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HollyMouse Howie talking about the dark side of Star Wars NT 0 1:29AM 07/08/2005
HollyMouse Howie tells Jannie she is not drinking any next week during the competitions NT 0 1:30AM 07/08/2005
Caribou Howie proves he's a straight up player. He admits to Janelle yea maybe they made a mistake. But maybe not. 0 1:30AM 07/08/2005
HollyMouse Howie just said he's a fat digusting slob LOL He doesnt deserve not wearing a shirt lol Gunna wear his HoH robe all week NT 0 1:32AM 07/08/2005
HollyMouse Howie joking to Jannie he didn't trust Micheal and that he would probably rob him NT 0 1:33AM 07/08/2005
Caribou Howie and Janie going to bed in HOH NT 0 1:33AM 07/08/2005
HollyMouse Howie and Jannie getting ready for bed in HoH room... Howie surfing his spy T.V NT 0 1:35AM 07/08/2005
HollyMouse Jannie asking Howie if he thinks Maggie is a decietful person.. Howie says everyone has lied in this game.. But Janelle thinks Maggie is also telling 0 1:37AM 07/08/2005
HollyMouse Howie tells Jannie not to follow into James and Sarahs sad story 0 1:39AM 07/08/2005
Caribou Janelle - do you think Maggie's a deceitful person? 0 1:39AM 07/08/2005
HollyMouse Jannie,April and Jenn in the bathroom April asking what James and Sarah 0 1:41AM 07/08/2005
HollyMouse April saying they got caught leave it alone.. And ask if James is trying to get 0 1:42AM 07/08/2005
HollyMouse April whispering to Jenn saying she has a feeling that Jannie belives Sarah and James NT 0 1:43AM 07/08/2005
LazyMom April & Jen in bed and A says it will be 7 days that I quit smoking 0 1:43AM 07/08/2005
HollyMouse Ivette just came out of the bathroom.. Wonder if Jannie , Ape, and Jenn were aware of that NT 0 1:45AM 07/08/2005
HollyMouse April and Jen whispering can't make out too much but they will target Sarah not April, and April saying James will start sh** 0 1:46AM 07/08/2005
HollyMouse Jen telling April not to push it and try to convince other's to go on the block 0 1:47AM 07/08/2005
HollyMouse Jannie showering, Howie messing around in his room and James get's up to go into the bathroom NT 0 1:51AM 07/08/2005
HollyMouse Looks like theyre pretty much all settled in for the night.. Howie and Jannie only ones up but getting ready for bed still NT 0 1:53AM 07/08/2005
HollyMouse Sarah telling James she was having bad dreams about the same stuff earlier whis was 0 1:54AM 07/08/2005
Caribou Janelle and Howie back in HOH. Janelle has a mask on her face 0 2:20AM 07/08/2005
Caribou Howie - I have buddies that lie like him. And they'll stay with that lie even if you show them irrefutable evidence 0 2:24AM 07/08/2005
Caribou Janelle thanks Howie. He's flossing sitting on the bed. Janie on a chair. In HOH. 0 2:29AM 07/08/2005
Caribou Howie - I love Rachel. She's my great friend. I don't like the look on her face everyday in here. She looks sad and lost. 0 2:30AM 07/08/2005
Caribou Janelle believes James really does want Howie/Rachel/Jan to win. Howie says maybe, maybe more than Maggie at least. Who knows NT 0 2:31AM 07/08/2005
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