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Maggie: I can't control Jennifer. She's not an open book - NT - Pig32
9:39PM 14/08/2005

James - next time you go to GR just listen at the door. Jen - you can only do that for so long before the camera sounds as it moves - Caribou
9:40PM 14/08/2005

Maggie: All of us will know tomorrow - NT - Pig32
9:41PM 14/08/2005

Jen tells James he can leave but not to hold the door open to let them in. - Caribou
9:42PM 14/08/2005

Rachel and Janelle join Maggie/Kaysar. J/R quiet. K/M whispering - NT - Pig32
9:44PM 14/08/2005

Maggie tells Kaysar he has to ask other people what they're thinking. - memyselfandi
9:44PM 14/08/2005

James plans to take 5-10 minutes in GR to talk to everyone individually and say what he wants to each of them. - Caribou
9:44PM 14/08/2005

Magige covering for her "team" by claiming no knowledge - NT - Pig32
9:45PM 14/08/2005

Janelle thinks Jennifer is being unfair if she's not keeping James deal. - memyselfandi
9:46PM 14/08/2005

M/K/R/Jan starting to talk in normal voice. Saying that Jen won't talk to them and maybe Maggie can provide insight- NT - Pig32
9:47PM 14/08/2005

James telling April/Jen a warning about when they see the tapes...certain things might have been said... - Caribou
9:47PM 14/08/2005

Howie arrives in HOH - Caribou
9:50PM 14/08/2005

Jen arrives to collect Maggie. - NT - Pig32
9:51PM 14/08/2005

R/J/K still talking to Maggie - memyselfandi
9:51PM 14/08/2005

Jen in barracks telling Kaysar etc. that James wants goodbye time on Thursday. - Caribou
9:52PM 14/08/2005

Kaysar pulled Jen into GR to talk to her alone. - Caribou
9:54PM 14/08/2005

Jenn / Kaysar in Gold Room - Pig32
9:54PM 14/08/2005

K: The reason I'm so tense is we've been trying to get rid of this guy for the longest time - Pig32
9:57PM 14/08/2005

Kaysar told Jen he's been arguing with himself about asking her for reassurance. - Caribou
9:57PM 14/08/2005

April arrives in GR to tell them Howie/Janelle are in HOH waiting on you two. - Caribou
9:58PM 14/08/2005

Kaysar and Jennifer talking in gold room - memyselfandi
9:59PM 14/08/2005

More of Jen and Kay talking - memyselfandi
10:02PM 14/08/2005

Jen - Sarah told james he should try pairing up with Maggie but I told him there's no chance in hell for that - Caribou
10:03PM 14/08/2005

Ivettte and James in BY at table playing chess NT - Caribou
10:03PM 14/08/2005

Jen tells the only time hrjk want to hang out with them is when james is in the hoh room - strad
10:03PM 14/08/2005

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