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amyt92 James and Sarah in the GR playing chess..just the two of them NT 0 3:25PM 07/08/2005
madmax131 April tearjerking about her convo with Ivette 1 3:32PM 07/08/2005
amyt92 Jenn defending April: "She (April) is freaking out because she has no cigs, she's about to start her period, and she's on PB&J" NT 0 3:37PM 07/08/2005
Denise Feeds 1 and 2 BY with Beau, Howie and April, Feeds 3 and 4 are James brushing his teeth 0 3:40PM 07/08/2005
BHnoah Ivette going on and on about April-- saying you don't come in the house and try to break a 7/8 yr habit 0 3:42PM 07/08/2005
imnotpunk april: i've smoked for 8 years NT 0 3:54PM 07/08/2005
Zazny April crying with Rachel is in the bathroom 0 3:55PM 07/08/2005
Zazny The Bible and the game (again) 0 4:03PM 07/08/2005
Zazny A/Jan/Jen in BY about April's habit 0 4:06PM 07/08/2005
Suzan Ivette reading from the bible about praying to God. Also read about not being able to serve both God and money......Maggie says: Can we make it a 0 4:07PM 07/08/2005
imnotpunk april asking jan if she smokes in her apartment or at work, jan says she would when she's bored 1 4:14PM 07/08/2005
imnotpunk sarah and james finally outside looking at everyone's t-shirts NT 1 4:15PM 07/08/2005
citanul Jan writing "America Bring Kaysar Back" on her shirt. NT 0 4:21PM 07/08/2005
imnotpunk James: I guess we can't put curse words on this, right? NT 0 4:23PM 07/08/2005
imnotpunk Beau and Jan aren't allowed to write on the other shirts they dyed NT 0 4:25PM 07/08/2005
NickiNoodle Howie and Beau talking about the James doll... 0 4:31PM 07/08/2005
ejj1955 Jenn sitting on Howie's lap, talking about her shirt. 0 4:37PM 07/08/2005
Sunflake Ivette appears to be painting a shield (like from Eric's shirts) on her tye dye shirt. NT 0 4:41PM 07/08/2005
Sunflake BB has asked the HGs to keep names on the shirts for voting only. Jenn wanted to put "Dan" on hers. NT 0 4:42PM 07/08/2005
Sunflake James and Sarah in the Gold Room. 0 4:44PM 07/08/2005
ejj1955 Howie stressing again about James and the veto-- 0 4:44PM 07/08/2005
bbaddict2005 Jenn- - "I'm not really thinking right now..." is she ever???? NT 0 4:51PM 07/08/2005
Goddess200xxx Beau just said to write "Eric" on the shirts and not Cappy.... He said that some of us are dumb! NT 0 4:52PM 07/08/2005
Sunflake Backyard Shirt Painting. 0 4:52PM 07/08/2005
carly Rachael's writing "What up Kaysar" on her shirt. NT 0 4:53PM 07/08/2005
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