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Topic #2081817
Zazny - H: They have to bring someone in the house to f*** things up. 0 Replies #2081817 12:00AM 05/08/2005
H: Think about what America wants to see. Kaysar's not coming back. Michael and Eric stirred it up. They want to see tragedy and turmoil. They want to see agitation in the house.
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Topic #2081827
Caribou - Howie - we're not going to sleep until we decide this here. F*** 0 Replies #2081827 12:00AM 05/08/2005
Howie - America won't bring Kaysar back. They want to see turmoil. It'll be eric or mike.

Howie - you guys gotta win the next 2 HOHs
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Topic #2081852
Caribou - Rachel - all you have to do is, when they come to you, just say thanks i'll think about it but don't tell them anything 0 Replies #2081852 12:02AM 05/08/2005
Howie - Maggie doesn't like me
Rachel - she likes you more than she likes james. they're going to be pissed about going against the deal but if cappy comes back, they'll be more pissed at james still.

Howie doesn't like james staying in the game though. He turns his back on people left and right. Howie recounts how they all said if they had won HOH they would have put up Sarah and james. We can't go against the whole house.
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Topic #2081881
Caribou - Rachel keeps telling Howie that Maggie has to understand. She has to go up with James. NT 1 Replies #2081881 12:06AM 05/08/2005
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Caribou - Correction - Just put maggie up. Backdoor James. NOt sure who Rachel wants up with Maggie NT #2081891 12:07AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2081905
Caribou - Howie - ok i'll do what you guys want. 0 Replies #2081905 12:09AM 05/08/2005
Rachel and janelle say don't even tell Maggie ahead of time. But afterwards, tell her he can't put James up.

james arrives in HOH. Howie asks Maggie and who? They say April.
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Topic #2081932
Caribou - James in HOH. They all act like they like him. James wants April up and he's asking about meeting with Maggie. 0 Replies #2081932 12:12AM 05/08/2005
James asking if Maggie said James was on their side from day one. James said they send her to do the dirty work. James wants permission to be an *****. Rachel says no.

James is talking very fast as normal, acting like he's all friendly.
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Topic #2081934
Zazny - H: Maggie and who...? 0 Replies #2081934 12:12AM 05/08/2005
R: April, I guess
I: Why not Ivette
R: Yeah why not Ivette
[they hear screaming from downstairs]
H: What the hell is that?

James comes up. Says that A has said 'You can't talk smack without your microphone.' He says, please put her up, you hate her as much as I do. Her and the lesbian cop.

H: She's a lesbian?
R/Jan: No!

James reports that Maggie's saying 'don't worry guys, they can only get rid of one of us'
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Topic #2081957
Caribou - James - so what was she trying to do with her interrogation? 0 Replies #2081957 12:14AM 05/08/2005
Howie telling him basic, she asked questions, why is Howie in game, what does he want? Howie says he told Maggie that he thinks Mike is coming back.

Howie tells Janelle she can sleep with him. James asks if they should bring up blankets etc. Janelle says no its ok. Sounds like Rachel will sleep with Howie, with a pillow between them.
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Topic #2081967
Caribou - Rachel - eric was the biggest child of all... "i'm not hugging any of them" (what eric said when he left) NT 0 Replies #2081967 12:15AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2081984
Zazny - James: So am I being nominated or what? NT 0 Replies #2081984 12:18AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2081989
Caribou - James trying to talk trash about others. Rachel says Let it go James. James comes right out and says is he being nom'd or what? 0 Replies #2081989 12:18AM 05/08/2005
Howie says go up as a pawn. Janelle says no we don't have enough votes to keep him. They're kidding around, all of them, about this.

Howie says Maggie and April are going up.
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Topic #2082004
Caribou - James - i'm gonna sleep well tonight. actually i'll sleep well tomorrow night. can you please please please put my key in first? NT 0 Replies #2082004 12:20AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2082007
Caribou - Sarah arrives in HOH. Rachel left to shower and get her stuff for bed to sleep in HOH with Howie. NT 0 Replies #2082007 12:20AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2082030
Zazny - James notices Howie's defensive posture and body language NT 0 Replies #2082030 12:23AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2082032
Caribou - James and Sarah really pushing Howie. James keeps playing, commenting on how Howie sits etc. means he's nominating James. Sarah says is there somethin 0 Replies #2082032 12:24AM 05/08/2005
you'd like to tell me Howie? He goes on about her nice boobies etc.

James again - please put my key first.

Howie to Sarah - what happened?
Sarah to Howie - is there something that you'd lik eto tell me?

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Topic #2082060
Caribou - Sarah inferring to Howie that she knows Howie and Rachel are married. Howie says how do you know? 1 Replies #2082060 12:27AM 05/08/2005
Sounds like Sarah reading too much into stuff Rachel says and does.

James -let's get back to important stuff. can i be the first key pulled?

james just will NOT let up on Howie.
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Caribou - No response from Howie. Didn't appear to be true to me. NT #2082099 12:28AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2082090
Caribou - FISH on all feeds NT 0 Replies #2082090 12:28AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2082130
Caribou - James now laying across Howie's bed talking to Howie and Sarah. Sarah filing her nails (as usual). Howie talking about putting up Maggie 0 Replies #2082130 12:31AM 05/08/2005
Just that he has to do it. Now they talk about HOH comp.
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Topic #2082155
Caribou - Sarah - i don't like eric. he used his family and morals and stuff to play the game. always throwing that stuff in people's faces. NT 0 Replies #2082155 12:32AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2082168
Caribou - James asks again, out of the blue, if he's being nom'd. Howie says if he doesn't stop asking he IS going up. laughs.... NT 0 Replies #2082168 12:33AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2082174
Caribou - James - Rachel doesn't like to harp on things but I do because if you're going to lie, make sure it's good. (???) 0 Replies #2082174 12:34AM 05/08/2005
Again they talk about HOH comp today.
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Topic #2082177
Caribou - James infers that Rachel threw HOH for Howie. Howie (nicely) corrects him. He hit the button first etc. NT 0 Replies #2082177 12:35AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2082187
Caribou - James trying to find out about the Maggie convo again. Howie deflecting nicely. NT 0 Replies #2082187 12:37AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2082196
Caribou - All leave HOH. Howie locks the door as he leaves. NT 0 Replies #2082196 12:39AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2082231
Caribou - Howie and Rachel in barracks. That group trying to get Rachel to wear lingerie to bed with Howie. 0 Replies #2082231 12:47AM 05/08/2005
RAchel says not. she's wearing a tank top and pants to sleep in. Rachel tells Howie to come to bed because she wants to go to sleep and doesn't want him waking her later. If he doesn't go to bed now, she's sleeping in barracks she says.
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