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Howie/Rachel/Janie arrive in GR so Jen gets up to leave, saying Kaysar can fill them in NT - Caribou
10:03PM 14/08/2005

S4 come to GR and Jenn runns away - Jenn is acting like a cold hearted b*tch - NT - Pig32
10:04PM 14/08/2005

R/J/H crash Jenny/Kaysar talking so Jenny bolts NT - memyselfandi
10:04PM 14/08/2005

howie jan and rac come in the gold room and jen leaves NT - strad
10:04PM 14/08/2005

Howie asks why Jen runs away when he arrives. Kaysar explains Jen's feeling that they only want to talk to her when it's about James etc. - Caribou
10:06PM 14/08/2005

Howie asks Kaysar if he remembered the bit about it being a big deal if Jenny gets rid of James - K: We didn't get that far - NT - Pig32
10:06PM 14/08/2005

Jenn in BY with Ivette/James bashing Kaysar and Howie - NT - Pig32
10:07PM 14/08/2005

Jen in BY telling Ivette/James about her convo with Kaysar NT - Caribou
10:07PM 14/08/2005

Kaysar is too trusting - memyselfandi
10:07PM 14/08/2005

Kaysar relaying what jen said - strad
10:07PM 14/08/2005

Ivette: They turn my stomach. James turning the knife deeper - NT - Pig32
10:07PM 14/08/2005

Jenn laughing about Kaysr asking if plan still sticks... NT - Pig32
10:09PM 14/08/2005

Janelle is glad they talked to Jen, she'll sleep well tonight. So they're all going in hottub now to relax. NT - Caribou
10:10PM 14/08/2005

More S4 discussions - memyselfandi
10:11PM 14/08/2005

Jen, Beau, Maggie and April in HOH. - Caribou
10:17PM 14/08/2005

Jen complaining to Maggie about Jan/How/Rach hovering outside HOH door right after she got inside with James. - Caribou
10:19PM 14/08/2005

Maggie now sharing her story about Kaysar talking with her - Caribou
10:21PM 14/08/2005

Jenn in HOH with April and Beau. Maggie in shower - Pig32
10:23PM 14/08/2005

Maggie twisting Janelle's convo with her as if Maggie really put her in her place. - Caribou
10:24PM 14/08/2005

Howie/Kaysar hovering around Ivette/James in BY at the chess board on the table. Beau arrived too. NT - Caribou
10:26PM 14/08/2005

Maggie changes entire convo with K/Jan/Ra -- interpreting their motives incorrectly - NT - Pig32
10:27PM 14/08/2005

Maggie - I want James out of this house. I do. Do I want Kaysar more? I dunno. NT - Caribou
10:27PM 14/08/2005

Jen: Kaysar wants to know what's going on - April: Its' none of his business - NT - Pig32
10:28PM 14/08/2005

Maggie asked Jen if she wants to share about her convo with Kaysar. She says no but then gives a summary. NT - Caribou
10:28PM 14/08/2005

April asking Jen what she and Kaysar talked about - memyselfandi
10:29PM 14/08/2005

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