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Topic #2228594
sparkletts - April:we dont need to be nasty like them if we win NT 0 Replies #2228594 12:00AM 19/08/2005
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Topic #2228604
cityboyBC3 - Maggie says DR told her they will be waking up at 8 (tomorrow's obvious order of events included in text) 0 Replies #2228604 12:01AM 19/08/2005
Maggie says, waking up at 8, so they have to have: veto competition; veto ceremony; voting; eviction; new nominations, all in one day.
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Topic #2228612
Caribou - Howie stealthily walked to barracks and was peeking around corner at them but Beau spotted him and said "What howie?" Howie ran away. NT 0 Replies #2228612 12:01AM 19/08/2005
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Topic #2228643
cityboyBC3 - Ivette barks at Beau, "You cleared it all up! Now stop picking at it!" Beau says, "What?! I put peroxide on it!" NT 0 Replies #2228643 12:03AM 19/08/2005
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Topic #2228645
memyselfandi - Friendship discussing who they would target if they won HOH 1 Replies #2228645 12:03AM 19/08/2005
Ivette pushing them to go for Rachel because she's the most competitive.

Jennifer: Oh and I'm not competitive?

Jen doesn't see why they wouldn't go for James when they have talked about getting him out instead of Kaysar the week before, and because he sent home Eric.

At one point April said something how they were lying if they said Ivette was a target because "if we wanted to get you out, we could have got you out."

Ivette is bringing up all the personal things the S3 have done to them.
April would want Howie to go home. Then Ivette brings up stuff that Janelle told her about Jennifer and April lying about things that were attempts to get Ivette out. The camera does a close up on both April and Jennifer and they roll their eyes like they didn't do it. April shares things that Janelle may or may not have said about Ivette and Maggie.

Maggie and them discuss how horrible it was for Janelle to say she hadn't lied on national tv. Maggie says they'll have her saying that and then show clips that show Janelle has lied (when she hasn't) and it'll make her look bad.
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tntaangela - April details that "they" said Maggie was obsessed and psychotic about Eric, wearing his clothes all the time, etc.. Maggie turns pale and quiet. NT #2229676 2:36AM 19/08/2005
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Topic #2228687
Zazny - Friendship group hugs M: thank you for everything in this house...all the good times NT 0 Replies #2228687 12:06AM 19/08/2005
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Topic #2228693
cityboyBC3 - Group hug between the Herd. Maggie says: "Ivette's head is squeezed between my face and boobs..." NT 0 Replies #2228693 12:06AM 19/08/2005
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Topic #2228823
memyselfandi - Jennifer and Ivette have hug in CLOSE gazing in each other's eyes and then Jenny talks about $$$ and Dan's promises.. 0 Replies #2228823 12:16AM 19/08/2005
Jenny and Ivette talk about how they just wanted to be in sequester.

Jenny is going into all her money problems. Her credit card is big because she didn't have a job and she just has a red Saturn that she had from when she was a junior in high school, but totalled in October. She didn't have a job but she needed a car. Her parents were helping her pay for it but were going to stop when she finished college. They have been paying off some of her credit card debt while she was gone.

"Ultimately if Dan is telling the truth, when I get home he's going to marry me."

Her parents don't believe that Dan will marry her. They don't like her including Dan in on her decision. She picked the color silver because it has good resale value.

Jenny doesn't have health insurance or car insurance.

We keep getting fish in and out of their conversation. One snippet we get is Jennifer being alone in sequester and how she doesn't want to be in there alone.

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Topic #2228839
memyselfandi - Maggie sad that Kayser won't be in sequester. She won't see him until wrap party NT 0 Replies #2228839 12:19AM 19/08/2005
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Topic #2228958
he244 - Herd of losers still whining about Janelle's 300/275 answer NT 0 Replies #2228958 12:34AM 19/08/2005
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Topic #2228960
cussler - Mag, Ape, Iv,Jen whispering and saying that Howie took someone's panties....Maybe even 2 pair... NT 2 Replies #2228960 12:34AM 19/08/2005
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tntaangela - Maggie to Jennifer: I saw him take #2229689 2:42AM 19/08/2005
your black and orange panties. Did your panties have any black on them? He took two pair. No he took one pair. I don't know if he took them. Don't quote me.

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John_DK_ - Something about wanting 2 sell them on E-bay... NT #2228978 12:36AM 19/08/2005
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Topic #2229005
strad - the nerd herd convinced that janelle cheated 0 Replies #2229005 12:39AM 19/08/2005
jen said the dr said that april was still writing when janelle held hers
(she did) but the group whispering that april had her sign up when janelle wass till writing. And the lawyers and producers are convinced janelle won
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Topic #2229013
strad - jen I already told the dr to get my panties back fron howie NT 0 Replies #2229013 12:39AM 19/08/2005
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Topic #2229024
memyselfandi - Nerd herd is STILL snickering about Janelle winning HOH, how lucky she is... meanwhile F1 we get Janelle 0 Replies #2229024 12:41AM 19/08/2005
and her going to bed routine. She is putting lotion on her legs and listening to music in bed. Howie is in the HOH shower that you hear running in the background. Then they get in bed.

The Friendsheep think every competition with questions about what has happened on big brother that the S3 have won is cheating, completely not realizing all the practicing Janelle and Howie were doing the past two days.
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Topic #2229041
memyselfandi - Maggie on Janelle's behavior: "That's disgusting. You're on CBS." NT 0 Replies #2229041 12:43AM 19/08/2005
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Topic #2229063
memyselfandi - Maggie tells Beau he has the best chance of winning NT 0 Replies #2229063 12:45AM 19/08/2005
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Topic #2229074
strad - jen i gave howie the orange panties 0 Replies #2229074 12:46AM 19/08/2005
but ive been missing my black one for a few days. nown april is rehasing conv she had with howie nothing new being said but they are enjoying trashing the s3
Jen and april janelle was screaming F^^^ you and give me that key you bitc@
Jen i refer to howie as evil howie
beau i call him psycotic howie
i call janelle poly pockets
Maggie you saw rachel I love you I love you don't get me started
april beau you got the best chance no one hates you
and not to be rude but they dont consider you a strong player
if maggie goes up i'll probably g up
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Topic #2229187
memyselfandi - April is now whispering her GOODBYES to Jen she thinks she's going home so much! NT 1 Replies #2229187 12:57AM 19/08/2005
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tntaangela - she says she will only address their group and ignore the others NT #2229592 2:05AM 19/08/2005
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Topic #2229191
strad - howie and jan rehashing the hoh comp 0 Replies #2229191 12:57AM 19/08/2005
Howie -they had lawyers looking at it and they said you got it.april and jen wispering A- if we are both on the block i'll tell tem to vote me off
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Topic #2229310
strad - ivette warning april to watch what she says 1 Replies #2229310 1:12AM 19/08/2005
april gets defensive. All the hg in bed ...lights out
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tntaangela - Apr: I need to stop saying #2229397 1:26AM 19/08/2005
I want to go home b/c I need to stay in the game to help Jennifer
Iv: I know you have the best intentions but you have really bad tact
Apr: I don't F'nnnn caaaaaaaaare what they think... I didn't give Howie any reason to go after me

There was more of the same ole whining from April. Ivette's stern words turned her off pretty quickly and she didn't whine for long.

This was after she had crawled into Jenn's bed and gossiped with her awhile and Jenn finally said go to bed. So April then moves on to whispering to Ivette.

Meanwhile, the moment April left Jenn's bed, Maggie jumped out of her bed and crawled in beside Jenn as Jenn tucked the picture of Dan under her pillow. There was no talk between Maggie and Jenn.

Howie and Janelle in HOH bed doing their own bit of trashing, particularly of April.

Oops, looks like Jenn can't sleep without confessing her guilty conscience to Maggie about her decision to backdoor Kaysar b/c it was a good strategic move. She adds, "You can't second guess yourself."
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Topic #2229394
memyselfandi - Jennifer is saying how she can't believe Janelle took it personally when Kaysar left b/c he wasn't her partner NT 0 Replies #2229394 1:26AM 19/08/2005
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Topic #2229406
memyselfandi - Maggie wishes she had kept promise and took Rachel up on her deal NT 0 Replies #2229406 1:27AM 19/08/2005
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Topic #2229469
BBFanSinceSeason1 - Jen and Maggie whispering in bed 0 Replies #2229469 1:38AM 19/08/2005
Maggie says "america will see how we played." Boy will we ever. She also says "it's ashame one of us will go out before James." Your doing, now live with it morons.
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Topic #2229479
memyselfandi - Maggie to Jennifer: He only made you feel bad about that deal, because his hands were shaking 0 Replies #2229479 1:40AM 19/08/2005
Jennifer says maybe she shouldn't have made any deals. She could have won anyway.

Maggie: That was such a disaster. Kaysar's speech.

Jennifer: He wants America to hate me.

Maggie: And then Janelle and the fact that she's saying that she never lied in the game, don't you think they're going to show...

Jennifer: Maybe not.

Jennifer doesn't understand why they're making her look so evil. She's not the first player in BB history to lie. Jennifer says she rather would have left he house playing the game, rather than flying under the radar.

Jennifer is telling Maggie she told Julie that coming into the house lying wasn't a strategy, but there's nothing in the rulebook that says you can't lie. That's all I can remember. I can't remember anything else.

Maggie is silent.

M: I really don't know what to say about that. It's unfortunate that one of them is leaving before them. It really is.

She keeps saying, well if we put up people on our team as pawns, then the other side would wind up breaking the deal like last week.
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Topic #2229562
memyselfandi - Howie and Janelle head downstairs to get some ice cream to help fall asleep NT 1 Replies #2229562 1:54AM 19/08/2005
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tntaangela - They decide to make banana splits NT #2229586 2:03AM 19/08/2005
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