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Topic #2112779
amIsane - Rach puts plain yogurt in a bowl, scrapping the yog cup and eating it. licks the spoon 1 Replies #2112779 9:29AM 08/08/2005
clean, goes to the sink(as I was wondering what she would eat the yogurt with)washes the spoon, puts in the drainer. Goes back and cuts banana into the bowl, gets cereal and pours on top of yogurt and banana. Pours orange juice into her glass.
She grabs a couple of things and goes into the bathroom. She gets her daily pills. Goes back to the kitchen, opens a drawer and grabs another!!! spoon.
(Maybe it is just me, but she used a spoon already and licked it clean of yogurt and then gets a new spoon to eat?? LOL :-/ )
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amIsane - Rach starts moving her mouth, talking to herself(can not hear her) as she burrows her forhead. Shakes her head at one point. Says something else #2112840 9:37AM 08/08/2005
(at least her lips are moving) Looks directly at the camea a second. Then mouths something else, and sort of slightly nods her head.

(ed. )
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Topic #2112946
amIsane - Rach gathers towels. Goes to washer "What is that mess? Jesus Chrrrrrist" 1 Replies #2112946 9:47AM 08/08/2005
Goes to pool. Not happy there either
"What? ******** Idiots ***"
Grabs strips and testing Jacuzzi
She compares the strip to the bottle they were in and says "Oh my God.....unbelievable"

Grabs a bowl and her breakfast dishes and heads inside.
Commences to washing dishes again.

(I have come to learn Rach is not a morning person. She literally growled a couple of times. LOL)
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amIsane - Rach did not wash all of the dishes , just hers she used. She is now folding towel from dryer NT #2112978 9:51AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2113067
amIsane - Rach has taken 3 campaign shirts outside 1 Replies #2113067 10:05AM 08/08/2005
2 for Kaysar and 1 for Michael. Layed them out and straightened them out on each side of her towel to lay out. (ed. LOL) She kind of sits up looking at them.
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Rzy2 - T-shirts say "Vote Back michael for Jane,so we can win this game" #2113094 10:11AM 08/08/2005
"what up Kaysar VOTE" and "America Bring Kaysar Back"
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Topic #2113113
CougarSpy - BB: Good morning houseguests. The Veto ceremony will begin in 90 minutes. NT 0 Replies #2113113 10:14AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2113115
Anonymous - BB Announces POV Ceremony in 90 minutes NT 0 Replies #2113115 10:14AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2113118
Rzy2 - BB just said "good morning houseguests..veto ceremony in 90minutes(think that is the time) NT 0 Replies #2113118 10:15AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2113124
Sharky - Good morning HouseGuests; the Veto ceremony will begin in 90 minutes 0 Replies #2113124 10:15AM 08/08/2005
no one stirs. F 1&2 sleeping houseguests F3 Rachel laying out on towel with her 3 shirts strategically placed so internet viewers can see them. She flipped the top shirt over from Michael to read Kaysar ; now she is lying on her stomach
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Topic #2113148
Rzy2 - James is awake..heading to the bathroom NT 0 Replies #2113148 10:18AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2113203
Rzy2 - Ivette and Maggie awake in kitchen talking about Jen and april..and why they slept in the GR NT 0 Replies #2113203 10:27AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2113254
Anonymous - BB: Time for houseguests to get up for the day! NT 0 Replies #2113254 10:31AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2113256
Rzy2 - BB -Good Morning houseguests it is time to get up for the day NT 0 Replies #2113256 10:31AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2113273
Rzy2 - We have fish-must be trying harder to wake them.. NT 0 Replies #2113273 10:33AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2113441
Quench - BB: Rachel please put on your microphone. She does BB: Rachel Thank you. NT 2 Replies #2113441 10:46AM 08/08/2005
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Sunflake - Ivette complained she never gets a "thank you" from BB. NT #2113447 10:46AM 08/08/2005
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mommamia - April walks outside and sits down with Iv and Maggie. #2113459 10:48AM 08/08/2005
Iv won't even look at April.
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Topic #2113451
Quench - The HG's are up and most of them are wearing their various t-shirts with "vote for" slogans on them NT 0 Replies #2113451 10:47AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2113482
Rzy2 - Ivette April and Maggie outside at table..Ivette has said nothing..Maggie said 0 Replies #2113482 10:50AM 08/08/2005
to april.."you were up late" and April said "yeah me and Jen..we were talking to Howie and playing chess"Ivette has not said one word
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Topic #2113495
Quench - Dynamic in the BY. Maggie sitting at the end of the table . April sitting on the chair closest to the end. Ivette sitting at the other end of the 0 Replies #2113495 10:51AM 08/08/2005
table. Ivette eating her toast and drinking her drink. Staring out into the yard, not looking at April or Maggie. Ivette is clearly zoning out while staring straight ahead.

April and Maggie sitting chatting about the state of marriage.

* Ivette
* Maggie
* April
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Topic #2113524
Sunflake - April tells What Her and Jenn Did Last Night To Maggie and Ivette 0 Replies #2113524 10:54AM 08/08/2005
April makes excuses for last night to Maggie and Ivette.
Her and Jennifer were playing chess, Jenn was teaching her and then Howie and Rachel came down and Howie was talking about he ex-girlfriends. She compares Howie to Howard Stern because he's so "dirty".
Maggie used to listen to Howard in Boston.
April's never listened to him.
Ivette is being quiet while they discuss Howard Stern.
Maggie talks about cheating in marriages. April thinks cheating is so "acceptable" in this day and age, even though her and Maggie don't think so. April says she'd feel so friggin guilty. Discussion continues.
Ivette sitting there.
April asks if the shirt is comfortable, Maggie says no.
Ivette has left the table.
They talk about washing the shirts and the paint may come off, but the marker won't.
Maggie says "he's gonna farkin' love that shirt". April needed "eric" on the front of hers. Jenn has joined the group, asks about the wake up this morning.
Yaaaaawwwn by Jenn.
She used to know the words to that song.

Feeds switch to Bathroom.

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Topic #2113544
Quench - Close up on James' shirt - America Keep Em I want Sarah !!! NT 0 Replies #2113544 10:57AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2113594
Quench - Ivette telling Maggie - Jen and April were not playing chess and they were not outside 0 Replies #2113594 11:03AM 08/08/2005
Maggie - where were they? in the HOH ?

Ivette - yes

Maggie why didn't you wake me.

Ivette - do you think the 4 of them would be playing chess ? And they were whispering.

Ivette - I was up at 3:44 and they weren't outside and not playing chess.

A few minutes later I heard the HOH door.

(ed note Ivette crunching ice during this conversation)
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Topic #2113610
Fetch - Ivette turns to Maggie: I was up until two a.m. and then I got up at 3:45 to go pee 0 Replies #2113610 11:05AM 08/08/2005
and they were NOT playing chess. Do you think that Janelle, Howie, and them could all be in the living room playing chess and we could not hear them. So I'm telling you...when I got up to pee, when I walked out of the bathroom, it was 3:44. The chessboard was in the living room, and they weren't there. Two or three minutes later, I heard the door open <sound of Ivette crunching ice>.

Even though Janelle and I have cleared everything up, I still don't hang out with her. Do you know what I mean? And she's trying to be friends with James.

And now she's saying she was just playing chess...when I was up, don't you think we would have heard all that commotion?
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Topic #2113612
CougarSpy - ~10:30 am BBT - Ivette finishes in bathroom. She opens up back door. Rachel, who is sunning in back yard lying on a towel, yells “Good-morning.” 0 Replies #2113612 11:06AM 08/08/2005
Ivette says she’ll be out now to eat breakfast. Rachel responds “Okay.” [Rachel has three tie-dyed T-shirt’s with Kaysar saying on them lying next to her.]

[I timed out but the earlier Maggie/Ivette conversation in Storage Room while changing batteries was about April and Jenn sleeping in gold room, April afraid of being nominated as a pawn, this followed in kitchen.]

I – I’ll just tell you this much. If I go up there and don’t get off you’ll know what’s going on. You know what I mean? [Ivette repeated this twice to Maggie.]
M – No I’m not worried about that.
I - ??? (running water in sink)
M – There’s no way.
I – Alright!

M – If that happens, I might as well walk out the f#ckin door.

I – Something about them going to bed at 3:45 in the morning and all of a sudden they (April and Jennifer) want to sleep in the gold room.
M – Yeah, we need to find out why.
I – Do you know what I’m saying...
M – I do.
I – [helicopter goes over, but Ivette is harping on about Jenn is always changing her story. Now talk off April always changing her stories.

My feed timed out, but Ivette goes on about before Veto ceremony April kept changed her mind about who was more dangerous – Kaysar or James. They also talked about how Kaysar had promised April and Jenn safety for 3 weeks [must have been story April had told.]

Ivette April’s not to sure about going on the block because she would be up against James and that he would just rattle her. Ivette wondering why April even volunteered if she was afraid of this. That Ivette is fine about going on block. Maggie says she understands why someone would be paranoid going on block.

Talk continues about how Jenn keeps changing stories. April is doing it too.

BB – Houseguests it’s time to get up for the day.

Maggie heads outside looking for slippers. She found a pair, but says they were Howie’s. Rachel saying perhaps they are on top…FISH
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Topic #2113613
Sunflake - Ivette Shares Her Suspicions with Maggie and Beau 0 Replies #2113613 11:06AM 08/08/2005
Feeds jumping around a lot. Rachel went up to HOH, but Howie was in the shower.
Ivette, Maggie sitting at the table
Ivette: I was up at 3:45 and they were not playing chess. I was up I couldn't sleep.
Maggie: Why didn't you wake me
Ivette: I was listening. They started playing chess (plane flys over)
Maggie: hold on, I can't hear you
Ivette: I think that her, Jenn, Howie and Rachel were playing chess all night? And Howie was saying about chess and Janelle beat her. They were talking like this (whispers) I'm telling you, I'm telling you. When I walked from peeing out the chess board was there and they weren't outside. A few minutes later I heard the Gold Room door open.
This is what I find shady, even though Janelle and I have cleared our issues, I don't make a point to hang out in their room. IT's a whole wierd situation. They (April & Jenn)said the room was cursed and now they want to sleep in there
Beau comes out and says it's cursed, he wouldn't sleep in there.
Maggie just doesn't like it.
Ivette goes over the chess thing for Beau's benefit.
Beau thinks she's looking too deep.
IVette: not me. She's already on my shiate list. I have no problem.
April comes out and Maggie changes the convo
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Topic #2113616
Quench - Ivette - she is now on my sh*tlist. I know I have to be with you guys for now but . . . 0 Replies #2113616 11:06AM 08/08/2005
Crunch crunch crunch on the ice cubes
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Topic #2113621
Fetch - Meanwhile, Beau joins them to catch the end of the conversation. April returns and pulls up a chair. NT 0 Replies #2113621 11:06AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2113629
babyd - Iv is catching on! Chess game ended early, Whispers started so I am telling you 0 Replies #2113629 11:07AM 08/08/2005
at 3:45 no one was playing chess. Iv walked around, where were they? and why did Jen and Ap sleep in GR. Iv telling B an Mag. B says you are looking too deep. Ap comes out.
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