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virdee rey is talking to the fish NT 0 9:20AM 21/08/2005
Iris Rachel finished breakfast, did her own dishes, watched the fish for a few seconds and now getting dressed in barracks. Then FISH NT 0 9:20AM 21/08/2005
Mareenie Rachel washed some of the dishes, now she's sitting front of the fish tank, watching the fish. 0 9:21AM 21/08/2005
virdee wake up call i bet NT 0 9:21AM 21/08/2005
diane125 8 minutes of fish NT 0 9:29AM 21/08/2005
diane125 feeds r back up NT 0 9:30AM 21/08/2005
amIsane BB "The bedroom lights must remain on during the day" to the HOH crowd NT 0 9:31AM 21/08/2005
Mareenie HOH room still dark, IV is making fun of the sound someone makes when they're sleeping (missed who) 0 9:31AM 21/08/2005
virdee f1 beu an iv and april talking NT 0 9:34AM 21/08/2005
Mareenie The POV is in an hour and a half bitches. Apparently that's what BB said to them. lol NT 0 9:34AM 21/08/2005
amIsane HOH rm 0 9:34AM 21/08/2005
Mareenie Ap thinks because of past history, they should pick James for POV. NT 0 9:36AM 21/08/2005
Iris In the HoH Room 0 9:36AM 21/08/2005
Iris Maggie: Six people, now four were able to stick together, it's amazing. NT 1 9:38AM 21/08/2005
diane125 in the GR...Howie and Jan still laying in bed 0 9:38AM 21/08/2005
virdee now fish NT 0 9:39AM 21/08/2005
diane125 rachel brushing teeth and now fish NT 0 9:39AM 21/08/2005
diane125 back up NT 0 9:43AM 21/08/2005
amIsane HOH crowd making fun of Jan and How, how they talk to each other, also saying Rach is acting like Janelle now NT 0 9:44AM 21/08/2005
diane125 rachel putting on makeup NT 0 9:45AM 21/08/2005
amIsane IV..her goodbye mess to Rach "You aging grey hag...you shady grey bitch" NT 0 9:45AM 21/08/2005
amIsane Magg says their(friendship)personalities are way better than the other side 0 9:49AM 21/08/2005
diane125 rachel and james in bathroom area 0 9:50AM 21/08/2005
diane125 James was singing, i'm too sexy for april NT 0 9:51AM 21/08/2005
diane125 james back in GR, Howie and Jan still in bed 0 9:53AM 21/08/2005
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