replies #2053254 12:30PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2053281
CruiseCritic - WOW- Kay saying to Mag and APril "Do not be buddy, buddy with the other side" 0 Replies #2053281 12:32PM 01/08/2005
Mag. April and Jen are there - Kay is in with them and talking about someone getting hru the game wihtout getting noticed. April says "Would sarah put me and maggie up" Kay says yes, BC she quit her job for this ( icant keep up)
Kay says he gave them a free ride to earn this trust. april says I TOLD YOU - he was working it.
Kay says he could sense it. airplane flying over now
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Topic #2053292
CruiseCritic - - Does Howie trust me at all? K- NO NT 0 Replies #2053292 12:33PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2053300
CruiseCritic - Maggie says James is going to assume leadership of your team? K says he knows 0 Replies #2053300 12:34PM 01/08/2005
He was waiting to see how james would react.
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Topic #2053330
CruiseCritic - Talking about James and being in the same fields 0 Replies #2053330 12:38PM 01/08/2005
and Kay said James was prob trying to freak them out BC he is trying to save his own ass. Kay says he toldJames that he would NOT take Maggie out next time and that James flipped out (BC James wants Mags out)
Theya re talking about James big time. are they going to try to save Kay? Kay saying they both deply the same mehtods, but kay doesnt try to hurt anybody. April now tlaking about James faking tears to take care of sara when he leaves..
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Topic #2053335
CruiseCritic - There is nothing we can do, he is off the block this week and it sucks - Maggie NT 0 Replies #2053335 12:39PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2053344
CruiseCritic - April says when sara uses veto on James, he will go apologize to Janelle.. NT 0 Replies #2053344 12:40PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2053360
CruiseCritic - Maggie asks why people from your group want me to put up howie.. 0 Replies #2053360 12:41PM 01/08/2005
and Kay asks if it was james... and that is true. Kay says he wants to take that group out
Kay says this game means a lot to Howie and Kay not happy that he put Howies game in jeopardy
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Topic #2053386
CruiseCritic - Jen just doing her nails at table while Kay, Mag and APril chat about JAMES 0 Replies #2053386 12:43PM 01/08/2005
and Kay says he is insecure...talked about Veto and they both wanted to win so bad and Kay says they were going in even and then James still...APrill interrupted.
WOW - Kay is really talking a lot about james etc...MAN, talking about sarah a lot
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Topic #2053400
CruiseCritic - Maggie says she asked James who was smarter "you or Kaysar" and James could not answer that NT 0 Replies #2053400 12:44PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2053409
nojobny - For the people without feeds, Kay is sitting above all the girls on the outside fridge. April/Mag/Jen (who has not said a peep) are 0 Replies #2053409 12:45PM 01/08/2005
sitting at the table.

They're sitting in the far corner in the shade.

It's very odd that Iv or James has come out to see what's going on.
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Topic #2053411
CruiseCritic - Kay now talking How James can lie with a straight face NT 0 Replies #2053411 12:46PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2053446
CruiseCritic - "Sarah, Please go to the DR" - still outside with Maggie, April and Kaysar...Jen has not said a word NT 0 Replies #2053446 12:48PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2053461
CruiseCritic - Ivette has joined the BY group - her relative (aunt) is a psychologist NT 0 Replies #2053461 12:50PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2053509
babyd - James tells Jan that we work as a group, but the work as 1 Replies #2053509 12:52PM 01/08/2005
individuals. they are so dumb.
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babyd - They work as individuals. NT #2053522 12:54PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2053521
CruiseCritic - F4 - GR with James and Janelle. SHe is lounging on one bed 0 Replies #2053521 12:53PM 01/08/2005
covered up and James on other talking to her. He is saying he is glad he did well on veto..Janelle says yes.
James said he went into the attack mode for the game. he wishes they would leave the game out there. they say it would be so much fun to leave that out there...
James now says he would build something like that for his kids..they would learn so much at such a young age.
Janelle asking how many moves she made..she says six.
james didnt keep track of moves..
James yawns.
Janelle says she is tired and can fall asleep at any minute.
Now talking about Howie farting all night...
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Topic #2053540
nojobny - Oh Sarah was F'n with James! LOL 0 Replies #2053540 12:56PM 01/08/2005
Sarah is in the DR

James in the GR with Janelle talking about the chess comp. Then Sarah comes in and says "They said we're not using the veto this week"

Then she laughs b/c she's kidding.

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Topic #2053542
Quench - HG this is a lockdown please go outside - Sarah still in DR NT 1 Replies #2053542 12:56PM 01/08/2005
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nojobny - Actually, they called her in. She came out. She went to the GR. Then they called her back in. NT #2053563 12:58PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2053543
CruiseCritic - Sarah entered GR and announced the veto wasnt used and 1 Replies #2053543 12:56PM 01/08/2005
james seemed nervous. now he says, PLease dont use this so i can go home. then he farted. Sarah please go to the DR
now Jan and James keep talking, actually james is doing all the talking. Talking crap about maggie, taht she is a cop "jus=dge, jury and executioner" He wants her gone.
HG this is a lockdown, pls go outside and lock the sliding glass door
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Sunflake - This was a joke Sarah was playing, she also did it to the BY group. NT #2053852 1:28PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2053556
CruiseCritic - Janelle has sore ankles, Howie and Kay on way out of barracks to go outside NT 0 Replies #2053556 12:57PM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2053573
CruiseCritic - Heard April just say "its a lock down guys" James sitting next to Jan 0 Replies #2053573 12:59PM 01/08/2005
at table outside. commenting on Howie cutting his nails. Jen is there at table and so is Maggie..here comes Beau....charis all around. Maggie offering a round of Lemon Heads!!
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Topic #2053596
CruiseCritic - James talkign to Maggie how she has to take someone else off.. 0 Replies #2053596 1:01PM 01/08/2005
he dreampt sarah took him off and he ended up in Tahiti.
Talking about needing passports for Mexico and Canada and someone ((Janelle) said she thought the laws were changing (they did) Misc. chit chat at table....
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Topic #2053611
CruiseCritic - Just standing around with misc chitchat and asking what day it is..Manic Monday NT 0 Replies #2053611 1:03PM 01/08/2005
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