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abbybb Jan saying she's the fattest person in the house..and How said, "So am I." NT 0 8:24PM 24/08/2005
mnj James and Ivette in gold room 0 8:25PM 24/08/2005
abbybb Beau notices that they're missing the VMAs this weekend...Janelle hopes they have them in Miami every year NT 0 8:27PM 24/08/2005
abbybb Jan tells How he looks like the Brawny guy with his flannel shirt...Beau laughing. Howie wonders if he's good looking NT 0 8:29PM 24/08/2005
mnj More of James/Ivette convo 0 8:30PM 24/08/2005
abbybb Jan/Bea/How rehashing last week's HoH competition. Jan says she'd only have been able to answer 2 of the questions NT 0 8:32PM 24/08/2005
mnj James quote/Ivette quote 0 8:33PM 24/08/2005
abbybb Jan says she wants to go to Busch Gardens and if Beau goes to call her... 0 8:34PM 24/08/2005
abbybb Beau and Jan talking about people they both know..who's hot, whose not. They were talking about one of Jan's managers 0 8:35PM 24/08/2005
abbybb Beau claiming Kaysar wants to open up a place w/Beau but Beau said the only thing is he doesn't want their to be any alcohol NT 0 8:37PM 24/08/2005
abbybb Apr tells How that Rach showed her what she's wearing tomorrow and she'll look smoking.. 0 8:41PM 24/08/2005
abbybb Mag and Apr now in HoH room and spewing venom about how Jan said she doesn't want to be awoken before 11 am..she'll clean after that NT 0 8:42PM 24/08/2005
abbybb Apr snooping around the HoH br while Beau is in the bathroom and Mag is laying on the bed..looking for gummy bears perhaps NT 0 8:47PM 24/08/2005
abbybb apr eating what looks to be trail mix from Beau's HoH basket NT 0 8:49PM 24/08/2005
abbybb now they're saying they'd go out with Rach outside of the house and that she's not a bad person NT 0 8:51PM 24/08/2005
Diana Ivette lecturing Janie on money and men 0 8:53PM 24/08/2005
abbybb Apr saying that Jan and Ashlea used to tell her how nice she was in the beginning all the time...she wonders what Jan says about her now.. NT 0 8:53PM 24/08/2005
mnj Janelle joins Ivette/James in gold room 0 8:53PM 24/08/2005
abbybb Jan and Iv talking about how Jan dresses seductively...and Iv thinks that Mich won't like her dressing provocatively NT 0 8:58PM 24/08/2005
mnj Ivette and Janelle convo 0 8:59PM 24/08/2005
abbybb iv asks is Jan's mom has a pink cadillac and Jan said she does and got it in the first 6 months... 0 9:00PM 24/08/2005
abbybb jan said her mom used to be a nurse and then began selling Mary Kay and tripled her income NT 0 9:01PM 24/08/2005
abbybb apparently Mich told her not to wear a top that Mich thinks is too sexy. Iv wonders why Mich wouldn't want her to look sexy NT 0 9:03PM 24/08/2005
KaysarsAngel Ivette asks Janelle if it werent for Kaysars religion would you be his type? 1 9:03PM 24/08/2005
abbybb Iv telling Jan that Mich said he tells his gfs that "If they don't like it, they can leave.." 0 9:05PM 24/08/2005
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