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memyselfandi James asks Janelle if she still thinks Jenny was the right decision 0 1:59AM 21/08/2005
Zazny James: I bet America's dreading if they are the final 4 0 2:07AM 21/08/2005
memyselfandi James is telling Janelle about the stress of being a target for four weeks 0 2:08AM 21/08/2005
memyselfandi James and Janelle are discussing the safes 0 2:10AM 21/08/2005
memyselfandi Howie is awake and wondering around the house flossing NT 0 2:12AM 21/08/2005
Zazny James: Howie was bullied by the nerd herd! They took his lunch money! [when he was HOH] NT 0 2:14AM 21/08/2005
mikesgirl Howie and Janie going over prizes in HOH comp.in the pressure cooker. NT 0 2:33AM 21/08/2005
memyselfandi James and Janelle discussing how Howie "was bullied by the nerd herd" and bonding over strategy 0 2:33AM 21/08/2005
drummer_inblack Another classic Howie comment... 0 2:37AM 21/08/2005
mikesgirl Janie still getting ready for bed and Howie walking around in kitchen, now at table. NT 0 2:38AM 21/08/2005
mikesgirl Looks like Howie finally went to bed. Janie taking a pill to help her 0 2:47AM 21/08/2005
memyselfandi Janelle is up staring at the memory wall NT 0 2:49AM 21/08/2005
zuzu All the HG have now gone to bed. NT 0 3:08AM 21/08/2005
citanul Beau and Ivette just woke up and told Maggie to stop humming. April woke up to say, "It's not me." All back to sleep. NT 0 6:45AM 21/08/2005
Alison Howie awake and in kitchen NT 0 7:39AM 21/08/2005
edinboro Howie is up, in the kitchen area NT 0 7:39AM 21/08/2005
Alison Howie now back in bed in GR NT 0 7:45AM 21/08/2005
Maggie872 All still snoozing...an occasional stir here and there. NT 0 8:28AM 21/08/2005
Ginger Rachel is up NT 0 8:43AM 21/08/2005
Mareenie Rachel is up and making breakfast. The camera keeps showing close ups of what she's doing. Making eggs right now! NT 0 9:06AM 21/08/2005
Mareenie Breakfast is ready, now she's sitting down to eat. Everyone else still in bed. NT 0 9:09AM 21/08/2005
Iris Rachel eating breakfast of omellette and looks like English muffin w/ orange juice at main big table. NT 0 9:09AM 21/08/2005
bama_chevygal Indoor Lockdown while Rachel eats and others sleeping NT 0 9:10AM 21/08/2005
diane125 Rachel at table eating her breakfast 0 9:11AM 21/08/2005
Mareenie Rachel is done with breakfast. She ran her finger across the plate to lick it clean. There isn't a crumb left. Now she's just sitting. NT 0 9:14AM 21/08/2005
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