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BHnoah April announces to Rachel in bathroom, that she'll be staring her period in a few days. NT 0 12:00AM 07/08/2005
BHnoah Janelle having a snack in kitchen-- told April her and Howie are gonna go workout NT 0 12:04AM 07/08/2005
BHnoah Janelle telling Howie and Ivette that one day Kaysar asked "who was smoking outside" and she said "April walked by" they all three laughed NT 0 12:07AM 07/08/2005
ejj1955 James to Howie and Janelle: "To be honest, I thought you guys were a lot smarter." 0 12:18AM 07/08/2005
BHnoah Janelle and Howie walking in the BY: Janelle said I don't know what to think about these people, 0 12:32AM 07/08/2005
BHnoah Sarah yelling "Do not say you and Sarah" 0 12:41AM 07/08/2005
BHnoah Sarah crying saying "why didn't you let them (friendship) win HOH 0 12:53AM 07/08/2005
HollyMouse James and Sarah laying it on the line to Howie and Jannie NT 0 12:54AM 07/08/2005
BHnoah Sarah saying we didn't bargain with you and Rachel -- to Howie NT 0 12:55AM 07/08/2005
Caribou Sarah shows her true colours, James proves they are a perfect couple by slamming Howie in their scramble to save themselves 0 12:58AM 07/08/2005
ShelBel James telling Howie that he (H) was either manipulated by 0 12:59AM 07/08/2005
ShelBel Janelle tells Howie she believes James and Sarah NT 0 1:01AM 07/08/2005
Caribou Janelle to Howie - I believe them. Howie - are you serious? that was such an act 0 1:03AM 07/08/2005
ShelBel Howie explaining to Janelle that James is really good at spinning 0 1:04AM 07/08/2005
BHnoah James and Sarah go back inside: Janelle telling Howie I don't think they would of 0 1:06AM 07/08/2005
Caribou James/Sarah in GR spinning their own lies to convince themselves 0 1:06AM 07/08/2005
BHnoah H to Jannie-- he(James) needs allies, he knows the whole house is after him NT 0 1:07AM 07/08/2005
BHnoah H to Jannie-- when Maggie was HOH I didn't go to her saying put up J&S, you didn't go and say put up us 0 1:11AM 07/08/2005
ShelBel Howie pointing out that James told Ivette word for word 0 1:14AM 07/08/2005
Caribou Howie trying to talk sense to Janelle. She is basing her perspectives on fear of Maggie. 0 1:14AM 07/08/2005
ShelBel Janelle - I don't think they were coming after us, they just sold us out 0 1:15AM 07/08/2005
Caribou Janelle - ok i believe some of it but I don't believe they were going to come after us, just sell us out 0 1:19AM 07/08/2005
HollyMouse Crapettes April and Jennifer wispering Ape-ette turning into 0 1:25AM 07/08/2005
HollyMouse Howie really believes the other side Jannie 0 1:28AM 07/08/2005
Caribou Janelle feels guilty about James/Sarah. Howie doesn't because J/S f'd up their entire S6 and plan. NT 0 1:28AM 07/08/2005
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