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memyselfandi Ivette and Maggie tell April now that she has gained weight she is "starting to look healthy" NT 0 11:14PM 21/08/2005
bama_chevygal Ivette tells April that if she was latin, she would anarexic (sp). That she is down to the bone and would not even be good for soup. NT 0 11:15PM 21/08/2005
memyselfandi James is hanging with Howie, Janelle, Rachel in hot tub and laughing a lot 0 11:19PM 21/08/2005
Nemesis Janie: Eric's a short raging midget! LOL NT 0 11:24PM 21/08/2005
Timbo36 Janie about Eric: "A short, raging midget." NT 0 11:24PM 21/08/2005
Timbo36 Janie: "If the nerd herd wins I'll never watch BB again." 0 11:26PM 21/08/2005
Nemesis S3 and J discussing who Rachel would have put up the first week. Jennifer. NT 0 11:28PM 21/08/2005
memyselfandi James remembers Michael's body better than Janelle and speculates on steroid use 0 11:30PM 21/08/2005
Timbo36 James about Jenn: "The Blowjob Queen of BB6" NT 0 11:33PM 21/08/2005
strad nerd herd in the hoh room ivette complainign about how much food rachel eats 0 11:34PM 21/08/2005
strad april goes downstairs and reports james isin ht with the s3 NT 0 11:36PM 21/08/2005
Timbo36 R, H, Janie talking about James cheating on the POV again. NT 0 11:45PM 21/08/2005
memyselfandi Howie and Rachel shouting mad about some advantage James had in POV NT 0 11:45PM 21/08/2005
strad ivette talking about janelle now 0 11:47PM 21/08/2005
Timbo36 J says "I think [BB] is reviewing it." 0 11:49PM 21/08/2005
memyselfandi Rachel says she voted out Kaysar not Janelle because Janelle is a better all-around player NT 0 11:50PM 21/08/2005
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