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mountainmama Beau says, "Oh, I would love to have a fireman." 0 9:36PM 07/08/2005
Sunflake Beau, Maggie, Jenn all having fun in the Hot tub. April there too. Singing strange songs and making a whirlpool. NT 0 9:44PM 07/08/2005
Sunflake Feeds Are Dead Again. NT 0 9:45PM 07/08/2005
Anonymous Feeds back up NT 0 9:46PM 07/08/2005
Sunflake Feeds are back again. Hot tub group still playing. Rachel has come out to join them. NT 0 9:46PM 07/08/2005
mountainmama F1 back... Rachel is joining Maggie, Beau and Jennifer in HT, April is on the side with her feet in. NT 0 9:46PM 07/08/2005
ferretkiss HT and sarah's shirt 0 9:48PM 07/08/2005
Sunflake Just idle chit chat around the hot tub 0 10:07PM 07/08/2005
pooh5983 Feeds are messed up again i think NT 0 10:18PM 07/08/2005
pooh5983 ok they are back now 0 10:21PM 07/08/2005
ejj1955 Howie says "Oh, Janie" to Rachel. She looks pissed, says: 0 10:22PM 07/08/2005
ejj1955 Sarah's shirt also says, "What Does It Matter" (or, "What Does It Really Matter"). NT 0 10:23PM 07/08/2005
missellie Ivette and James in Gold room talking a 1 10:27PM 07/08/2005
ejj1955 More HT talk (Howie, Beau, Maggie, Jenn, Rachel, April): 0 10:32PM 07/08/2005
missellie Sarah has now joined I and J in gold room 0 10:32PM 07/08/2005
Sunflake James and Ivette in the Gold Room. (with a surprise appearance by Jenn) LONG 0 10:32PM 07/08/2005
electric Talking about BB6 being the last season. NT 0 10:36PM 07/08/2005
missellie Sarah getting loud 0 10:40PM 07/08/2005
missellie Sarah left the room J told I thanks for talking to him he enjoyed it and then Fish NT 0 10:48PM 07/08/2005
missellie back from fish I in large BR reading Bible james and Sarah in gold room 0 10:55PM 07/08/2005
ejj1955 Beau says: "I don't think they've ever had such a flamboyantly gay houseguest as I am!" NT 0 10:59PM 07/08/2005
Augustkm After Ivette left GR, all I made out was James telling Sarah, "I want Rachel to relax....I'm not coming after her.." NT 0 10:59PM 07/08/2005
missellie I left gold room all I got as they whispered was james said I want R/H to relax and think I am not comeing after them (I think).. NT 0 11:00PM 07/08/2005
missellie Jannie and Howie in the 0 11:10PM 07/08/2005
SuzyHomemaker Howie and Janelle (more). Howie thinks BB will bring back whoever they think is good (re: AC) 0 11:17PM 07/08/2005
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