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Topic #2068629
BHnoah - feed 3: Rachel on orange couch looking off into space ( for awhile) 0 Replies #2068629 4:41PM 03/08/2005
then fish just popped up (had earphones on-- D-MN that hurts)

now back to rachel on couch, arms are folded, alittle movement with her hands
sounds like some people passed through

Okay this is boring-- but better than Ivettes voice

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Topic #2068656
Anonymous - Maggie and April HOH room...Maggie told April that thier plan to break up James from the others bu telling the S5 that James is bad, is working. 0 Replies #2068656 4:46PM 03/08/2005
April was like "Am I doing a good job"?
Poor Kay, James is playing the game, not him!
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Topic #2068657
hoarsewhisperer - Aprl and Maggie in HOH, April is lamenting on how she has never been able to kick the cigarette habit. Hipnosis hasn't worked. 0 Replies #2068657 4:46PM 03/08/2005
Nurse Maggie is being supportive. A- "Knowing now I can't get them is making me have a panic attack.

Maggie is PROUD of her. Patch and all.
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Topic #2068683
BHnoah - OH GOD-- April crying in HOH room with Maggie 0 Replies #2068683 4:49PM 03/08/2005
about not smoking
and she has off and on smoked for 8 yrs.
says she is control freak and knowing that she can't have one makes her have a panic attack
that she is too strong mind to be hypnotized
calling people(bb) fuc-ers just want a story when they ask her about it

in last five yrs. hasn't gone 4/5days w/o smoking

Maggie trying to calm her down, saying it is really hard to quit, that April has the power
April saying this is her only vice

Maggie suggests chewing on crushed ices

wasn't she the one who said she wasn't a smoker
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Topic #2068695
edinboro - Jennifer is on the eliptical and Beau is using the weight machine NT 0 Replies #2068695 4:50PM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2068696
hoarsewhisperer - April can't understand "why they can't give me a fuc*** patch. She's genuinelly having a hard time with NO nicotine. NT 1 Replies #2068696 4:50PM 03/08/2005
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hoarsewhisperer - April wants to get Pregnant in the future. NT #2068703 4:51PM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2068745
hoarsewhisperer - Beau, Jen and Ivette in work out room. Jen has burned 83 calories. So far no game talk NT 0 Replies #2068745 4:57PM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2068795
RealitySwan - April to Maggie: "But what if I was born to smoke?" NT 0 Replies #2068795 5:04PM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2068902
BHnoah - Feed2: Beau says to April " I wonder if we are gonna have America's Choice this week" and April 0 Replies #2068902 5:19PM 03/08/2005
says "***** America"

now April talking how annoying James and Sarah relationship is.
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Topic #2068913
edinboro - BB "Lock down, everybody inside" NT 0 Replies #2068913 5:20PM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2068934
hoarsewhisperer - Howie, Rachel, Jen in kitchen, camera does closeup of Janelles' picture, NO KEY! NT 0 Replies #2068934 5:22PM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2069080
fgjadfg - Janelle in bed, as usual, and reading bible... 0 Replies #2069080 5:52PM 03/08/2005
Howie came in and picked up all her dishes and took them to the kitchen...lol
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Topic #2069113
hoarsewhisperer - Ivette and Sarah playing chess...no words spoken NT 0 Replies #2069113 6:02PM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2069124
hoarsewhisperer - Rachel, James, April and Howie in kitchen cooking. Making Fish. Beau dipping carrots. 0 Replies #2069124 6:05PM 03/08/2005
Howie is anticipating a Corvette Challenge tomorrow.
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Topic #2069144
hoarsewhisperer - Howie: It's gona be a quarterback challenge tomorrow....as he tosses the paper towels NT 1 Replies #2069144 6:08PM 03/08/2005
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hoarsewhisperer - Howie is convinced tomorrow's challenge is a football challenge NT #2069151 6:09PM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2069154
Denise - Feeds 1 and 2 HG's cooking Feeds 3 and 4 are Ivette and Sarah 0 Replies #2069154 6:09PM 03/08/2005
playing chess

I hear April now just babbling about the food, nothing important, I don't think she did her hair today though, it doesn't look that good

Howie and James are just talking and boobies hasn't been mentioned at all, Howie is sticking to the bet, James said he quarterbacked the Miami Dolphins for 6 years

Nothing interestin going on


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Topic #2069159
valentine - There's Wine in the Storage Room 0 Replies #2069159 6:10PM 03/08/2005
and Howie is running around the kitchen area throwing a roll of paper towels like a football.

Howie: I think the challenge tomorrow is football---and I'm going to win it! Then we'll decide who we're putting up!! (in a kidding-type voice)

Sarah and Ivette are playing chess and are both deep in thought over their next moves.

Beau is dipping carrots into sauce and crunching them.
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Topic #2069164
valentine - Howie: You Guys!! Dinner is in Five! (minutes.) NT 0 Replies #2069164 6:11PM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2069192
valentine - A Bottle of Rose, A Bottle of White 0 Replies #2069192 6:15PM 03/08/2005
and a 2 liter bottle of Sprite are on the counter.

The outdoor lockdown is over, and whatever Howie sees out there confirms for him that it's a football challenge. (I think he's just kidding around.)

Howie helps April get something that fell behind the washer/dryer in the backyard. They think it might be a shirt. April wasn't successful, but Beau was able to lean over and get it.

Beau: It looks like a sarong!!

April: Oh. It's Sarah's sarong.

April goes inside to tell Sarah.
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Topic #2069209
valentine - Beau Zzzushes Howie's Hair 0 Replies #2069209 6:17PM 03/08/2005
in the backyard. He is rubbing his fingers through the front of Howie's hair--basically the bangs. He does this for at least one minute, and stops his hand occasionally and holds it there.

Howie kind of closes his eyes and looks like a beagle that is getting it's ears scratched.

While this happens, they chat about Beau's many job roles. He says he is an image consultant.

Beau isn't talking in a flirtatious manner, but his hands look intimate on Howie's head.
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Topic #2069255
valentine - Dinner Time 0 Replies #2069255 6:25PM 03/08/2005
and as the HG sit at the table and begin to eat, Howie is laying on the floor in various stretching poses. He gets into 'Cobbler' pose (yoga) and puts a towel over his crotch.

Now he's done and putting on a red mandana. James is working the stove and cooking and hasn't sat down to eat yet.

Rachel has poured herself a glass of rose. Janelle has a glass, too, and is eating her food and staring at everyone in her white Whatever T-shirt.

Ivette just has a bottle of water. Howie is running his mouth.
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Topic #2069269
starrynite - "In the Kitchen with James" New strategy NT 0 Replies #2069269 6:28PM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2069271
valentine - Maggie: I've Never Seen Rambo or Rocky. 1 Replies #2069271 6:28PM 03/08/2005
Howie: Maggie! What have you been doing with your life??

Maggie isn't eating, but is sitting at the table with everyone else. Beau has a glass of white wine--it's cold and the glass is sweating in an appetizing way.

Jenn is eating salad--looks like spinach--and looking around at everyone, as usual.

Sarah has a glass of rose. Howie is standing behind her chair blowing his nose.
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AlexaRae - ..and maggie keeps doing some kind of dance in her chair...wiggling her shoulders up and down and smiling. NT #2069277 6:29PM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2069295
valentine - Now Howie Sits Down and Tucks Into a HUGE Plate of Food 0 Replies #2069295 6:32PM 03/08/2005
James is working on some, too. Ivette tells Howie he has 5.5 hours left to refrain from the nasty talk.

They discuss which fish tastes 'fishy'. They don't think Halibut does, but Beau says Trout is always fishy.

I haven't heard Janelle say one word.

I don't think James or Howie have started drinking vino yet.
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Topic #2069318
valentine - James is Wearing Two Bracelets, 1 Replies #2069318 6:37PM 03/08/2005
one is yellow and looks like a Live Strong bracelet, but the other is bright red. (I've never noticed this before.)

James: You'll all be happy to know that this is a very unhealthy sauce.

He tells them he used lots of olive oil, half and half, flour, skim milk, and other assorted ingredients.

Sarah: And you're trying to feed this to me?

He looks like he is finished eating already (didn't eat much) and is sitting with his arms folded, looking around. I haven't heard a lot of thank yous directed at his cooking, or even any compliments.

Ivette just said the food was 'so good', but I haven't heard many or any other similar comments.

Janelle just sits and stares. She looks miserable, and puffy. She is wearing her hair in a weird updo, and it is either dirty or wet.
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Marley - The red bracelet is for Multiple Sclerosis NT #2069966 8:16PM 03/08/2005
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