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Topic #2064299
bbrules3 - Maggie's crew in the HOH... 0 Replies #2064299 10:59PM 02/08/2005
Jennifer is standing there in a see-through white tank top and Howie is in the doorway commenting on how good her boobies look right now. Beau tells Howie to stop it. Maggie is gonna kick them out because she is getting tired...General talk and snacking..no strategy right now.
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Topic #2064302
ferretkiss - HOH, and Kay/Jan after Kay;s talk with April 1 Replies #2064302 11:00PM 02/08/2005
Beau looks thru the channels... says Rachel, shes a freak.
Then they find April... say shes probably going to come up here pretty soon. Maggie says im worried about her eating, she has got to start eating or she is not going to win any competitions.
(I can hear Jan and Howie doing the carpet muncher song in the background LOL! I gotta switch and get my laugh before bedtime. Dang.. they are not on any feeds.)

OK... Howie: Jump me, jump my balls, we can roll around. In the real world a married chick would be all over me.
Jam and Sar playing chess. Sar mad at a move Jam made.

Now IV is in the HOH with Mag and Beau. April there too. Apr talking about we all have to get along. They ask her why she is saying that, and she says she doesnt want to talk about it right now.

Iv leaves to get water.

Beau, Mag, Apr whispering. Apr: I'm standing at the sliding door and Iv is walking by...
Mag: I dont want to talk about anything that has to do with the game right now. Can you tell everyone to go to bed.
[I can't tell what is going on but Iv or Apr is mad about something.]

Switch to outside. Jan and Kay walking fast around the yard, in circles, [i suppose exercise. i'll see if i can pick up their conv.]
Jan: I was acting bitchy all day. It wasnt serious. Stress.
Howie was saying why are you so upset. Are you sure I'm notleaving here?
Kay: positive:
Jan: how do you know
Kay: because i told people to vote against me.
Jan: I'm just nervous Im leaving and wont be prepared,and I'll start to cry.
Kay: You would cry?
Kay: Youre awesome. Im very fortunate to have known you.
Jan: Thank you. I thought you would have been in this gamelonger, it sucks. I thought michael would have been too.
I thought you were going to win it.
Kay: When I got hoh i knew i was toast.
Jan: You never should have let them know how smart you are. I'm gonna act dumb.
kay: Just because im arabic and muslim doesnt mean im uncivilized. I had to make people realize im smart.
(they argue back and forth, jan saying he is smart and kay saying he is not that smart.)
Kay: Just realize the reason i sit you downand tell you these things is because i want you to do the best in this game and the best afer this game.
Jan: Thank you kayser.

Kay coaching Jan what to do if she gets hoh (be nice to sar and jam), if sar or jam gets it (same thing). If they (crappies) get it, think they will put up sar and jam. because they cannot fight for each other, one of them will go home. saying he told april this. that one will get in seq house and one will not so they will not be together, kay says april will be happy to split them up like this.

kay saying april told him iv was falling for their (jam and sar) sh*t, and after you (kay) talked to me (apr), iv cut it off.

jam: so if sar or jam get put up, they will pick us for power of veto, right?
kay: it gets complicated.
kay trying to recall the april conv to jan. says apr used example of putting up howie and rachel - giving away their strategy. kay told apr that is so stupid, put up sar and james. (Sounds like he is trying real hard to get the target off his own team through his talk to apr.)

kay: maggie is clearly calling the shots. thats why they are so attached to eric. becaues here is the thing. all these people never had a strong role model in their lives. and he came in gave them attention, made them feel secure. im slowly starting to realize that.
jan: oh my god, thats sad.
kay: it is, but thats why iv is so attached to him.

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candys72 - Here's more of the Kay/Janie crying conversation.. #2064457 11:35PM 02/08/2005
Thanks for that! My favorite part was after this...


Jan: I'm just nervous Im leaving and wont be prepared,and I'll start to cry.
Kay: You would cry?

Jan: I can cry on cue, you didn't know that?
Kay: You do?
Jan: But I'll cry if you leave too.
Kay: You will?
Jan: Yeah.
Kay: How will I know they're not on cue?
Jan: My lip will quiver.
Kay: [laughs] I'll be sure to pay attention to your lips.
Jan: [laughs]
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Topic #2064310
bbrules3 - Beau getting feisty with Howie 0 Replies #2064310 11:03PM 02/08/2005
Beau was hanging off the bed in his "favorite position" The girls all called in Howie but Beau wouldn't show him. Beau grabbed Howie's face and threw him on the bed trying to kiss him! Howie actually pulled away. Jennifer said that if he kisses Beau, she'll kiss him.
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Topic #2064317
bbrules3 - Maggie and crew call "Goodnight Cappy!" and put on eye masks NT 0 Replies #2064317 11:04PM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2064332
bbrules3 - HOH group singing and BB calls "Stop singing!" 0 Replies #2064332 11:08PM 02/08/2005
Ivette says when they were singing Dave Matthews she could picture her "tooshy" perfectly.
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Topic #2064355
bbrules3 - April, Jen and Ivette going through Maggie's candy 0 Replies #2064355 11:15PM 02/08/2005
April trying every flavour of the candy. Jen can't try one because she already brushed her teeth, she looks really sad about it! All on the bed kidding around etc.
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Topic #2064369
bbrules3 - April has another breakout on her arm supposedly from "beau's head" 0 Replies #2064369 11:18PM 02/08/2005
Maggie earlier called her a hypocondriac.
Checking out the HOH screen they all realize Howie and Rachel are outside the door so they all head into the HOH bathroom to whisper. They're all sitting in a circle.
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Topic #2064380
drummer_inblack - Another classic Howie quote: 0 Replies #2064380 11:20PM 02/08/2005
James beats Sarah in chess, so she runs away from him. When she runs through Howie's game of coasters, he says "Sarah, don't run through the field of play. Or do it topless."
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Topic #2064389
bbrules3 - Around the feeds.... 0 Replies #2064389 11:23PM 02/08/2005
Feeds 1 and 2 are on the Kaysar group sitting in the living room, lots of swearing and "boobies". 3 and 4 are on the HOH group sitting on the floor in the bathroom talking about strategy..basically nothing new. Saying that Sarah keeps coming in and reporting back to James
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Topic #2064391
bbrules3 - Howie screams "Sarah put your bra on and get in here you bitch!" NT 0 Replies #2064391 11:23PM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2064413
callmejenn - April telling HOH group about her conversation with Kaysar... 0 Replies #2064413 11:29PM 02/08/2005
Kaysar gave strategy to April to get rid of James.

April was telling K that James was talking bad about him.

April was told that james called her spineless.

She saying "I'm one of the most generous, giving people". (I didn't know generous/giving people boasted about it)
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Topic #2064414
bbrules3 - Howie all over Sarah... 0 Replies #2064414 11:29PM 02/08/2005
Howie says he can't talk about boobies after midnight. James tells him he has 30 minutes.
Sarah is lying in her bed and Howie is all over here! Telling Sarah to be "gentle and tender" He has his arm around her, pretending they are making out, commentary.
James to Rachel: "is this why you go to bed so early, so you don't have to deal with this?"
H: James are you getting jealous yet?
BB: Kaysar, please centre your microphone
ALL: Dumbass!
Rachel: Dumbass! It's been a month Kaysar.
Howie: Oh I gotta piss now, sex makes me wanna pee.
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Topic #2064427
bbrules3 - "Janelle please put on your microphone!" All: DUMBASS! NT 0 Replies #2064427 11:30PM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2064434
callmejenn - Maggie saying that K was taking things like a good sport... 0 Replies #2064434 11:31PM 02/08/2005
basically saying "good game, thanks for letting me play"

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Topic #2064438
bbrules3 - They all have a bet going 2 Replies #2064438 11:32PM 02/08/2005
They can't say anything perverted or sexually degrading against women tomorrow.
J: Can we still say dumbass when someone forgets their mic?
Howie and Sarah totally flirting on the couch, Howie calling her his reality tv girlfriend. Howie is trying to use all his vulgarness up before midnight.
James looking on...
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bbrules3 - James and Sarah are bickering back and forth..... #2064460 11:36PM 02/08/2005
J: I didnt know you dated old men with back problems.
Sarah tells Howie to beat up James.
H: I'll put a ice cream clam sundae in his sandwich. Oh god..I love your aroma.
Sarah wants one more game of chess and James says no cuz she is letting another guy kiss all over her.
H: I only have a half hour here Sarah, what kind of panties are you wearing? Those are great T*ts, can I say t*ts?
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drummer_inblack - I believe it's just Howie that the bet applies to. NT #2064451 11:35PM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2064471
bbrules3 - Howie wants Sarah to go with him, her tv boyfriend instead 0 Replies #2064471 11:38PM 02/08/2005
..because it's not as emotionally draining. Telling her not to take James's crap.
H: want some fries with that shake? those are great melons.
Sarah walks away.
J: do you mind? You dont want a gf like her...she doesnt know how good she has it.
I think he's joking..I'm not sure.
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Topic #2064482
Caribou - HOH group discussing next HOH comp and votes for eviction this week 0 Replies #2064482 11:41PM 02/08/2005
They spend time on what they know about things in the house - # of vases, clock always stays at 5:34 and never moves, colours of things, etc. Jen says there are 17 steps on the spiral staircase including the top step. Ivette and Jennifer seem to know the most about the house. Maggie tells them to count the fish and then tell her how many there are. April possibly most clueless about the house and things in it. They expect the next HOH comp to be about this but April says maybe not.

Next, onto the voting for evicting Kaysar. Maggie puts forth that if it is NOT a tie, then they know something is wrong. That means Kays' side didn't listen to Kaysar. They seem to agree on this. Sounds like setting up for any excuse to disbelieve Kays' group will help get James out.
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Topic #2064489
Caribou - HOH group all agrees only thing to screw up plans is if James or Sarah wins HOH. Just a note here - April most outspoken in support of Kay. NT 0 Replies #2064489 11:42PM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2064491
bbrules3 - James giving Howie advice... 0 Replies #2064491 11:42PM 02/08/2005
H: Rachel, why would you want to have sex for 15 minutes? That's so boring, you do the same thing. It's a release.
Rachel not responding.
J: It's not just about you, there is another person involved. I think they would appreciate some sort of release also.
H: Isn't that what vibrators are for?
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Topic #2064503
Caribou - April - I think that Rachel likes us more than Sarah 0 Replies #2064503 11:44PM 02/08/2005
Beau - she better
Ivette - I don't know
April - oh i think so

Now they watch Howie and Rachel on spycam. April continually eating as usual (chips or something like that). They see Rachel is crying and now all wondering why.

All in HOH again for mass sleepover.
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Topic #2064507
callmejenn - HOH group spying on the house with the TV....they discover that Racheal and Howie are on the couch together... 0 Replies #2064507 11:45PM 02/08/2005
Howie is comforting her and Racheal is crying.

They are wondering what is wrong.
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Topic #2064514
Caribou - April speaking up on behalf of Rachel who is STILL crying. April feels really bad. April says everyone has feelings. NT 0 Replies #2064514 11:45PM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2064516
bbrules3 - Howie and Rachel are alone in the living room now... 0 Replies #2064516 11:45PM 02/08/2005
Rachel starts crying and Howie gives her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Has his arm around her.
R: I'm just feeling sorry for myself, sorry.
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Topic #2064526
Caribou - Jennifer - she (Rachel) probably just wants attention from Howie and that's how she gets it because he wasn't giving her attention today NT 1 Replies #2064526 11:46PM 02/08/2005
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Augustkm - Jen is reading how she tries to manipulate into Rach's actions. NT #2064555 11:49PM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2064539
bbrules3 - Howie peeing with the door open...Rachel laughing "Oh my god.." NT 0 Replies #2064539 11:48PM 02/08/2005
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