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Topic #2092659
Caribou - Howie tells them all in BY that James told him he knows this is so they can't be in sequester. 0 Replies #2092659 10:06PM 05/08/2005
They're all surprised at this. james scrambling to come up with any reason other than that he's been lying.

Jenn tells them all that James/Sarah didn't want her to tell them all about the stuff in BY.

April can't believe he's still swearing up and down that he didn't swear on the bible.

Janelle - they're getting drunk, let 'em
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Topic #2092742
Caribou - Jennifer stuffing her face and trying to talk at the same time. Telling them a convo she just had with Sarah 1 Replies #2092742 10:13PM 05/08/2005
Whole BY wants to know what Sarah said so Jenn says she wished me good luck. Then Sarah said have a nice two weeks because I know they want me and james out. Sarah claimed it wasn't about the money for her and james.
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Cali2Jax - Jennifer told Sarah about the possibility of the veto's being inside the dolls ... Jen said just trying to help ya'll out to Sarah NT #2092756 10:15PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2092746
Caribou - Sarah came out to get a plate of food and took it inside. On her way in, she called out Goodnight Everyone and they all called out Goodnight Sarah NT 0 Replies #2092746 10:14PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2092767
Caribou - Sarah/James in GR discussing who should stay this week 1 Replies #2092767 10:16PM 05/08/2005
James says figure it out after VETO comp. If she wins HOH they're separated for another month and a half. James tells her then he wants her home instead.

James now says maybe whoever wins HOH will leave you alone. Sarah not looking forward to being stuck in sequester. She'd be making more money if she was at home right now. Wonders about taxes on what they're paid for doing BB. James figures they'll get taxed at year end.

James - too bad there's not any of those cash prizes that you win and go home.

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Anonymous - Sarah/James in GR discussing who should stay this week #2092850 10:23PM 05/08/2005
James said "I cant believe they stabbed us in the back:
Sara "Im so over it"
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Topic #2092907
Caribou - Maggie recounts what Sarah said, to the BY group 1 Replies #2092907 10:27PM 05/08/2005
Maggie overheard Sarah talking to James in GR. Maggie was coming out of DR when she heard this.

Sarah said they should know why we said all that stuff. And also she said Should I go out there and tell Maggie to go to the f'n DR?
Then Sarah yelled out "I know that's you out there Ivette. You can go out there and tell them I said that!!"
Maggie finds this funny, because it wasn't ivette, it was Maggie.

Rachel laughs at this. This is the convo Rachel whispered to Howie just a bit ago because Rachel heard Sarah/James talking in GR too I guess. So everyone feels better because they've heard Sarah/James admit what they've done AND Maggie feels better hearing Sarah talk with hate.
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Caribou - Maggie says she overheard them because they were in the bathroom, NOT in the GR NT #2092957 10:31PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2092935
Caribou - April and Beau went into SR to see Sarah/james pinatas. They decide they're both evil and leave laughing. NT 0 Replies #2092935 10:29PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2092976
Caribou - April telling Howie that just as Kaysar turned this house 360, Howie will be known for getting the veto guy out NT 0 Replies #2092976 10:32PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2093069
Caribou - April in kitchen. James and Sarah arrive - FIGHT! 0 Replies #2093069 10:41PM 05/08/2005
April tells Sarah she did all James' dirty work. Sarah jumps all over her and this statement - what did I do?????!!!!

April now tells James he swore on the bible. James denies it.

April standing her ground against these two.

April - you have said something horrible and backstabbed everyone in this house. they knew...kaysar before he left knew...he said he already knew
Sarah - kaysar said that to you? it's funny cuz you should have heard the things he said about you
James jumps in to stop this and tells Sarah not to say anything. James says to Sarah "if you f'n start anything else...we're not gonna be like Eric"

April - you did it to yourselves

James - April we obviously don't get along. Let's just keep it civil
April - i didn't say anything, she started it
Sarah - what???!! how am i starting *****???!!!
James - sarah you realize we got played. i told you not to say anything just stop it and go to bed. why are you playing into them? we don't need to be eric we're better than that
Sarah - cuz i'm sick of these people. they're so....
James - see as soon as she got by the door she said they're trying to start *****
Sarah - I didn't say anything!! I said tell me what i did, tell me what i did
james - do not give them the satisfaction
Sarah - and then ***** howie standing at the door to help them
James - do not give them the satisfaction
Sarah - i love you and i'm gonna miss you for a month and a half but no matter who stays here next week, we're gonna win HOH we're gonna win vetos, we're gonna get as many of those ***** out of here as possible.
James - Sarah drink the water
Sarah - right now that's seriously the only thing on my mind is getting those ***** out of here. i really really hope right now i stay, i get hoh, and i get one out next week. i want to make their lives a living hell. if you stay YOU are going to get HOH
James - Sarah you need to calm down
SArah - NO it's not even about that
James - yes it is about that

Sarah - i have done absolutely nothing wrong. i haven't talked ***** about anybody. i have not strategized to get anyone out. have i?
James - no. but that's why you can't argue with them because they will say what they want to say
Sarah - unfortunately i don't want to be without you for a month and a half but i really want to get hoh next week
James - what and put up 10 people?
Sarah - yea, i don't care
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Topic #2093074
Caribou - BB: April, please go to the DR NT 0 Replies #2093074 10:41PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2093100
Caribou - Sarah really pissed. In GR with James 0 Replies #2093100 10:43PM 05/08/2005
Sarah - it's pretty much the whole house against us
James - yea. it started with Mike. it changes every week. it's just the game.

Sarah - my Dad wrote "make me proud, be yourself". That's what i'm gonna do. i'm done with this f'n sweet and innocent little girl.
james - no you're not
Sarah - yes i am. ***** it what the hell did it get me? going home the 5th week?
James - you don't have to act like that
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Topic #2093126
ferretkiss - [lol] Jam about Apr: that stupid f'in b*tch had to pay twenty thousand dollars to get her husband to f*ck her and marry her [lol] NT 0 Replies #2093126 10:44PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2093132
Caribou - Sarah says I'm tired i know you want to go to bed right now but i don't 0 Replies #2093132 10:45PM 05/08/2005
James says he wanted to go to bed until Sarah went apeshit on April. Sarah says April started it. James knows Sarah started it.

James says about April, she had to have $20,000 plastic surgery to get her husband to marry her. IN other words, she's not worth it.

Sarah said all she said to April at first that she reminded her of her sister and April went off on that.
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Topic #2093151
Chunga - Sarah is going to pick April as her POV helper. LOL! NT 0 Replies #2093151 10:46PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2093154
Caribou - James adamant they not go out like Eric 0 Replies #2093154 10:46PM 05/08/2005
James plans to pick April to play for Veto tomorrow.

James and Sarah going to play all week and enjoy themselves.

Now James tells Sarah to pick April. He's going to pick Ivette and wants to say "with half your family in prison you know how to fight" but Sarah tells him not to say that, to not be an Eric, do NOT be an Eric.
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Topic #2093173
Caribou - Sarah apologizing, she knows he wanted this. James says he never watched this show in his life. He got an email about it. FISH NT 0 Replies #2093173 10:48PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2093176
electric - James: "Sarah.. I've never watched this show in my f'in life. I got an email about it." and then quick flash to FISH NT 0 Replies #2093176 10:48PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2093193
Caribou - James believes if he goes out first, they'll leave Sarah alone and she may get through. He tells her not to ruin 0 Replies #2093193 10:49PM 05/08/2005
any relationships but she's too pissed to care. She says not one person in here has any feelings for her.

Sarah going to take her contacts out so they can go to bed. James wants to follow her but she promises not to talk to any of them.

James says don't apologize because he doesn't care. James said he would have been an ***** with Mike. Lots of I love yous.
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Topic #2093198
Caribou - James asks BB again to go to DR. "what the f' I already asked once" NT 0 Replies #2093198 10:50PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2093215
Caribou - Sarah in bathroom alone. Feeds switch to BY. NT 0 Replies #2093215 10:51PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2093335
Caribou - Ivette took her doll into SR. Got a good look at S/J's. Ivette comes into GR 0 Replies #2093335 11:05PM 05/08/2005
James asks Sarah to change outside. He talks to Ivette

James - i got into this mess because i wanted to save you. you obviously don't see that you were next to be nominated. but the fact that whatever happened in that gym got out to the entire house.... when the person, April, brought that out to me...i'm going to hurt her like she's never been hurt.
You and I, I thought we had something, it hurts

Ivette - are you gonna give me a second? first of all, it's very hard to comprehend the reasoning...i don't doubt they wanted me out. as far as the gym goes i told you give me something to convince them that you were being honest.

james - you're right. i know. my thing about that is that you knew you were setting me up
Ivette - i didn't set you up. do you know, none of those people out there even now believe me that I won't save you. do you know why i had to eliminate you? you kept telling me the one person who saved me was so evil.

James - thats' the one person who didn't save you
Ivette - i guess i'll see it in the tapes. i saved you so much because all those people still i would save you. it hurt me that sarah said something to me about drinking. none of those people even believe that my intentions are with you. i told you, i came in believing in you and cappy. he got taken away and all of a sudden you completely...instead of talking to me...you went aroudn frazzled and sold me out to another group. do you understand that i never lied to you any moment i came up to you? i told you

James - regardless if i win the veto i'm going home this week. i hope maggie wins because she is probably the most evil player in BB history
Ivette - i dont' think she's evil or that she's a cop
James -she's a cop. i know professionally based on experience. or she used to be. you'll see at the wrap party
Ivette - if it comes down to maggie being a cop then i'll have to apologize to you

Sarah returns to GR

Ivette - the point is anything between us has honestly stayed between us. it's just a lot of things, for game reasons or not, a lot has been said in this house and everyone has gone back

James brings up what April just said to Sarah about her doing dirty work.
James asks Ivette to tell April to shut up. Ivette says she's been laying really low...April's her own woman.

James - i've been waiting 2 weeks to be mean to April so this may be my chance
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Topic #2093345
Caribou - James: Ivette you understand this but you won't admit it, they had to get me out. I didn't know entire house had this plan. 0 Replies #2093345 11:06PM 05/08/2005
Sarah overplaying her congratulations to Ivette that you guys did a great job, great strategy.

Ivette says she had to do this for her own personal reasons.

Sarah still ranting. James telling her to stop.

James tells Ivette when she sees the tapes, he doesnt' want an apology, he doesn't want to hear anything else about it.

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Topic #2093349
Caribou - Ivette: the bond i had with you and with cappy, sarah won't even understand. NT 0 Replies #2093349 11:07PM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2093366
Caribou - Sarah says Howie/Rach/Jan pretended to be their friends but never were. They'd been planning this the whole time. 0 Replies #2093366 11:10PM 05/08/2005
Ivette saying to James that he knows he did say he wanted to put up Rach/Howie.

James says nothing matters to him now, it doesn't matter, they have to find another common enemy.

James - you were my friend regardless of sides (ivette)

Ivette telling James her rationale. She didn't want floaters. Sarah jumping in and James telling her to shut up and Ivette telling her too.

James going on how he hates April and Maggie.

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Topic #2093432
Caribou - Ivette busts James on him telling Kaysar that Ivette was gullible and he was going to play her. 0 Replies #2093432 11:16PM 05/08/2005
James now putting it on Kaysar. James says Kaysar said that to get Ivette against him. (ed.lie)

Sarah says Ivette was always a target. Ivette says she was told she wasn't a target. Sarah swears to God that Kaysar told her that Ivette was a target.

James - the point is everyone lies, you pick and choose who you want to believe
Ivette - everyone wants money. i don't care about the money
Sarah says she doesn't either. Sarah keeps jumping in saying wait till you see what they said about you.

Ivette - anything I promised you that i would not repeat, i haven't.

James jumps in and says they don't have to play this way, he won't be Eric.

Ivette brings up about Beau's bible. Arguing about this. James says Maggie has manipulated the truth of that situation.

James says the point is he's going home. Maggie has definitely beat me at this. I always have a cop in my life ***** everything up.

james doesnt' want any apologies, doesn't want to hear from anyone.
Sarah thought ivette was a friend. Ivette says she is.

james - sarah's just very upset right now
Sarah - i'm sorry
James - Beau denied me his bible 3 times up there
Ivette - you said it was crap so he didn't want to give it to you
Sarah - you sat there with kaysar and yelling at him about his beliefs.

James stops them all and says don't bring religion. It's turned it's back on both Ivette and Beau. James yells at Sarah to stop trying to instigate stuff.
Ivette defending her beliefs. Sarah brings up Ivette prayers. James tells Sarah to stop it.

James - Maggie won. i'm going home. she had to avenge eric's death which i played somewhat of a decent part in to save you.
Ivette - well thank you i guess i'll see the tapes
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Topic #2093449
Caribou - Ivette: you were telling me one thing one day and then something else 0 Replies #2093449 11:17PM 05/08/2005
Ivette runs the things he said. James corrects her. Ivette back on details.

Ivette explaining basically she has to follow the group.

(ed.note. these people talk too damn fast)
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