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Topic #2084274
Anonymous - someone else is up 1 Replies #2084274 9:21AM 05/08/2005
might be James in the storage room
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Scooterrific - it was james - up to the wc and then back to bed with Sarah NT #2084343 9:31AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2084372
amIsane - R to H "The fact is that we have to prepare for him(Er) to come back, if he doesn't..great. but" NT 0 Replies #2084372 9:34AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2084378
Zazny - Howie and Rachel go over the new plan 0 Replies #2084378 9:36AM 05/08/2005
H: We need to do what Kaysar did and split up the middle again. We bring Maggie in here, say James and Sarah vowed to fight for us.
R: We say you guys messed it up, we took a loss, and the only way we could get him out is backdoor him.
H: That's perfect she'll understand that
R: Like him or not
H: He's our ally
R: What did Janelle say? I'd like to hear her talk
H: She opened up about hating James. I wasn't saying anything, I was letting her talk.
R: Dumb, dumb, dumb
H: It's all 3 of our faults. Me for letting Janie talk about it, you for not being here. That would not have left my mouth ever if not for the change coming next week.
R: I think it will work for our advantage if James is still in the house, Eric comes back, and Maggie's not here. They'll gun for each other.
H: We tell him the whole house is trying to turn us. Do we bring up anything like that?
R: Nope.
H: No matter what we're targets, we have to try to clear things up. We're in a bad position. If you or Janelle win next week
R: We're golden, but...
H: Eric really wasn't that dominant
R: We have to prepare for him coming back. If he doesn't great, but...

Howie paces
R: Having fun yet?
H: Oh, tons
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Topic #2084386
amIsane - Rach does not want to go after Jam. If Eric comes back, they are screwed NT 0 Replies #2084386 9:37AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2084412
amIsane - BB "Goodmorning HG's. The food comp will begin in 1 hour" NT 0 Replies #2084412 9:39AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2084446
Anonymous - Janelle, Howie and Rachel in HOH 0 Replies #2084446 9:44AM 05/08/2005
They're going over the scenarios...Rachel is stressing everyone out big time...
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Topic #2084471
Fetch - Rachel calls Janelle to the HOH room. 0 Replies #2084471 9:48AM 05/08/2005
She goes over various scenarios for the benefit of Janelle and Howie. She's trying to let them see the facts for themselves. Even though Kaysar said, "Get him out of here, get him out of here", she just doesn't think that would be a good idea. To back door him is the only way to get him out of here and we didn't know when that opportunity would come up, maybe it would be one week, maybe two. But not with someone coming back. No way, no way.
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Topic #2084484
Fetch - Howie seems pretty confident that he didn't actually tell any of them that they were safe. 0 Replies #2084484 9:50AM 05/08/2005
He admits to shaking hands with Maggie though.
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Topic #2084498
amIsane - Rach explains to How and Jan in HOH her prob with the plan 0 Replies #2084498 9:51AM 05/08/2005
Rach says scenerio 1 is that they put up Jam/Sar up. Jam does not get veto, we vote James out and and Sar is in limbo. The crapettes may not like Sar, but they will bring her in for her vote only. Than what if Er comes back. That is 7 against 3.
Scenerio 2. We put Jam/Sar up, Jam gets veto, saves himself. We get Sar out and James is pissed. If Er comes back, even though Jam and Er hate each other. Don't you think they will come together against us. The opther group will take him for his vote.
What we need to do is put Magg and Ap, if magg gets veto, we put Ivette up and get Ivett out. That way if Magg is gone and Er comes back, Magg is gone.
If we try to take out Jam/Sar we will loose them and the other team gains a vote. Then there will only be 3 of us. We screw ourselves
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Topic #2084499
Fetch - Rachel: I would love to put him up, I really would. It's just the thought of Eric coming back is too great. 0 Replies #2084499 9:51AM 05/08/2005
Let's just put Maggie up.
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Topic #2084501
Zazny - Janelle joins H/R in HOH for more strategy 0 Replies #2084501 9:51AM 05/08/2005
Howie says the odds for HOH next week aren't good. It will be 2-6.

H: I put a target on my back by winning.

BB says one hour until food comp.

H: Do I get to eat if I lose?
R: Do not give your food away except I want a twinkie. You'll be on the winning team, it doesn't matter.

H: Winning HOH made me the most miserable I've been. Things are supposed to be good at the top. They're worse

R: [Consider James up]. If James gets veto, we put up Maggie. But then he doesn't trust us anymore.
H: His credibility is destroyed. They all hate him. I wish you could have been here. It was not a ploy.

They see Janelle on spycam and summon her

H: We messed up because of the person coming back and we told the whole house what we're gonna do. Any way you look at it, I put a bigger target on me and Rachel's head.
R: The problem is this. I will go over scenarios. If we put James and Sarah up, the whole house loves it, he may not get off on veto and we vote him out, Cappy comes back, Sarah floats and she'll go over there. That's 7 vs 3. If we put James and Sarah up, James wins veto Sarah goes home, Cappy comes back, James hates us and teams up with Eric and Maggie's still here.

Now, let's put Maggie and April up, Ivette if someone gets the veto. Cappy comes back, they'll be pissed as hell at him and us, but they still have the raw hatred for James. If Eric comes back, there's no way he'll come after us. He goes after Eric.

J: Or if Michael does, Michael hates him.
R: Or if Kaysar comes back
J: Kaysar hates...
R: We tell Maggie we took a loss last week and taking another loss is unacceptable. We are better keeping James in the house. As much as Kaysar said get him out of here, I don't feel it's the right move. Unfortunately, he's going to go against the deal he made yesterday. Unfortunately I wasn't in here because I would have said 'no, no more talk.' To backdoor him is the only way to get rid of him, and we don't know when the opportunity to do it will come up.
J: If Maggie wins POV do we still get rid of James
R: No, not with the potential of James coming back. Even if they hate Sarah, don't you think they'll take her vote
J: Yeah
R: Sorry, it's a numbers game.
H: I'm gonna work out, and you get them together and tell them our plan
R: You suck, Howie
J: Can I have another Frappaccino?
H: Drink them all. I'm only allowed to drink one of these.
J: Tell them you shouldn't have rushed me all out at once. You never told any of them they were safe
H: I shook hands with Maggie

J: If he wins HOH and puts you guys up I'll be livid.
H: He doesn't trust both sides and nobody trusts him
R: I would love to put him up but the thought of Eric coming back is too great. We'd be screwed without him.
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Topic #2084514
Fetch - I don't believe for one second they're going after Sarah next. Uh-uh. They're going after you and me. (Janelle agrees) NT 0 Replies #2084514 9:52AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2084521
amIsane - Rach does not believe for one second that the others will go after Sar next. No matter what they say 0 Replies #2084521 9:53AM 05/08/2005
Rach and Jan firmly believe the others would target How/Rach if they get Jam out this week.
Rach "No way, I am not stupid. I do not believe them for one second they would go after Sarah next. They would come after me and Howie"
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Topic #2084534
Fetch - Howie puts his in faith in BB for keeping things equal between sides. 0 Replies #2084534 9:54AM 05/08/2005
He says that they did it for "them".
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Topic #2084538
amIsane - How had said a little earlier 0 Replies #2084538 9:55AM 05/08/2005
that if they gun for James, successful or not, that the next HOH would be 6 against 2(Rach and Janelle) and that is bad. Because if they do not get Jam out he would react the way he did when Er wanted Jam out and same with Sar. She would turn to the other team to allign
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Topic #2084552
amIsane - How says here he is HOH w/ nice room and he is the most miserable he has been in the house yet.(LOL) NT 0 Replies #2084552 9:57AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2084573
amIsane - Jan tells How that Jam/Sar were up late last night talking. NT 0 Replies #2084573 10:00AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2084588
amIsane - How is worried and stressed. They need HOH next week too. 0 Replies #2084588 10:01AM 05/08/2005
He believes if Jam get HOH next week, he will target How/Rach. Jan says we will be ok. Jan"I love you How"
How "I love you too Janie"
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Topic #2084824
Scooterrific - Houseguests milling about general chit chat 0 Replies #2084824 10:33AM 05/08/2005
Breakfast making/eating (Howie's being made by april, beau and jenny) Rachel and Janelle in Bathroom, general chit chat, blow dryer going
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Topic #2084954
Scooterrific - Howie called to DR...Food Comp coming up NT 0 Replies #2084954 10:52AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2085048
gcarlet - Fish NT 0 Replies #2085048 11:05AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2085140
mountainmama - All HGs standing around with Howie waiting on April to get out of bathroom. NT 0 Replies #2085140 11:14AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2085183
mountainmama - Food Competition 0 Replies #2085183 11:17AM 05/08/2005
Looks like there are 2 teams one blue and one red.
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Topic #2085192
Disneyisme - A bit earlier in the GR, James told Janelle and Sarah that he was the one vote for Kaysar last week. NT 0 Replies #2085192 11:17AM 05/08/2005
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Topic #2085259
ktan - Food comp: "Conveyor Belch" 0 Replies #2085259 11:24AM 05/08/2005
Both teams eat as much food (bakery sweets) coming down the conveyor belt as possible before it lands in the bucket. Team with lightest bucket (most food eaten) wins food for the week. Losers eat PB&J.

Blue Team: Ivette April, Maggie, Janelle, Beau
Red Team: James, Sarah, Jennifer, Rachel, Howie

Howie, as HOH, is exempt from PB&J
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