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Topic #2082894
Caribou - Howie toots loudly. Rachel says "i hate you Howie" Howie laughs (long & verbatiim) 0 Replies #2082894 3:47AM 05/08/2005
Rachel - i'll call our families and tell them i'm sorry we got evicted
Howie - f'n kaysar move
Rachel - not a kaysar move it was you guys
Howie - we're all 3 guilty. you for walking out of the room. janie for speaking.
Rachel - i should have won HOH
Howie - you tried and you got beat. did you hit the button on the last question?
Rachel - nope
Howie - did you know it?
Rachel - i was the host
Howie - what are you talking about?
Rachel talking about the TV game. Howie says he still beat her in this game. Should have dominated on the surf board.
Howie - Maggie thinks you threw HOH last week
Rachel - ***** everybody overthrew their ball
HOwie - i said i don't know i never talked to her about that. well, might as well enjoy my last few weeks in the house.
Rachel - i'm not sleeping up here anymore. i'm not sleeping at all. ha ha
Howie - ha ha
Rachel - get Janie back up here and let her sleep with you
Howie - ah janie. those big titties that i don't get to touch. sucks. hate this place.
RAchel - you'd have been mad if i had taken HOH
Howie - no i wouldn't. you really threw it for me?
Rachel - good night HOwie
Howie - i gave it to you the first week though

Rachel - way i look at it we kinda won it together. i'm just very angry with how it all came around. i should have stayed. now look, now we got ourselves in a situation and we have to get ourselves out of it. there'll be 2 more evictions before jury. might as well put james and sarah up. if james goes home sarah won't want to stay. and i have to think that james won't want to be separated from her but he will fight for the money.
Howie - right
Rachel - well it would certainly make for an interesting week if you put them both up.
Howie - the house will love us for it
Rachel - yea but they'll hate us eventually. hopefully eric does not come back.
Howie - if they win HOH this week then we can compete all of us the next week so we'll have a better fighting chance. it can happen
Rachel - mm hmmm
Howie - just cuz we dont' have the numbers it doesn't mean we can't keep going. it happened to us last week.
Rachel - sarah...a HG without a camp to join.
Howie - nobody likes her. nobody. she does the dirty messenger work. she's a horrible liar
Rachel - i know that
Howie - and they deserve to get split up cuz they f'd up our whole game plan
Rachel - you might just tell them that at the nom ceremony. no just think about what YOU want to say

Howie reasons out what he'd say. Howie says rest of the house will rip into them too they said. Everybody in the house will literally say something to them.

Howie - but i'll tell Maggie there's no deal here, if james on block next week, i dont' want one of our people as pawns
Rachel - she can tell us whatever we want to hear
Howie - i can say maggie we made a deal but we're at a disadvantage here

Rachel repeats the "what if eric comes back" scenario

Rachel - what is our guarantee?

Rachel - anyway, i gotta get some sleep.

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Topic #2082898
Caribou - Howie - if maggie cannot give us two valid answers then we'll put her up. 0 Replies #2082898 3:48AM 05/08/2005
Rachel - we'll talk to her
Howie - i feel much better about this because i have to cover us. if she can't agree then that's it

Howie plans to keep deal with Maggie only if she swears not to put up anyone from his camp if they get HOH next week. Nobody from Howie's group allowed as pawn next week.
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Topic #2082899
Caribou - Howie - it was Kaysar's ***** up originally. Rachel - no kidding 0 Replies #2082899 3:49AM 05/08/2005
Howie - now that i answered some of my questions i dont' feel guilty anymore. but i'm not sacrificing us and she can't expect that.
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Topic #2082901
Caribou - Howie - just fall asleep Howie god dammit! Rachel - yes just please get comfortable and don't move 0 Replies #2082901 3:51AM 05/08/2005
Howie - shut up you're not my g/f or my wife so shut up

Rachel - howie, that was nasty
Howie - was it? i'm sorry. i love you. you got a great body
Rachel - shut up, you're not my b/f or my husband so shut up
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Topic #2082908
Caribou - Howie asks Rachel what question he had in HOH comp to eliminate Beau. Rachel tells him not to worry about it. NT 0 Replies #2082908 3:58AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2082920
seezall - I think we may have heard the last of H/R for the night ..she seems to be softly snoring 0 Replies #2082920 4:09AM 05/08/2005
ed- thanks caribou for some great posting all night ....you r the best!
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Topic #2082933
Caribou - All hamsters quiet now except whoever is snoring. Howie fidgeting, not sure if he's asleep but he's quiet at least NT 0 Replies #2082933 4:16AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2083511
Geoff1075 - All HGs still asleep NT 0 Replies #2083511 7:25AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2083726
pooh5983 - Everyone is sleeping NT 0 Replies #2083726 8:05AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2083887
Anonymous - Rachel is up 0 Replies #2083887 8:28AM 05/08/2005
and seems to be crabby :-(
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Topic #2083890
Fetch - Rachel is up and putting in her contacts in the downstairs bathroom. NT 0 Replies #2083890 8:29AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2083904
Fetch - F1 and F2 appear to be Howie sleeping alone in the HOH bedroom. NT 0 Replies #2083904 8:31AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2083929
Fetch - Rachel is very contemplative. She pauses after each grooming procedure making me think the camera is frozen. She dries her hands 0 Replies #2083929 8:35AM 05/08/2005
on a small, green washcloth and flings it angrily aside. Now she's crying, "How could you be so stupid Howie! God dammit!"
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Topic #2083937
Fetch - She shuffles to the storage room. I hear her mutter "Stupid. So stupid" NT 0 Replies #2083937 8:36AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2083981
Fetch - Ray-Ray emerges wearing shors and a red tank top. She puts on her running shoes and heads to dark barracks. 0 Replies #2083981 8:43AM 05/08/2005
Puts some gear away and then takes another long trek back to the w.c.
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Topic #2083992
Fetch - Ray-Ray is on the treadmill. <expletives> NT 0 Replies #2083992 8:46AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2084010
Fetch - "Howie and Janelle should be put on the block for being stupid by me." NT 0 Replies #2084010 8:48AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2084026
Fetch - "We can't do this. We CANNOT do this. bzz bzz Maggie bzz bzz. It makes more sense. The game has changed." NT 0 Replies #2084026 8:50AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2084060
Fetch - "I can't sleep. What, are you kidding me? I didn't sleep last night." NT 0 Replies #2084060 8:54AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2084078
Anonymous - Rac Rac continues to talk to herself 0 Replies #2084078 8:56AM 05/08/2005
Idiot Howie! Idiot!
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Topic #2084091
Fetch - "Okay, so this is what it will be: seven against three. ***** it Howie. I threw the HOH competition so he could have it, and what did he do 0 Replies #2084091 8:58AM 05/08/2005
in the first two hours? He f'kn screwed it up!" <more angry Rachel expletives> You didn't have to make a decision until Monday...essentially. He screwed us. Either way, were gonna be screwed."
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Topic #2084126
Anonymous - fish NT 0 Replies #2084126 9:01AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2084129
Fetch - ...and now, time for a fish break. NT 0 Replies #2084129 9:01AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2084176
Anonymous - Rac Rac goes to HOH Room 0 Replies #2084176 9:09AM 05/08/2005
and wakes up Howie
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Topic #2084227
Zazny - R to H: We were in the best position, and now we're in the worst 0 Replies #2084227 9:16AM 05/08/2005
H: Maybe we can make a deal with James & Sarah *chuckle*
R: I almost want to sit down with James and ask him why he said those things.
...[missed H line]
R: Only because you made a deal with half the house. Janelle wasn't thinking and I left
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