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goJames James still doing oragami at the diningroom table, rest are cooking except maggie sitting on her butt in the lawnchair NT 0 7:31PM 24/08/2005
pooh5983 everyone is eatting expact janie and Howie NT 0 7:43PM 24/08/2005
mnj everyone makes nice at dinner 0 7:48PM 24/08/2005
mnj Funny James quote 0 7:54PM 24/08/2005
Blaque03 everyone (including howie and janie) are eating BBQ... small talk NT 0 7:55PM 24/08/2005
abbybb Apr pissed they don't have cards...Mag says she's going to bed b/c she feels sick NT 0 7:58PM 24/08/2005
Blaque03 april talking to maggie about ivette talking about her 1 7:58PM 24/08/2005
abbybb Apr telling Maggie that Jan won't tell her who she'll put up 0 8:00PM 24/08/2005
mnj April and Maggie retreat to hammock 0 8:01PM 24/08/2005
abbybb Mag and Apr both say they have to win HoH if they want Jam gone b/c Iv and Beau won't do it NT 0 8:01PM 24/08/2005
abbybb Mag surprised that the S3 think Iv and Jam have a deal and they're not going to do anything about it. Apr thinks they'll put up Iv and B next week NT 0 8:03PM 24/08/2005
Blaque03 maggie says she likes janelle because shes smart but doesnt like how she teases people NT 0 8:03PM 24/08/2005
abbybb Mag doesn't have a problem w/ Jan it's just that sometimes she's really mean but she thinks she's playing the game well NT 0 8:04PM 24/08/2005
abbybb apr tells mag that Rach said James told her she's going. Mag clues in that he'd only know that from Iv NT 0 8:05PM 24/08/2005
abbybb Iv joins Apr and Mag in hammock NT 0 8:05PM 24/08/2005
Blaque03 maggie ''is it rude if i put my hand down my pants?" NT 0 8:05PM 24/08/2005
abbybb Iv saying that HoH will be about questions. Mag says that she always does so bad at those. they wonder how many more ?s they can ask 0 8:08PM 24/08/2005
mnj Ivette says power is up for grabs tomorrow 0 8:10PM 24/08/2005
abbybb Apr/Mag/Iv saying Rach is the only one who cleans for the S3 and that now that she's going it's only going to get worse NT 0 8:11PM 24/08/2005
abbybb apr wonders again who H/J would put up. She wonders if they would tell Jam and then figures they wouldn't b/c he'd tell Iv NT 0 8:12PM 24/08/2005
abbybb Iv figures their biggest threat tomorrow for the ?s is Jan..Mag says all she does is walk around the house and look at things.. 0 8:15PM 24/08/2005
abbybb iv goes to get ready for bed. As soon as she leaves, Apr says, "She acts weird. She acts like she's pissed." NT 0 8:16PM 24/08/2005
abbybb Apr reporting that S3 told her that if they put up Iv, Jam would play veto for her and take her off. 0 8:18PM 24/08/2005
abbybb HG trying to convince How to jerk off tomorrow night in case he can't stop himself later. Jan says "Just do it. Who cares?" NT 0 8:21PM 24/08/2005
abbybb Beau talking about what he put in his HoH blog. Among other things, he send "a shout out" to Cappy NT 0 8:23PM 24/08/2005
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