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Ivette tells James a huge ruckus is coming this week. James asks "are they putting up Kaysar?" She won't say and he then says he doesn't want to know. - Caribou
5:16PM 14/08/2005

James pumping Ivette for information about the nominations - memyselfandi
5:17PM 14/08/2005

BB: Jennifer, please go to the DR. NT - memyselfandi
5:19PM 14/08/2005

James pep talking Ivette, telling her to do this for her family, be strong. She's sucking it up. NT - Caribou
5:22PM 14/08/2005

James: "America can eat dick!" NT - Caribou
5:23PM 14/08/2005

James seems to have figured out the Kaysar going up plan - memyselfandi
5:31PM 14/08/2005

James: I'm glad I met you Ivette, Ivette: I'm glad I met you too NT - terrybelle
5:32PM 14/08/2005

James tells Ivette he would like to marry Sarah NT - memyselfandi
5:33PM 14/08/2005

F3 LR.... EMPTY --- F4 DR/KITCHEN.... EMPTY!!! NT - terrybelle
5:34PM 14/08/2005

F1 -- Howie telling Rach and Kay about the weather disturbances NT - terrybelle
5:34PM 14/08/2005

Rach just told Howie that his stinky sandals will be going in the trashcan - terrybelle
5:36PM 14/08/2005

Howie/Jan/Rachel/Kaysar in backyard - memyselfandi
5:40PM 14/08/2005

Howie/Jan/Rachel/Kaysar in backyard still... - memyselfandi
5:43PM 14/08/2005

bb april please come to the dr NT - virdee
5:53PM 14/08/2005

April/maggie discussing sex when they get home.. then Jen and Maggie - memyselfandi
5:55PM 14/08/2005

switches to Rachel/Howie talking in back now again - memyselfandi
6:01PM 14/08/2005

howie to janie: janie whats the fastest you had a guy reach climactic org*sm? jan: f*ck off howie how: thanks janie NT - ferretkiss
6:08PM 14/08/2005
Then Howie says he has to take a dump and Rach says 'thanks howie" NT - ihateeric
6:16PM 14/08/2005

Kaysar:" The 6 we had was to good to be true." NT - CeiggeP
6:25PM 14/08/2005

Janie: "America will vote someone out" NT - CeiggeP
6:29PM 14/08/2005

Rachel, "We Love You America" NT - ihateeric
6:29PM 14/08/2005

Rae Rae: "I think America likes us, thank you America." To Howie & Kaysar " Let's keep it that way" NT - CeiggeP
6:31PM 14/08/2005

Kaysar: Jen is a horrible player. - CeiggeP
6:34PM 14/08/2005

Maggie: America doesn't love me. - memyselfandi
6:34PM 14/08/2005

R:Maggie said congrats after I won veto, but didn't sound like she meant it - CeiggeP
6:38PM 14/08/2005

ahh, Kaysar just said he is so glad to be here NT NT - voy_your
6:39PM 14/08/2005

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