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skywalkerone s3 commenting on the new bb6 dolls H: saying 0 12:34PM 24/08/2005
abbybb James says he has no fans b/c he has a girlfriend. How says wait until the Jam doll comes out.. 0 12:35PM 24/08/2005
skywalkerone James says they dont know how many vetos with 0 12:36PM 24/08/2005
abbybb How & Jam say the Jan doll can't come alone b/c it has to trash talk some other doll... 0 12:36PM 24/08/2005
fgjadfg Janie STILL in bed , Howie next to her, they are doing their Oh Janie, Oh Howie stuff again ( vomit) NT 0 12:36PM 24/08/2005
abbybb How asks Jam if they're voting him out..James mumbles incoherently. 0 12:37PM 24/08/2005
Janie_Roxx Nerd Herd + Rach are continuing to play cards.. How, Jam, and Jan in the GR talking and now How and Jam are laying down too NT 0 12:44PM 24/08/2005
Janie_Roxx Maggot and Iv are now laying down and it looks like Maggot has a book out which I think is the Bible NT 0 12:47PM 24/08/2005
Janie_Roxx Iv and Maggot are talking about HoH and how they need to win it NT 0 12:48PM 24/08/2005
Janie_Roxx Iv went back outside with ape and beau and rach 0 12:50PM 24/08/2005
applecrisp Mag & Ivette whispering in barracks, Ivette says quietly "I can't pray anymore for god to help me win HOH." 0 12:50PM 24/08/2005
fgjadfg Rachel and April have noticed something different about the memory wall NT 0 1:02PM 24/08/2005
fgjadfg Looks like they changed the pics to goofy pics of the HG NT 0 1:04PM 24/08/2005
fgjadfg They are laughing hysterically at the pictures now on the wall, look at me! NT 0 1:04PM 24/08/2005
fgjadfg Everyone except Janie ( who, of course is sleeping) and Howie are at the 1 1:07PM 24/08/2005
applecrisp Most are taking the HOH pictures with the digicam, Iv/James playing chess outside NT 1 1:21PM 24/08/2005
Suzan Ivette to James: I may not have won a lot of things but I've...James: April hasn't won and she's done 1 1:33PM 24/08/2005
Suzan Ivette asked James about why he thinks America didn't vote Eric back. James said because they saw who he really is, 1 1:34PM 24/08/2005
Dingy_Diva James tells Iv that this is the first eviction he doesn't know who is going. 0 1:36PM 24/08/2005
Suzan Also earlier in this game Ivette came over to James to show him how to shuffle his cards. She stood behind him and put her arms around him 0 1:37PM 24/08/2005
scoobydoo Ivette still complaining about Kaysar and Janelle 0 1:45PM 24/08/2005
Suzan The picture taking continues in the LR- These should be some good pictures to see - everyone is getting along. Looks like 0 1:46PM 24/08/2005
ostra picture taking now moves into the BY, James and Iv still playing chess, Janie shown still sleeping in GR NT 1 1:57PM 24/08/2005
scoobydoo Rachel makes cookie dough and everyone is eating 0 2:13PM 24/08/2005
Janie_Roxx Maggot is still playing soltitare and everyone is eating cookie dough NT 0 2:17PM 24/08/2005
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