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puck71 Lots of POV discussion in kitchen - sounds like James won! 2 4:15PM 21/08/2005
amIsane Jan did better than everyone but James, Rach says if Jam hadn't played Jan would have won NT 0 4:15PM 21/08/2005
sparkletts Rachel and Jan 1 4:15PM 21/08/2005
amIsane Jan is very upset with herself that she did not win NT 0 4:19PM 21/08/2005
Iris Rachel upset James may not keep his word and send Howie home instead of her. 0 4:20PM 21/08/2005
sparkletts Maggie: I wonder if people will ever do their own dishes 1 4:23PM 21/08/2005
Iris POV Comp player turns based on kitchen discussion w/Beau, Ivette, James, April, Maggie and Howie <corrected post> 0 4:24PM 21/08/2005
Iris April and other talk about their ears hurting from being in and out of water so much during comp. NT 0 4:38PM 21/08/2005
Iris James: Janelle, I appreciate the wet spot on my bed from your towel. NT 0 4:40PM 21/08/2005
Diana Fish for the second time in the 34 minutes feeds have been up..but before that.. 0 4:41PM 21/08/2005
puck71 James possible advantage going first 0 4:41PM 21/08/2005
Iris April, Rachel and Jan talk about POV competition 0 4:46PM 21/08/2005
Iris Howie talking about outside lockdown for 2 hours and wonders what BB is going to do the house. NT 0 4:48PM 21/08/2005
BBvoyeur The feeds are back. The sheep are once again happy. Baaaaahh NT 0 4:49PM 21/08/2005
Iris James told Janelle to tell Rachel to calm the f* down, they will talk later. NT 0 4:50PM 21/08/2005
Kaysaaarrr A quick exchange between Ivette & Beau a few minutes ago.... 0 4:50PM 21/08/2005
ferretkiss kitchen scene a while after the veto comp - getting ready for lockdown [long]. 0 4:52PM 21/08/2005
TokenWasp James just mentioned a "DJ from Atlanta who was on this show in season 2" 0 4:53PM 21/08/2005
ferretkiss confirmed order of veto winners: james, janelle, howie, beau, rachel, april NT 0 4:54PM 21/08/2005
Maggie872 2 hour outside lockdown just started. NT 0 4:54PM 21/08/2005
amIsane Place of win in veto 0 4:55PM 21/08/2005
amIsane "friendship" whispering that Howie should be the last they get rid off. They will talk about 1 4:58PM 21/08/2005
Iris Talking about POV comp and someone is pissed off 0 4:59PM 21/08/2005
memyselfandi Maggie visibly upset ever since James won POV 0 5:00PM 21/08/2005
memyselfandi Maggie heard Rachel saying "I want out of here" NT 0 5:04PM 21/08/2005
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