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Topic #2119606
Nantucket - Maggie comes into gold room and asks James for the bible when he's done. NT 0 Replies #2119606 9:05PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2119612
Zazny - James to Jan: This was dumber than Marcellas not using the veto on himself 0 Replies #2119612 9:06PM 08/08/2005
J: He screwed himself and his whole team. Kaysar's gonna kick his ass when he comes back!
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Topic #2119620
Nantucket - Maggie leaves and James says Howie is the dumbest bleep he's ever seen. He said he's even dumber than Marcellas. (sorry Marci). James 0 Replies #2119620 9:07PM 08/08/2005
says Kaysar is going to come back and kick Howie's ass. (James doesn't know it was actually Kay's idea)
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Topic #2119649
Nantucket - James tells Ivette he's hoping if he gets five vetos in a row, he'll get a special veto where he can't be put up. NT 0 Replies #2119649 9:11PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2119655
Nantucket - Feeds switch to the hot tub. Janelle is out there now with Rachel and Beau. Small talk. NT 0 Replies #2119655 9:12PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2119678
Nantucket - Janelle is going to work out now. Howie is at the hot tub now too. They are talking about the wrap party. NT 0 Replies #2119678 9:15PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2119696
Nantucket - Howie rtells Rachel she has great boobies. She says thank you Howie. She asks him to come in. He declines saying he's 0 Replies #2119696 9:17PM 08/08/2005
going to work out.
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Topic #2119724
Nantucket - Howie is on the ground by hot tub stretching and talking to Rac & Beau. The discuss how during season 3 there was 0 Replies #2119724 9:21PM 08/08/2005
a comp to bring a houseguests back instead of America voting.
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Topic #2119745
Nantucket - Rachel and Howie are talking about how Maggie is being quiet around them and she must know about the plan to oust Ivette they had planned on. Howie 0 Replies #2119745 9:25PM 08/08/2005
says if April & Jen are acting like it was their plan (meaning How & Rac) he'll go off on them. It was April and Jen's plan so if they go back on it , he going to go off.
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Topic #2119760
Nantucket - Howie says if Ap & Jen tell him one thing and do something else then he'll go off. He says if they thought Mike & James were mean to them he'll be 0 Replies #2119760 9:27PM 08/08/2005
even worse if they are trying to screw him.
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Topic #2119780
Nantucket - Janelle comes outside. Says she doesn't think Jen & April haven't told Maggie yet. Janelle wants Ivette gone because it will be 0 Replies #2119780 9:31PM 08/08/2005
better for them. Rachel says Maggie is being really weird. Janelle asks if she thinks the girls are lying to her and Rachel says that Jen is the smartest of them. Janelle asks why? Smarter than Maggie. She thinks so.
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Topic #2119784
Nantucket - Janelle is going to make April & Jen swear on the bible to vote out Ivette. If they don't, they want James to get hoh and go after them. NT 0 Replies #2119784 9:32PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2119794
ferretkiss - jan/how/rach talk about voting out ivette 0 Replies #2119794 9:33PM 08/08/2005
jan: basically mag is freaking out because mag wants the group to come together again, and iv has not spoken to the two girls.
how: the current problem is james, and if she wants to join james..
jan: either way we look at it it is better to get rid of iv, because it causes more division in their group.
how/rach: i totally agree.
jan: if they dont .... we are going to tell them tonight.
how: think for yourselves for once. without calling your mommie.
how: saying mag has been acting stragnge.
jan: do you think those 2 girls are lying to us?
rach: jennifer is the smartest one.
how:smarter than maggie?
rach: maggie is not about breaking deals. she promised herself she would not break a single deal.
rach: what im worried about (basically, if they go against iv and the 2 girls dont, it will be obvious that they broke the deal.)
jan: all we need is one vote.

jan::they know now, they know.
rach:what do you mean they know.
jan: you saw iv looking at james, those eyes.
how whispers something like so we are going to go after james later (i think means get iv now)

jan being very strong that jan/how/rach vote out ivette, only need 1 more vote. seems like how and rach agree but have a lot of questions.

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Topic #2119797
ejj1955 - Very interesting ... Janelle with Howie and Rachel, says she thinks James/Sarah know about the plan, but 0 Replies #2119797 9:33PM 08/08/2005
she doesn't admit that she told them about it!! [I don't think Janelle trusts anybody, which is why she should go far in this game.]
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Topic #2119819
Nantucket - April comes outside and says she swears if she gets pB&J next week, she'll go DOR. :) NT 0 Replies #2119819 9:37PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2119876
ejj1955 - April's insane logic: 0 Replies #2119876 9:48PM 08/08/2005
Tells Howie, Janelle, Rachelle, and Jenn that if Ivette stays and gets HOH, she'll put up James because she doesn't want people to know they are together. [Huh??]

Meanwhile, Janelle keeps pointing out that the only enemies they'll have if Ivette gets evicted, Beau and Maggie are their only problems.

Janelle points out that James will be gunning for whoever walks in the door this week.

April: "I honestly believe we have to vote out Sarah. We all made a promise to get out James and Sarah this week."

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Topic #2119877
mountainmama - Jennifer and April are now telling R, Jan, and Howie they plan on keeping Ivette. NT 0 Replies #2119877 9:48PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2119885
ferretkiss - apr snows howie again !!! 0 Replies #2119885 9:49PM 08/08/2005
apr:iv is nervous because she knows im still mad at her and we havent made up. she thinks if im still mad at her...
[rach answering but i cannot hear her!! hot tub noise!!]
how: she came to me after the ceremony and said howie that speech you made really scared the hellout of me.
apr: me too.
rach: i dont think it had anyting to do with what you said,
apr: i still havent talked to her,adn im not going to apologize.
apr: thats what imsaying,it makes it in her eyes.
apr:let me tell you something, jen and i on the hammock were talking, and i took the nap, then maggie said she wanted to talk to me
how: heres the thing, the main objective is to get james out of hte house,and not to create division in your friends,but if iv is going to create problems...
apr: jen and i were talking,heres what we said.
[cannot hear a lot]
apr:this is the deal, jenand i were thinkgin earlier, have there been a lot of red flags? yes. we made a 2 week promise. if we 4 vote ivette out we will have more people on us to get us out.
[they start counting people]
apr: hello? beau is going to go back to james and sarah and they are gonna want us out.

rach is arguing with april. april talking back. jane beign quiet [speak up janelle]
how: i agree, i cannot argue with you april [doh howie!!]

apr: if we leave things the way they are this week,its going ot be allof us fighting against one person.
rachel argues back to this.
apr: we are gonna have people pissed off guys.
apr: beau is coming after us,
rach/howie: they have always been after us.

rach:are you really that scared that ivette is going to get hoh next week.
apr arguing back.
how agrees with april again !!

beau comes out and april starts talking about playing chess.

apr: we have all made one promise, this week to get out sarah and next week to get out james.
rach:ivette never made that promise.
people argue back to her.

april keeps saying that james and sarah will be coming after them if they keep sarah [!?!] and keeps saying that ivette will put james up.

now jen speaking up.

apr: yall dont know ivette as much as we know her. thats why yall are...
howie keeps backing up aprils points [ dummy ]

apr wants them to keep this on the downlow. howie agrees !!


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Topic #2119904
Anonymous - april and jenn r selling out j/h/r just like they say j/s sold out howie and rachel NT 0 Replies #2119904 9:51PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2119913
ejj1955 - April is convincing Howie, but not Janelle. 0 Replies #2119913 9:52PM 08/08/2005
Janelle says we know Ivette is deceiving, Sarah isn't.

April: "We're all safe next week, I firmly believe it."
Jenn: "You can't say we're safe, no-one's safe until we know who wins HOH."

Beau appears, convo ends.
April and Jenn talk about playing chess. Howie is going to work out; Rachel is going to take a shower.

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Topic #2119958
ejj1955 - Janelle says they have to tell James that they tried to save Sarah. 0 Replies #2119958 9:56PM 08/08/2005
Howie agrees, says just keep it on the downlow.
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Topic #2119982
ferretkiss - plan seems to be on fizzle 0 Replies #2119982 9:58PM 08/08/2005
jan wanted to tell james and sar that at least they tried to save them. it will be better for them with james and sarah. how tells her not to [!!] then he says she can if she tells them to keep it on the downlow.

now howie wants to go talk to ivette [!!]

they talk about how stupid apr was to tell beau they were talking about chess. they will know it was a lie and will cause division in their group.

they talk about people should hang out with sarah, so its not personal, they listened to peoplethey shouldnt have and they are sorry. this will make things better for them with james.

they discuss their plans to backdoor james in the future.

cam switches to jen and april playing chess [yes you read that right] and whispering.

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Topic #2120052
ferretkiss - james about how and rach... 0 Replies #2120052 10:06PM 08/08/2005
about both of them, they can both f*ck off and die.
sar: thats kinda rude.
jan: they can f*ck off and suck a d*ck then.
sar: that they can do :}

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Topic #2120108
KWren11 - Sarah to James... "Howie says that you are probably the most liked person by America on the show" NT 0 Replies #2120108 10:13PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2120113
ferretkiss - jam and sar on hammock (some) 0 Replies #2120113 10:14PM 08/08/2005
jam: i really cant wait for howie to see how f*in stupid he is.
sar sees someone outside.
sar: they are scared that you are going to get hoh. so they are making it seem likethey are doing everything in their power to save me. they know there is no way to save me.
jam: of course, they have to know that.
sar: if you get hoh every person in this house is going to be sh*tting on themselves.
jam: yep becasue they have no idea what im going to do. if april and jen come talk to me, im going to say, i understand you had a chance to save my girlfried.

sar: such a nice day until i ate all this icecream

jam: even if this was howies strategy to get rid of me, this was this dumbest week to do it.
sar: but he had power this week.
jam: it makes no sense. i really think it was done out of fear and greed. they screwed the entire team.

sar: i still think if you win hoh you should put up maggie and rachel.
jam: i dont know.
sar: huh
jam: i dont know.
jam: if i win and get rid of maggie, i might have ivette and beau on my side. if kayser or mike comes back...

BB interrupst to call somoeon to the DR.

sar: thinking back to this morning, there is something i wanted to talk to you about. sitting there in the chair, i really thought there was a chance you might use it on me...... (kidding with james that she is mad and might break up with him).

sar: howie said you are probably the nmost liked person on the show.
sar: do you think america likes us?
jam: i dont give a f*ck if america likes us.
sar: i do. i like america.
jam: i like america too. i like you more... (evolves into couple talk...)
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