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More of Kaysar and Janelle at the chess table and living room, just talking now... - JenJen
3:16AM 14/08/2005

April stroking the back of a sound asleep Jenn!?! NT - seezall
3:20AM 14/08/2005

More of Janelle and Kaysar, living room now... - JenJen
3:21AM 14/08/2005

Kaysar and Janelle talk about gay friends, FISH FISH FISH! NT - JenJen
3:21AM 14/08/2005

Aprils massage of Jenn lasted about 10 min then she rolled over and is going to sleep NT - seezall
3:25AM 14/08/2005

Kaysar is 6'2" - valentine
3:25AM 14/08/2005

Janelle and Kaysar rehashing high school melodrama, continued... - JenJen
3:28AM 14/08/2005

Janelle: I Don't Like Many Girls. - valentine
3:29AM 14/08/2005

Janelle and Kaysar hate gifts, talk Christmas in living room - JenJen
3:32AM 14/08/2005

Janelle: When I Get Out of Here, - valentine
3:32AM 14/08/2005
Janelle mentioned her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. NT - CougarSpy
7:20AM 14/08/2005

Kaysar: Do You Think Ashlea Would Go For Me? - valentine
3:36AM 14/08/2005
"I can't think of any girl GOOD enough for you" NT - DebbieInc
3:42AM 14/08/2005

Kaysar: I Think If I'm Friends With You, There Will Always Be Drama. - valentine
3:44AM 14/08/2005

Kaysar: I Sincerely Think That If You Go Down this Road, - valentine
3:46AM 14/08/2005

Kay to Jan: What kind of guys do you like? - DebbieInc
3:50AM 14/08/2005
"Generous" Was On Her List as Well. NT - valentine
4:12AM 14/08/2005

Kay talks in circles to Janelle regarding Micheal and what is it she really needs and wants - DebbieInc
3:53AM 14/08/2005

Kay: I'm so picky about girls. I don't want to get f'ed over or hurt NT - DebbieInc
3:55AM 14/08/2005

Kaysar: This is Unacceptable, - valentine
4:11AM 14/08/2005

Kaysar says they have to be all lovey dovey tomorrow - Bonita
4:28AM 14/08/2005

Kaysar angry at Jennifer for going back on their deal - Bonita
4:31AM 14/08/2005
More sh!t from Saint Kaysar - John_DK_
4:38AM 14/08/2005

Kaysar says that if they get HoH next week - abbybb
4:32AM 14/08/2005

Kaysar may be catching on.. - abbybb
4:34AM 14/08/2005

Kaysar says that they'd be a moron to keep James - abbybb
4:36AM 14/08/2005

Kaysar: "I gave the power to the biggest moron in the house" NT - abbybb
4:37AM 14/08/2005

Kaysar relaying story to Janelle about James saying he has the most stress in the house. He had to worry about himself and Sarah’s feelings. - CougarSpy
5:00AM 14/08/2005

Kay close 2 Jan's ear, whispering. FISH. NT - John_DK_
5:02AM 14/08/2005
Kay was whispering that he found out that Janelle and he were "huge". She asked "REALLY? How do you know?" He said people were - Karenell
5:05AM 14/08/2005
Transcript of Kaysar telling Janelle about them being "Huge" - Badlands
5:04AM 14/08/2005

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